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  1. The X-Wing looks fantastic, especially at the 50$ price point. The Tie Fighter still bugs me at its scale, but I'll wait for an in-depth review on it.
  2. I feel like anyone expecting more than two minifigures for the gunship is setting themselves up for disappointment. Lego isn't going to give away Clone Troopers so easily, especially on a set designed for display purposes.
  3. Disappointed at the lack of Cobb Vanth, but its nice we're finally getting a Tusken Raider camp.
  4. The novelizations for 1-6 are not canon anymore, which is massive shame because 3's is nearly perfect. Was there another microfighter rumored or was it only the MF and the Tauntaun/AT-AT?
  5. Gontron

    [MOC] Trooper Mechsuit

    Looks like a cross between a Dark Trooper and Centurion from 40k. I love the Empire Trooper's weapon.
  6. Surprised we got decent quality pictures so early compared to the usual 144p watermarked images of previous years. The X-Wing looks surprisingly good for 50$. I'm genuinely shocked on how it looks to be far better than the 2012 despite remaining the same price. The Tie Fighter still doesn't resonate with me, I would've rather that scaled up the wings a bit for 50$. The Falcon is another falcon, though the Hoth Han is a nice grab. The Tauntaun looks fantastic and the AT-AT is alright, still a great pack for minifigures. Resistance X-Wing looks bad even for a 4+. If Lego is looking the scale down and simplify some sets, I don't see much point in there being a 4+ personally. The Lambda looks great with the exception of the loading ramp?? underneath the cockpit. Considering its a magazine though, its probably just down for looks and closable. The X-Wing was a nice surprise given how many we get and the Lambda could turn out great. Otherwise, this wave still just feels bland to me. Really hoping there's a better distributed summer wave, especially with how well the two Clone Wars based sets sold.
  7. Gontron

    Future Star Wars Sets

    Decided to make a wave for 2015's Battlefront. Most of the game's unique stuff was limited to either weapons or star cards, so making fully fledge sets that were unique got a bit difficult. Hard to believe the game is almost 5 years old now. Battlepacks + Microfighters Bespin Cloud Car: Surprised we've never had this considering its a somewhat recognizable OT vehicle. -The build would be a further scaled down version of the Bespin UCS version, though in orange this time. Maybe one side could be rigged with stud shooters because of the 1 mini-figure limit -Minifigures: Cloud Car pilot Slave 1: I don't think a blue version of the Cloud Car would do well in the same wave as, well, the Cloud Car, so this is the next best option. -Its a micro fighter Slave 1, unfortunately not in Jango's color scheme -Minifigures: Boba Fett Sand Troopers Battlepack (15$): I don't think we've ever had a Sand Trooper battle pack, despite how many imperial BPs take place on Tatooine -Build is crashed escape pod and a buildable probe droid -Minifigures: Sand Trooper (2x), Shock Trooper, Shadow Trooper Outer-Rim Rebels Battlepack (15$): A Rebel battlepack with a bigger emphasis on species variety. -Build could be the extraction cart from the game's extraction mode, though with a small turret to give it a play feature -Minifigures: Male Rebel Soldier, Female Zabrak Soldier, Male Weequay Soldier, Female Twilek Soldier Core Sets Infiltration on Scarif (25$): A small Scarif set based on the infiltration game mode. Think similar to the scale of the Battle of Saleucami set. -Build is a small tree build, E-Web turret, and two orange crates. In one of the crates would be a security tape -Minifigures: Shore Trooper Captain, Shore Trooper, Ishi Tib Rebel Soldier, R5 droid Death Star: Power Sector (30$): Probably the most unique idea I could think of for the battle station game mode, plus it has some elements from the older Battlefront to differentiate itself from previous Lego builds. -Build is a more fleshed out generator room, with two energy pylons, a ramp, and a collapsing walkway feature -Minifigures: R2-D2, Rebel pilot, Shadow Trooper, Storm Trooper Cloud City Turning Point (50$): Unfortunately Battlefront 2015 was devoid of any unique vehicles or locales we don't get a lot of. To closest thing to vehicle we don't either have or get enough of would be the Cloud Car, which in game has a blue recolor. -Build is a blue imperial Cloud Car, a small fountain, and an indoor build with a door (Think something similar to part of the original Cloud City set) -Minifigures: Storm Trooper w/ Red Pauldron, Dengar, Bespin Wing Guard, Bespin Cybernetic Soldier Tie Defender (90$): The first real piece of Disney canon to feature Tie Defenders, I think a remake is warranted. Build could be a bit more upscaled compared to the previous Tie Defender with a more modern cockpit -Minifigures: Tie Pilot, Imperial Officer, Storm Trooper (2x) AT-AT Assault (160$): For once, an AT-AT set that's NOT featured on Hoth. -Build is a less tall but wider AT-AT. I mean, I don't really know where to improve on the 2020 model for system scale except for a bit more bulk in the legs. In addition, the build could come with a ground-level Turbolaser and Y-Wing beacon station -Minifigures: Magma Storm Trooper (2x), Death Star Trooper, Sullustan Rebel Soldier, Nien Nunb GR-75 Transport (180$): This would be a hard sell considering its a background vehicle for all of the OT movies, but its featured enough in the game to warrant it as a big Rebel set. -Build is a massive, bulky ship around the same size as the Republic Frigate from 2007. The main play feature would be a crate storage system, along with two spring missiles hidden in the frontal area. A side build would be a loading ramp and terminal area, seen in the Dune Sea Exchange map -Minifigures: Storm Trooper, Scout Trooper, Leia, C3PO, Rebel Honor Guard (2x), Rebel Pilot
  8. It looks to me like the Tie's wings will be the same ones used on the 4+ set, obviously with some more detail.
  9. Gontron

    Future Star Wars Sets

    I had some niche set ideas based on Battlefront 2017 with some that could work outside of the game's context. Would love to see Lego venture further in sets based on SW games. Battlepacks Clone Sentinel Corps Battlepack (15$): Its a clone battlepack that is centered around content exclusive to the game. -Build is a Heavy Laser Cannon similar to an E-WEB and a small Naboo banner with debris. -Mini-figures: 87th Clone Trooper, 87th Heavy Clone Trooper, Republic Naval Officer, 87th Clone Officer Resistance Troopers Battlepack (15$): We've had only one Resistance battlepack and a lot of Resistance stuff has yet to be made in Lego form. -Build is a scaled down Ski Speeder. -Mini-figures: Male Resistance Soldier, Female Resistance Jumpjet Trooper, Ovissian Gunner, Caphex Spy Core Sets Return to Vardos (40$): A small playset that represents the post-campaign missions -Build contains a Jinata Security AT-RT, a ruined Vardos Statue, and crashed escape pod. -Mini-figures: Iden Versio, (2x) Jinata Security Forces, FO Storm Trooper, FO Flame Trooper Ewok Hunt (30$): I think an Ewok Hunt based set could work pretty well even to people who don't care about the game -Build is a small tree-house with a falling rock feature. Side build could include a weapon crate. -Mini-figures: (2x) Storm Trooper, (2x) Ewok First Order AT-ST (60$): This time not ripped in half. Its the only ground vehicle in the game we haven't had a proper Lego model of. -Build is, well, an AT-ST. -Mini-figures: FO Storm Trooper, FO Jet Trooper, FO Officer, BB9e ARC-170 (80$): Trying to pick a set that represents the Starfighter aspect is a bit difficult since almost all ships in-game have Lego models. -Build is an ARC-170 with some more bulk than the last model. -Mini-figures: (2x) Clone Pilot, Astromech Droid, Obi-Wan with Jedi Robes Assault on Yavin (120$): Based around the Yavin map, the set represent the Galactic Assault and Supremacy gamemodes. -The build features 3 separate areas. The first is the front gate of the Rebel base, featuring a closing door. The second is a small ruined temple area with a collapsing play feature. The third area is an Anti-Aircraft cannon similar to the one featured in the Death Star Troopers Battlepack. Each area has a small build-able command post. -Mini-figures: Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Darth Vader, Boba Fett, (2x) Rebel Fleet Troopers, Wookiee Warrior, Storm Trooper, Scout Trooper, ISB Agent The Corvus (160$): The most obvious pick from Battlefront 2017 at a price point that doesn't feel too restrictive. -Build is around the same size as the system-scale Star Destroyers, with the main feature being the bridge area. Two side areas include a small hangar and armory. -Mini-figures: Iden Versio, Garrick Versio, Del Meeko, Gideon Hask, (2x) Storm Troopers, Sentinel Droid
  10. I knew the wave was supposed to be disappointing but.... jeez.
  11. Gontron

    Unpopular Opinions related to Lego Star Wars

    I think the reason the AT-OT and Dropship are so highly regarded is because its two very niche vehicles that got, for the time, really good builds. We're never getting either of them again so it makes sense why people are obsessed with it. Not sure if these are controversial but... The Anniversary wave was disappointing outside the Imperial Dropship. I don't mind TCW sets taking a break, we got them non-stop for 5 years. I'm just not a fan of 75153, the legs just look bland and the canopy looks rough. I personally prefer the one from the Endor Bunker set.