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  1. But all of the Falcon's figures had modern releases by that point, they were only super detailed versions of themselves. Kuill has never appeared in a set and tbh I don't see him appearing in anything except an Advent Calendar soon. He won't be 150$ but I can see him costing a good chunk of change. I know I'm beating a dead horse here but I guess this is confirmation that Lego is going back on their UCS minifigure policy?
  2. I mean there's also the Swamp Speeder but that's probably more obscure at this point.
  3. I know Sloane is a big character in the comics but surely we will get Cal soon, its almost comical we're getting a Squadrons tie-in before FO.
  4. It was probably the result of "Hey, we need a 25$ Clone set that isn't a walker, we also have this Twilek head mold we spent a ton of money on". Tbh none of the TX-130s have been directly inspired by a specific game or movie.
  5. I'll gladly take a small cannon over another BARC speeder or Spider Droid.
  6. You can get kinda close if you flip or remove the railed plates towards the window that prevent the canopy from lowering.
  7. Built mine last week, it looks a lot better in person. You can also easily flip two plates around to get rid of the gap. If it wasn't for the flat sides and height it would easily be my favorite rendition of it but for now I still prefer the 2017 one model wise.
  8. A Cobalt based ARC would be incredible, though I think Promobricks would note it specifically.
  9. 2 on the left, 1 in the middle, 1 on the right. The Heavy (left most) will most likely have a different torso and helmet print while the Specialist/Sniper (right most) will have a normal torso with 2 small marks on the chest. The Officer (middle) will probably have a unique kama/leg print.
  10. Even if the Battlefront franchise is dead again I'm glad to see more references and sets based off of it years later. This is great news for those who didn't buy the 501st Legion set due to the higher price because they can finally army build at a reasonable price. I don't think there has been definitive word on Accessory packs next year but I think an Endor Troopers and 212th pack would be the likely options (I don't think we'll know though until December). The Tie Bomber and Speeder Bike chase are also incredibly good OT set picks and a Rex Helmet has been the most request PT helmet from what I've seen. This is sounding like the best winter wave in years so far.
  11. The Clone Trooper Command Station situation is why I don't like Lego's approach to minifigure packs over battlepacks. They end up producing less of them resulting in heavy scalping for desirable army building figures. The only BP that had a similar stock issue was the Mandalorian BP but that was resolved by this time.
  12. I could see some harder to get variants like Geonosis camo, security, or commanders adding value to the BP. Not to mention several droids like Magna Guards, SBDs, and Commando Droids are harder to come by now (especially since B2 legs tend to fall apart/snap). I think a straight up remake of the 2007 one with a commander replacing one of the regular droids and a Magna Guard replacing a B2 would do well.
  13. Gontron

    [MOC] Utapau™ Defense (Product Concept)

    The attention to detail is incredible right down to the correct pieces in the packaging.
  14. So the AT-TE is definitely delayed in the US for both online and in-store?
  15. This, its the availability issue more than anything. Not to mention BPs occasionally go on sale, those packs probably won't.