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  1. Captain Aragon

    A Small Frigate

    While working on my main project, Queen Catherine's Revenge, I noticed an abundance in extra pieces. I had kept the entire brick built hull from the Creator set in tact, so I decided to start there. From there I crudely put together a small frigate. I still have yet to name it, so suggestions are welcome. Background: Captain Tavington wasted no time in tearing up his papers from the King. Once a privateer, now he was a pirate. Gathering what was left of his crew, he took his ship and made way for Tortuga. Currently she has one canon, but is outfitted for eight. Captain Tavington at the helm with a female crewmate. There is a ladder that leads below deck, and a working anchor. Here is a shot of the rear of the cabin. Overall, I am happy with how this vessel came out. For being such a crude build, I think it came out quite well. Now she just needs a name.
  2. Captain Aragon

    Queen Catherine's Revenge (2020)

    Thank you! I will work on getting more photos up.
  3. Captain Aragon

    Queen Catherine's Revenge (2020)

    The Queen Catherine's Revenge has been my passion project for so long now. She went from a galleon to a sloop and even a frigate, but I could never build her up enough because of my limited amount of bricks. Well now after purchasing a couple of needed bricks and getting my hands on the Creator Pirate Ship set, I was able to get back on track and build my flagship as I envisioned from the start. Now, I have not finished her as of yet. I still need to work on a third mast and finish tiny details around the ship. Background: The Queen Catherine's Revenge is the flagship of Captain Aragon and base of operations. She can hold six regular LEGO canons and is decked out to hold smaller brick built canons. The stern castle is covered in trappings and bounty from the captain's excursions. Under the captain's cabin is the crew quarters. Below deck is a stored long boat and currently 2 canons. I will post update images later on, but other images can be seen on my Flikr page. Just search Queen Catherine's Revenge under photos and they should come up. I will try to post them all here. Here is a shot below deck. Currently there are only two canons, but I plan on getting more. Here is the captain's cabin. It is easily removable for easy access to the bottom crew cabin. This photo is a little out of date since I am replacing the masts. The cabin has remained the same. Here is the crew cabin. It acts as a storage spot for extra cutlasses, brooms, and other utensils. Here is a better look at the captain's cabin. So all that is left now is the masts and sails.