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  1. brick-builds

    [MOC] Train crossing with EV3

    Hello everybody, my new project, but still work in progress
  2. brick-builds

    [MOC] Buffer stop for trains

    Here is my new moc, have much fun:
  3. brick-builds

    [MOC] Egger Bahn narrow gauge steam railmotor

    Hello Davide. Very good work, thanks for sharing!
  4. brick-builds

    Lego crocodile 10277 - some mods

    Thanks I´m going to use your idea for a frame. There is no friction using the black pins because they are one plate over the tracks.
  5. brick-builds

    Lego GmbH DB Kof II - 8 wide

    Here is my try for a koef III Many greetings
  6. brick-builds

    Lego crocodile 10277 - some mods

    Here is part 2:
  7. brick-builds

    Lego Train with powered up 3.5

    Hello, my 60197 with the new powered up version 3.5:
  8. brick-builds

    [MOC] Compact steam train 0-6-0 drive

    Thanks I haven´t yet decided to build a complete train but when a lot of people ask me to built one, I´m going to built one. I put the motor as close as possible to the wheels, because you can now put more details on top. The details on the bottom are mostly on the sides of the wheels. But you can raise the motor up if you want.
  9. Hello everywere, here is my new moc for a steam-train drive. Have much fun!!
  10. brick-builds

    Lego crocodile 10277 - some mods

    Thank you!!
  11. brick-builds

    [MOC] Very compact train drive

    I have a reinforced version which use 1 or 1/2 stud more on top than this version. (video coming soon)
  12. brick-builds

    Lego crocodile 10277 - some mods

    Hello, here are my first mods, what do you think:
  13. brick-builds

    [MOC] Very compact train drive

    Thank you
  14. brick-builds

    Functional Train Bridges

    wow, good work!