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  1. What I don’t understand about the summer list (so far) is how only some of the set names actually confirmed at this point. Given that these sets will be entering production in a matter of months, why are sets like Obi-Wan’s Delta-7 a certainty, but the AT-TE and a hypothetical gunship are not? I can’t see the logic behind this. The only reason I can think of is that some of these sets belong to the upcoming D+ Shows.
  2. Right? Talk about misleading.
  3. The set numbers escape me, but there’s a $90 and $40 set in May that no one currently knows the identities of. The $40 one is speculated to be the Death Star Trash Compactor quote set I believe.
  4. T21Typhoon

    LEGO Videogame Tie-Ins - Rumors & Discussion

    I just got into playing HZD so this set is right up my alley. It’s a beautifully crafted set that captures the Tallneck’s scale and rich mechanical detail, it’s a nice touch that Aloy can ‘hack’ it. The rest of the display is gorgeous too, and Aloy is a perfect minifigure. I would love to see a Breath of the Wild set with this level of care and attention to detail.
  5. D-0 was also present in the TRoS Millennium Falcon and Y-Wing sets. I can’t imagine a minifigure scale BD-1 has been produced without any JFO sets in the pipeline, perhaps next year. Lego’s reticence at not producing a proper darkaber mould is baffling. I suppose the current solution does the job, but given it’s already been in 2 recent sets, not to mention its inevitable appearance in the Mandalorian Season 3 sets, you’d think the LSW team would put a bit more effort in. @Clone OPatra Absolutely agree with your comments on the Solo sets, I felt they were some of the strongest LSW set waves we’ve had and they were filled to the brim with new minifigure moulds Interested to see what JB Spielwaren have up their sleeves, their IG countdown ends in just under 7 hours. As cool as a rancor set would be, I sincerely hope Lego don’t go all in with TBoBF and allocates some sets for other upcoming shows too.
  6. Can’t say I’m a fan. The build fails to capture the compact sleekness of Mando’s N1. Might get this at a discount but I’m underwhelmed. The BD unit looks nice!
  7. Well that’s an unsurprising but welcome set for June, it’s funny that the N1 is priced as high as it is given Lego’s approach with sets like the X-Wing / TIE / Boba’s Ship. A new darksaber mould would be nice but can’t see that happening, but at the very least Din should be given a face print now. Boba’s Palace is looking great. I missed out on Jabba’s back in 2012 so this is a definite buy for me, the throne section is so detailed! Damn shame that Lego didn’t bother to update Boba’s helmet and jet pack but nothing too major I suppose. Once again, the packaging is beautiful, I’m a big fan of how each property a set is based on has its own character art and colour scheme. It’s interesting that the $90 May set still hasn’t been confirmed. The secrecy makes me hopeful it’s going to be a Kenobi set, ideally that Inquisitor ship shown on the concept art with a nice selection of minifigures.
  8. That’s just how Lucasfilm tend to operate, theirs is always a drip-feed marketing approach so the promotion around a show doesn’t begin until they’re only a few months away. Honestly, I would be surprised if we don’t get any Kenobi sets this year, surely Lego wouldn’t wait until 2023?
  9. Really happy with this list so far! Cad Bane’s ship is definitely based on the Bad Batch, it’s fantastic that Lego is willing to assign a flagship set based on an animated show again. We have to be getting at least 1 Kenobi (show) set surely? I can understand Lego passing on Andor this year as it airs quite late in the year, but there has to be at least one set for Kenobi I would think. Amazing that there are still quite a few sets we don’t know about The fact that BD-1 comes with a moulded mini figure has to mean more Jedi: Fallen Order sets are on the cards.
  10. Damn, that’s a nice looking set! Makkari’s hairpiece from Eternals makes perfect sense for Fennec. Wish they’d recolour Boba’s helmet but who knows, maybe June’s TBoBF set will give us that update. It’s amusing how Lego imposes these embargos on set reveals only for them to leak pretty much 9 times out of 10. Absolutely nothing spoileriric here and the delay in revealing it makes me think this will be branded as a TBoBF set after all. Overall, Lego’s Star Wars offerings this year are off to an excellent start. Incredibly hyped for what the summer wave will entail, fingers crossed we get a solid list in the coming weeks.
  11. Where is this indicated? Can’t see any of the usual leakers teasing anything. Hoping for a summer wave even better than last year’s!
  12. T21Typhoon

    Super Mario 2022 - Rumors & Discussion

    Mario Kart would be the perfect subtheme to introduce minifigures. The course builder system is one thing that’s clearly worked well, but MK tracks at the digi-figure scale would demand a lot of space. I remember when Marvel and DC had the Mighty Micros sets going for a few years, that format would be perfect for Mario Kart. Two competing karts and characters at a relatively low price point, complemented by larger track-based sets would be amazing.
  13. The geometry of the Dark Trooper helmet is a little disappointing, however I’ll still be picking it up along with Din’s helmet. So is the palace set not being revealed today then? I got the impression today was supposed to be the day.
  14. Damn that sucks, these sets release in a month after all. I see your point through, Lego will probably reveal Boba’s / Bib Unfortuna’s Palace after the season finale of TBoBF.
  15. New moulds have always been a tricky topic for this theme ever since film-based sets clearly had far bigger budgets than regular waves. I personally loved the Solo sets in particular for the sheer variety of new minifigure moulds they offered. Outside of budgets, I wonder what drives Lego to produce new moulds for certain characters, especially when it comes to their policy on where using existing moulds is passable enough for new characters. The Bad Batch definitely come to mind - the existing P2 helmets work okay, but ‘compromises’ like Crosshair not having a rangefinder just makes the character look so inaccurate in my opinion. The ongoing use of the 2013 P2 helmet make me worry that if we ever do see Rex and Cody, they just won’t look right. Stormtroopers too - the current helmet mould looks quite detailed, but there’s no functional benefit to them. 2021 introducing parts like the horned Mandalorian helmet, new armour piece, Dark Trooper head etc. was certainly a step in the right direction. The new buildable helmets look fantastic! Mando is a day 1 buy, Luke’s helmet is also far better than I was expecting but a pass for me, can’t wait to see the rest of the March sets on Tuesday. Hopefully this also signifies the summer set list releasing soon as well as confirmation of what the mystery May set is.