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  1. brick-builds

    New Hogwarts Express

    Here is our Hogwarts Express moc, it's still work in progress:
  2. Hello, to get more action in our lego city, we brought some animals to life. Have much fun.
  3. brick-builds

    Functional railway barrier - how it works

    Sorry, got that wrong.
  4. Hello everybody, we'd like to show and discuss with you our railway barrier - actually it works manual, but we plan to integrate a mindstorms sensor. Have much fun:
  5. brick-builds

    Functional railway barrier - how it works

    No worries, I can imagine how it would look. Thanks, the brick built streets are in general a great technique. Yes indeed, but then it wouldn't be as high as the rest of my layout.
  6. brick-builds

    Functional railway barrier - how it works

    Thanks, but it takes a lot of parts to build the road. I think we'll go with the chain variante, but thanks for the effort.
  7. brick-builds

    Functional railway barrier - how it works

    Good idea, we will check it.
  8. brick-builds

    "Formsignale" moc

    Hello everyone, I've designed working "Formsignale", which I want to share with you. The difficulty was the second arm because it needs to move out and also back into a vertical position. In my first attempts the arm wouldn't move. To solve this I attached a second string. While the first string is pulled, the second is released. A more detailed explanation is in this video (English subtitles are available):
  9. brick-builds

    "Formsignale" moc

    Thank you!!
  10. brick-builds

    "Formsignale" moc

    Yeah old signals are really cool. In the future I'll add some LEDs to light the signal up.
  11. brick-builds

    [MOC] VW Golf 1/2 moc

    Hello everybody, this is one of our new projects: A VW Golf in speed champions size. We are currently considering how the roof can be built, what do you think?
  12. Hello, we love "small" lego locomotives like the 40730 and so we motorized it with a circuit cube. What do you think?
  13. Hello guys, since a couple of weeks we are using circuit cubes for our lego mocs. Actually we put the motor and the hub in a base for a small technic car. Have much fun with it:
  14. brick-builds

    [MOC] steam locomotive 0-10-0

    Hello, our latest moc train-base, we tried a 0-10-0 and it works fine in normal lego curves :
  15. brick-builds

    [MOC] steam locomotive 0-10-0

    Sorry for the late answer. We tried some different setups and here is the result:
  16. brick-builds

    [mod] How we motorize small locomotives

    We also love the Köf, some days ago we build a basic layout with smd leds and the circuit cubes hub. Here is a screenshot picture:
  17. brick-builds

    [MOC] steam locomotive 0-10-0

    Thanks for your comments I´ll try out your tips this afternoon and write an answer here.
  18. brick-builds

    [mod] How we motorize small locomotives

    Yes, I think it's possible. omg Has it arrived meanwhile?
  19. brick-builds

    [moc] An experimental monorail

    Hello, we love our lego monorail, so we mad an experimental moc. The inspiration for us was the crocodile. Have much fun.
  20. brick-builds

    LEGO 40th anniversary classic train

    We motorized the 7810 with circuit cubes and it works fine:
  21. Hello, in this video, you can see how our r BR64 (9 studs wide with a powered function L) works inside. Have much fun!
  22. brick-builds

    [MOC] Our steam train and the technics inside

    Thank you for your answer. The driving rods are made by bricks on rails and we are very pleased with it. The missing details are coming soon. Many greetings
  23. Hello everybody, we built some motorized brackets for a witch, a flying lawnmower and a pumpkin head. So have much fun!