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  1. Hello everywhere, I often see very pretty lego towns, but with less action. So I tried to design a truck in small size with powered up. What do you thing? It works, but is in an early stage:
  2. brick-builds

    MOC: BR64 with PF

    Now I finally found a good solution for the infrared sensor:
  3. brick-builds

    DB BR 50 with Kabinentender

    I can only say: awesome - I like this locomotive
  4. brick-builds

    Virginian 2-8-8-8-4 Triplex (Version 4)

    Wow, very good work. Do you have a video of the train?
  5. brick-builds

    MOC: BR64 with PF

    Thanks for all postings, that's motivating very much. The new parts arrived, so it's time for the next step:
  6. brick-builds

    [MOD] Classic 7740 with powered up

    Yes it works but is loses a bit of friction in the curves. By changing the o-rings like Selander explained it would work better.
  7. brick-builds

    MOC: BR64 with PF

    Thanks for your comments. The postman was here and new parts are available!!!
  8. brick-builds

    Switches controlled by external levers

    Hello train-fans, some time ago, I built this with Trixbrix tracks. My intention was a very simple solution and to hide later the motor in a small house....
  9. brick-builds

    [MOD] Classic 7740 with powered up

    Thanks for the answers. Here are some additional detailed pictures of the mod.
  10. brick-builds

    MOC: BR64 with PF

    I'd like to put this old post up and show you the first technical photos of my br64 moc. The locomotive works and I'm looking forward to my next bricklink parcel with new parts....
  11. brick-builds

    [MOD] Classic 7740 with powered up

    ok, I'm sorry!
  12. Hello everywhere, I love the "old" trains f. e. the 7740 or - of course - the 7750, but I don't have 12V tracks. So I modified a 7740 for powered up, have much fun:
  13. brick-builds

    [MOC] Plank wagon

    Hello, here is my project of the week, a plank wagon, which can be styled in different colors. Have much fun!!
  14. brick-builds

    [MOC] Remote controlled train signal

    Thanks for your comment. I use 8 wide trains because then the trains are in scale with the tracks.
  15. Hello train fans. Here is my new weekly moc project: A remote controllable train signal ( can be also used synchron). Many greetings.