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  1. BrickfordCityFire

    [MOC] Boston Style Dunkin Donuts with Apartments

    Thanks, I live like an hour away, hands down my favorite city to visit! Thanks man!
  2. BrickfordCityFire

    [MOC] New Block City

    These look fantastic! Nice job!
  3. Hey Eurobricks! I have been working on this project for awhile now. This is a Dunkin Donuts under an apartment complex styled after the Dunkin on State Street in Boston, Massachusetts. This will be built with real bricks and placed into my city someday, and I am excited for that day to come! Full view render of the building. minifig-eye-view from where State Street will be. Front view of the apartment entrance. Interior view of the dunkin! This render is a minifig-eye-view from the intersection of Main and State streets. From this view we see the palace cinema, with Engine 135 in the left hand corner. This is a digital recreation of my city. This render is a minifig-eye-view from main street next to the town hall, with Rescue 115 in the foreground. This is a digital recreation of my city. This is another render from main street and state street, this time coming from the west side. This is a digital recreation of my city.
  4. BrickfordCityFire

    [MOC] Grand Hotel Kudelma

    Absolute masterpiece. Nice work!
  5. BrickfordCityFire

    To people who own Lego cities: don't make the same mistake as I did... folding tables have the same problem, they will be getting replaced as soon as I can do so.
  6. BrickfordCityFire

    [Opinion] Review of the new road plates system (2021)

    Personally, I love the new plates, and they actually allowed me to make a better city. They are also great for low cost MILS roads. To be fair, I did not have a huge city to start with, so converting to these was cheap and easy.
  7. BrickfordCityFire

    [MOC] (Digital) BCFR Truck 134

    oops, I just saw this reply now, I do!
  8. BrickfordCityFire

    Lego City 2021 Rumours, information and discussion

    I am! I never was a fan of the old road-plates, so I did not have many, plus having a small 1 table city made the switch easy for me.
  9. BrickfordCityFire

    Lego City 2021 Rumours, information and discussion

    Offline. I think there are a few toy stores in Canada and Northern US that put them out early. Don't quite remember which ones.
  10. BrickfordCityFire

    Lego City 2021 Rumours, information and discussion

    I have personally noticed a lot of the new city stuff on shelves already.
  11. BrickfordCityFire

    Modular Pub – alternate build for 10264 Corner Garage

    This is awesome, nice work!
  12. BrickfordCityFire

    [MOC] Vintage Police Car

    This is fantastic! Awesome work!
  13. BrickfordCityFire

    New Roadplates & Towns?

    I have a rather small town at the moment and I see a ton of potential for creativity in the new system, so I will be switching. I think it is a lot more modular than the current system and the fact that it doesn't have curbs finally makes it so we don't have to spend hundreds of dollars on tiles to tile the studs on traditional plates. For me, it will be saving money, and I think it has the potential to look absolutely amazing if done right.
  14. BrickfordCityFire

    BCFR Engine 112 - 1987 FMC /Spartan

    Yes it is! American Fire apparatus last a LONG time. My town had a 30 year old engine they just sold to another department which is refurbishing it. If a department needs to save money, or just really likes a certain piece of equipment, they will refurbish it or rebuild portions of it to keep it going. These old FMC rigs are still in service in some towns. People also collect and restore old apparatus as a hobby.
  15. BrickfordCityFire

    BCFR Engine 112 - 1987 FMC /Spartan

    Thanks! Yeah, I am still playing around with chevron designs So, funny story, that's how the studio model is, but I had collisions turned off by accident and didn't notice that it would actually collide with the 1x2 black tile. I went to build it IRL only to discover that I had to do it this way.