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  1. brick-builds

    New Hogwarts Express

    Here is our Hogwarts Express moc, it's still work in progress:
  2. Hello, to get more action in our lego city, we brought some animals to life. Have much fun.
  3. brick-builds

    Functional railway barrier - how it works

    Sorry, got that wrong.
  4. brick-builds

    Functional railway barrier - how it works

    No worries, I can imagine how it would look. Thanks, the brick built streets are in general a great technique. Yes indeed, but then it wouldn't be as high as the rest of my layout.
  5. brick-builds

    Functional railway barrier - how it works

    Thanks, but it takes a lot of parts to build the road. I think we'll go with the chain variante, but thanks for the effort.
  6. brick-builds

    Functional railway barrier - how it works

    Good idea, we will check it.
  7. Hello everybody, we'd like to show and discuss with you our railway barrier - actually it works manual, but we plan to integrate a mindstorms sensor. Have much fun:
  8. brick-builds

    "Formsignale" moc

    Thank you!!
  9. brick-builds

    "Formsignale" moc

    Yeah old signals are really cool. In the future I'll add some LEDs to light the signal up.
  10. brick-builds

    "Formsignale" moc

    Hello everyone, I've designed working "Formsignale", which I want to share with you. The difficulty was the second arm because it needs to move out and also back into a vertical position. In my first attempts the arm wouldn't move. To solve this I attached a second string. While the first string is pulled, the second is released. A more detailed explanation is in this video (English subtitles are available):
  11. brick-builds

    [MOC] VW Golf 1/2 moc

    Hello everybody, this is one of our new projects: A VW Golf in speed champions size. We are currently considering how the roof can be built, what do you think?
  12. Hello guys, since a couple of weeks we are using circuit cubes for our lego mocs. Actually we put the motor and the hub in a base for a small technic car. Have much fun with it:
  13. brick-builds

    [MOC] steam locomotive 0-10-0

    Sorry for the late answer. We tried some different setups and here is the result: