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  1. I'm a bit disappointed about the new hub's dimensions…: Metric Dimensions: L 56 x W 40 x H 32 mm Stud Dimensions: 7 x 5 x 4 (only studs, no plates/bricks) Comparison to PU small hub: Stud Dimensions: 8 x ~5 x 4 (~5 = 4 bricks in height) Overall… it's just one stud shorter in length. In addition: Buttons and connectors are on different spots - so it would be hard to use the new rechargeable hub as an replacement for the PU hub :(
  2. Here is also a new picture of the new Motor. 3x3x5 (plus plate) studs: Source: https://www.lego.com/assets/ecerts/6296517_122857_EUDOC_DE_10238276.PDF
  3. Ah, I see… here is the original text of the motor: In addition here is the original English text for the small hub: So I was wrong and gyro sensor is in the hub. And I see "micro USB" (this one was missing in German texts) - sad to see "new" technology in 2021 using micro USB :(
  4. I guess PU output is up to 9V? (like PF). Or am I wrong? – Another nice information: If you use Google Image Search using "3.7V 630mAh lithium li-ion polymer" you will find mostly one type of rechargeable battery! The size of it is 4.4x35x43 mm - it could be similar to the WeDo 2.0 in size, but much thinner (just for the rechargeable battery). – To sad to have so few specs about the motor. The smallest LEGO motor so far was this one in red. But according to given specs it should has a gyro sensor built in, so I don't have big hopes for 2x2. But 3x3x4 would be awesome like the late 9V motors before PF came out. (edit: it was 4x4x3 or something similar :D)
  5. Yes, they are on the instructions page :D But you have to analyze the hidden traffic in the Web Developer Tools in your browser. After typing the number you will see in the "Network" tab of your Web Developer Tools an Ajax response with detailed information. Web Developer Tools should be available in Firefox and Chrome (without any additional extensions). Very interesting! Maybe the new Spike hub is even smaller. The WeDo 2.0 hub has 900mAh @ 3.7V (according to this image here). Also the BricQ things look promising, because of the minifigs and similiar amount of bricks!
  6. There are now official product descriptions available (via instruction search on LEGO.com): 45607: LEGO® Technic™ Small Angular Motor 45608: LEGO® Technic™ 3x3 Color Light Matrix 45609: LEGO® Technic™ Small Hub (2 ports, gyro sensor, usb port for charging, bluetooth) And s single battery for the Small hub: 45612 All components will be available in this set: 45345: LEGO Education SPIKE Essential I wrote an article about this on Zusammengebaut. But still no official images yet.