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  1. Mountain Man

    LEGO The Office (IDEAS) 2022

    Which bits and why are they wrong? Go on, be specific.
  2. Mountain Man

    LEGO The Office (IDEAS) 2022

    It depends which country you are in. The US version appeals to US tastes and humour. The UK version appeals to UK taste and humour. And being well known depends on the country. The US version did not travel nearly as well to countries like the UK as other US comedies. And just to be factually correct, the US version wouldn't have existed at all were it not for the UK version so its only well known BECAUSE of the UK version. This a very US orientated set, unlike other TV shows sets, its not a globally popular show
  3. Mountain Man

    LEGO The Office (IDEAS) 2022

    This for me, feels one of those sets that sounds a better idea than it actually looks. I like the show, but in model form it looks very generic
  4. Mountain Man

    Chinese New Year Sets - Rumors and Discussion

    I feel the opposite. For a theme with 2 sets a year, there has been a remarkable amount of variety
  5. Mountain Man

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    Selling out in minutes is a disaster. Selling out in a few days is well judged as its clearly acted as an encouragement to purchase which is what it's intended to be.
  6. Mountain Man

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    But that creates a different argument from some people about them respecting the original design close enough. Sesame Street as an iconic programme and the slimmed down build was still an obvious choice, but that creates extra work post selection so I still think if designers made smaller sets originally it would help. I think your suggestions are a step in the right direction. I think thar World Builder is great for allowing concepts to just flow. Against popular opinion I also think their competitions to design a car / musical instrument etc are a positive step as its giving a bounded brief and one you know Lego actually wants.
  7. Mountain Man

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    I think some realism needs to come into it from designers part. Often designs are huge, which follows the natural instinct to add detail, but in reality, it just means the potential price point is pushed up. Its one thing for Lego to take a risk on 200+ pound / dollar Star Wars or Ninjago set, they can judge demand better, they know sales pedigree. But some new film / TV show without proven sales pedigree? Secondly I think there are differing views on what is a popular film / TV show. There seem to be a lot of submissions for reasonably popular ones, whereas in reality, that's still a limited audience. There is a difference between the iconic films/sitcoms/TV shows which have had sets made, versus a perfectly entertaining at the time, but ultimately not iconic animated series etc. I think fans of them over estimate their relevance and importance
  8. Mountain Man

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    What does mean? I disagree. Plenty of the recent 10k suggestions had next to no chance of being made as it made no sense to such as for Cars / Modular buildings / Existing licence topics. Why build them under the Ideas brand? In reality that 35 list was far more smaller in terms of viable projects. Then if you remove some of the huge sets, and those where a licence may not be achievable. And the list is really small to choose from. A few simple things would help. They need to tighten the criteria to stop entries with existing product themes, and provide a simple 1 line rejection explanation for 10k rejections to stop people putting in entries that won't be selected.
  9. Mountain Man

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    Exactly, multiple sitcoms have been chosen already, and Friends / Seinfeld are far more iconic as programmes than the one rejected.
  10. Mountain Man

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    I disagree. Boring and predictable would have been selecting another sitcom or animated cartoon / movie set.
  11. Mountain Man

    77904 Nebulon B Frigate

    It is exactly the point. You cant claim geography of event for making it a US exclusive when its closer to the Mexican capital and the majority of population and the US's. The issue isnt regional exclusives, its this nonsense argument about event location being used, which fails basic geographical analysis. Blocks magazine is a non lego product. Its a independent publication, no different to US magazines
  12. Mountain Man

    77904 Nebulon B Frigate

    By that logic, shouldn't it be a US and Mexico exclusive given the location of the event was closer to the majority of the Mexican population than a lot of large US population hubs. Using location of the event to justify it being a US exclusive fails completely when you consider basic geography. If you want to be fairer, make it a California exclusive. Only available in local shops.
  13. Mountain Man

    77904 Nebulon B Frigate

    Lego need to be careful. If its another US exclusive after the Bespin Duel debacle they are at risk of alienating far more customers in the rest of the world than they gain in sales in the US.
  14. Mountain Man

    What's your recent LEGO Star Wars Purchase?

    I found it actually gets easier when you start buying multiple themes. Knowing I couldn't get everything I became fussier about which I bought
  15. Mountain Man

    Lego should do Star Wars collectible mini figures

    Yes, and it's the one that raises question over whether the licence has changed. But until that release, they have had to do battle packs ie. Include builds, or give freebies. The issue about Hasbro isn't a point of debate even if you think it is. Its widely reported and has been for a very long time