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  1. I think the dream is dead at this point, given how out of place it would be and the fact we haven't heard anything from the more credible leakers.
  2. I feel like we've been at the stage of "they're only testing OT" for years now. As for the discussion of re-releases, there is no reason they need to rehash the same vehicles/figures every 1-2 years when several main characters like Lando, Padme, and Mace Windu haven't been available for a long time and are expensive on the after market. Don't even get me started on Clone Troopers prices...
  3. P2 Cody in a 15$ minifigure pack just seems unrealistic from every view point. If Lego ever makes him, he's going in a 100+$ set like an AT-TE or Gunship. Lego rarely puts named Clones in cheap sets, let alone one as demanded as him.
  4. It does seem a bit weird for Lego to make a fighter tank model out of the blue with legends exclusive Clones. For the 2017 set, there at least was BF2 coming out which was planned to have it (although, it was moved to a dlc update years later). It really sounds like the most wish listed set idea in a while, however stranger things have been randomly released (Sandspeeder, the Azure Angel).
  5. A fine addition to my TX-130 collection. Weird they're doing 187th legion, maybe they're the unnamed legion from the S7 episodes?
  6. I'll take location based sets over the same 10 or so vehicle rehashes regardless of what era they are. At least there's not a Snowspeeder rumor yet.
  7. "I'm absolutely devastated that important bar patron Scrimblo Bimblo wasn't included in the UCS Landspeeder. Once again, Lego has ignored the fan's request and has done the bare minimal. So much for 'Only the best'." I really hope the leg design for the Hoth AT-ST isn't a taller copy paste of the R1 and Mando one, personally I find the limbs a bit too wide for them. Minifigures sound bland but at least Snow Troopers will be easy to amass for it.
  8. I think its that people are mad because the UCS Slave 1 is skyrocketing in value and we're getting ready to have an entire show based off Boba Fett, so they want a re-release. Honestly I'd rather have Luke's Landspeeder over another UCS Boba Slave 1.
  9. All we need now is confirmation of a Snow Speeder and we'll come full circle.
  10. I'm okay with paying 60$ for a highly detailed AT-ST if its done well. So far I don't have a lot of confidence for this wave and I really hope the summer wave will feature mostly Bad Batch and BoBF stuff.
  11. Clones are in high demand right now and the aftermarket prices are absurd for them. It also doesn't help the 501st BP was 30$ instead of the usual 15$(now 20$) and one of two PT BPs in 6 years. Meanwhile, we've had quite a few Imperial themed BPs since then (which, tbf, isn't a problem considering the OT had a big focus during that time). Again, I don't mind it since Snow Troopers haven't been headily available since 2010, but I think people have plenty of reasons to be wanting more Clone BPs. Hopefully we get the full list for Winter 2022 soon. I'm curious to see in Bad Batch will be getting anymore sets.
  12. 20$ is disappointing but I'm excited to finally get some of the new Snow Troopers. I personally think a Rebel one will come out alongside it, however the last few years have shown that BPs don't always have an opposing force so its up in the air as to what it could be (or... this is the only one).
  13. Its not a bad set by any means, I'd just prefer a cheaper way to fill in my existing Clone vehicles and MOCs. Did they confirm them for next year or just "soon"?
  14. In all fairness, he was far from the first to ask for a 501st Battlepack. That's literally been requested ever since the start of Battlepacks back in 2007. Honestly I'm kind of worried that with how well it sold, it gives Lego the impression that there's no point in making 15$ Clone BPs anymore when they'll sell as well in 30$ ones.