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  1. Marcoe14

    [MOC] #69 Mercedes Benz Citaro O530 MPK Kraków Bus

    I am not very much into trains or buses, but this MOC bud is very nice. I love it entirely. Details in the back add a nice realism touch ;).
  2. Marcoe14

    [MOC] Large Excavator

    Huge machine, nice details. Seems to me better than many official sets. Very smooth.
  3. Nice and clean Build. I love how you created sugar cane plants
  4. Marcoe14

    MOC: Mid century home

    very clean. I like it.
  5. Hi, I am interested in a motorized version of your vitara with bumper protection and extra headlights. Where can I buy intructions and parts list?
  6. I am interested in the instructions and partlist for this model.
  7. I can`t Pm you, maybe because I am new to the forum. I am interested in this moc, but the version with bumper protector and headlights.