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  1. LIVEnannino

    How to classify damage on LEGO set box?

    UPDATE: i've emailed the store asking for a replacement, they asked me for photo of the damaged box, and than they sent to me a courier to take the LEGO set. Today i've received the new LEGO set and it's perfect!
  2. LIVEnannino

    [REVIEW] 40412 Hagrid & Buckbeak (Brickheadz GWP)

    Great review! and the MOD paragraph it's very good, i think that with the mod it looks more like Hagrid too.
  3. LIVEnannino

    How to classify damage on LEGO set box?

    Tomorrow morning i will contact the online shop and i will ask for a replacement of the product. Let's see...
  4. LIVEnannino

    How to classify damage on LEGO set box?

    I hope in an 3x at least, it would be great! anyway so in case i will have to stay with this set, i will say that is a NISB but not a MISB because of the imperfection of the box, right?
  5. LIVEnannino

    How to classify damage on LEGO set box?

    I have to say that i'm new in the "LEGO investment" world, so i started to worry about the little scratch. wow it's really possible that this set will reach 9 times the RRP? But if i ask for another same set, i think that they will understand that i have not changed my mind on the purchase. I've emailed the store, tomorrow morning hopefully they will respond. Oh and by the way, thanks everybody for teaching when use this terms like NIB, Shelf Wear. There is difference between NIB and NISB?
  6. LIVEnannino

    How to classify damage on LEGO set box?

    I've bought to sell it in future (i've one displayed in my room, and now i've bought a second one to sell it after it will be retired from the market). I bought it from an italian online store. Do you think that is better to send it back and ask for another one?
  7. Hello everyone, i am curious about this topic, since i always tried to buy online old LEGO set but i never understood how to recognize a damaged set. For example, today the courier delivered to me the LEGO Star Wars Tantive IV, and once opened the expedition package, i've found a little "scratch" on the top side of the box. I'cant really say the cause of that damage, but i guess that it come from the inside, as a piece inside perforated the box. Opinion about the value of the set with this damage? does it affects the possibility to sell it in future?
  8. LIVEnannino

    Ciao a tutti!

    Hello everyone, i'm an italian guy who loves LEGO and Engineering! i study Aerospace Engineering here in Italy. See ya!