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About Me

Hi there! I'm an AFOL who builds custom emergency vehicles with crazy color schemes!


About BCFR:

Brickford City Fire Rescue:

Operating in a ~40 Square Mile area, Brickford City Fire Rescue is a full time, 24/7/365 Fire Department, split into 4 unique districts (or battalions). Each battalion covers a unique area of the city, has it's own color scheme, and a unique set of call signs. Each district may also have it's own specialty vehicles, such as Hazmat, ARFF, Marine, and Wildland. BCFR Staff train constantly and are always engaging in community outreach events...the crazy color schemes are a big hit with kids!

The call sign system as mentioned previously is rather unique and prevents confusion at large emergency scenes. The call sign system works as follows: First letter of the district (S,E,N,W)

First Letter of the Unit (E for Engine for example)

a dash

The number of the district (1,2,3,4)

The unit number. (SE-135 is "South Engine - District 1 Unit 35")


Department Structure:

District 1 - "The South District"

  • Station 1
    • Engine 112, Engine 135, Battalion 100, Truck 134
  • Station 2 "Polar Express" and "Pride of The South Side"
    • Rescue 115, Ladder 124

District 2 - "The East District"

  • Station 3
    • Battalion 200, Engine 224, IRT 225 and 226
  • Station 4
    • Hazmat 222, Truck 223
  • Other
    • Marine 220 and 221

District 3 - "The North District"

  • Station 5
    • Battalion 300, Engine 345 and 346
  • Station 6 “North End Nightwatch”
    • Rescue 340, Truck 350

District 4 - "The West District"

  • Station 7
    • Battalion 400, Engine 401, UTV 402, Brush 403, Brush 404, and Wildland 405


Brickford City Emergency Medical Services:

Brickford City provides exceptional medical care to its citizens by way of Brickford City EMS and BC General Hospital. BCEMS started a groundbreaking program, providing ambulance rides free of charge by allocating some of their yearly budget along with public donations and financial support from BC General. This program has seen a lot of success, as more people are willing to call for an ambulance and get care they need. BCEMS also offers specialty units, such as HazMat Decontamination/Mass Casualty Response, Special Operations, and a Paramedic interceptor.


Department Structure:

  • Districts 1 and 2- "The South and East Districts"
    • Supervisor 1-1, Ambulance 1-4 and 1-5
  • Districts 3 and 4 - "The North and West Districts"
    • Supervisor 2-2, Ambulances 2-3 and 2-6
  • City Wide:
    • BC-11 (Decon/MC), BC-12 (Paramedic Intercept), BC-15 (Special Operations and Emergency Logistics)


Mutual Aid:

All 4 Districts can respond anywhere within another district if needed. Many specialty units such as Hazmat 222, the IRT trucks, wildland trucks and the two rescues respond whenever needed. Rescue 340 “Northend Nightwatch” for example specializes in collapse rescue and night ops, and often get called anywhere they are needed. Outside of the district, Algonquin Fire Department provides aid for wildland fires and Lego Regional Fire Authority a spare engine.