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  2. 75968 - 4 Privet Drive - Theme: Harry Potter LXF File (LDD 4.3.12) Errors and inaccuracies: This is the house of set number 75968 with as few variations as possible. It's the first time I've built something with LDD. A number of required bricks couldn't be found in LDD version 4.3.12. Therefore - the couch tops, - the floor lamp, - the pillow on the bed, - the prison bars of the side window, - the plants, - the lights outside, - the rainwater gutter and - the roof antenna look a bit different to the original. Also missing 1x1x3 bricks have been replaced by three 1x1 bricks for example, but that's something, that doesn't show. I didn't implement the technic parts of the banister top. It's just the house of the set, not the car or the figures.