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    Mandalorian battlepack

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  1. _Josh_

    [S3 - Kir - CE] Kir At-rt

    Ohhhh thanks!
  2. _Josh_

    [S3 - Kir - CE] Kir At-rt

    What do you mean by flagged?
  3. _Josh_

    [S3 - Kir - CE] Kir At-rt

    Thanks man! A lot of it was just messing around with different parts and seeing what worked! Although I have to say one of my personal favorite parts uses in this would be the super battle droid arms for the legs!
  4. _Josh_

    [S3 - Kir - CE] Kir At-rt

    I would have to agree with you on that one lol. I currently have a large collab build thats using up all my pieces so I wasn't really able to do anything special for it. Next time though i'll do something super sick!
  5. _Josh_

    [S3 - Kir - CE] Reinforcement at Tealus Valley

    Very cool! I love the greebling on the walls!
  6. _Josh_

    Faction: Clan Eldar (CE)

    Roka Visla pledges his allegiance to Clan Eldar. May his dedication not be in vane.
  7. _Josh_

    [S3 - Kir - CE] Kir At-rt

    *Your entry has earned 3 XP* [S3 - Kir - CE] This is my build for Clan Eldar. It is my minifig scale At-rt. This took a lot of time to design and I had a great time doing it!