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  1. Maybe the Bad Batch Shuttle especially since images are now out in the wild. SW generally leaks last if I remember correctly so it could be another month before we start getting more pictures.
  2. No mention of the 30$ set, maybe it was the one that got cancelled?
  3. I'm conflicted. I'm glad we're getting all 5 members plus a gonk droid, but the shuttle itself will be incredibly small assuming the BARC speeder next to it is identical in size to the 501st one. This really could've benefitted from a 20$ increase in price and a removal of the BARC speeder for a bigger ship. Color wise I think it looks fine but man I'm afraid it will be another Night Buzzard situation.
  4. The updated R2 looks good but character builds aren't my cup of tea compared to ship builds. That and I'd rather spend the money on summer sets and the UCS Gunship. As a sidenote, the post is gone so that adds a bit of credibility imo.
  5. Not sure if anyone has said it, but a C-9979 Landing Craft will probably never be made outside of mini scale.
  6. I think I said this earlier, but Lego knows any set with Rex or Cody will sell great (just look at the prices for P2 Rex alone). They're saving them for when they have a set they don't think will sell well.
  7. I somehow don't doubt that Lego would skip out on the helmets considering they did for Rex, Gregor, and Wolfe in the Rebels AT-TE set, two of which would've required a new print only.
  8. I think Rebel Friend had some validity for being a promo minifigure considering he was exclusive to the older Lego SW games compared to someone like Jedi Bob. The Luke minifigure is disappointing but its not going to sway me from purchasing the game considering its a bonus.
  9. The addition of the 2003 CW series to Disney+ and Durge coming back to canon is giving me unreasonable hopes for another microseries CW set.
  10. I mean, you can just slap a paudron and kama on him and he'll be Fordo.
  11. I understand why he wouldn't be included in an AOTC based UCS set but I'm saying he could be slotted into any other CW based vehicle set. We don't see Cody in an episode where something like Z-95 Headhunters appear, yet they could plop him in reasonably if they don't think it would sell well.
  12. Anything, Lego has put Clones that don't fit in a scene in sets before like Wolfe in the Republic Frigate or Fox in the Spider Droid. Lego knows a P2 Cody (or any Clone Commander not named Gree) will sell almost any set off him alone, which makes the decision to not put him in that overpriced Starfighter last year weird.
  13. I mean, they just did here considering the fans voted for a Gunship. At this point I'm convinced LEGO either has no interest in making a P2 Cody or they're saving him for a set they're not sure will sell well without him.
  14. The gunship continues to sound nice, though in David's video he says that Lego will not be making a minifigure-scale Republic Gunship for the next few years which is certainly disappointing. In addition, it sounds like Cody will not be included.
  15. Empire at War (EaW) wave because I've gotten back into it and it features a lot of OT legends vehicles that haven't been made. Microfighters Home One vs. Accuser (20$) -Minifigures: Admiral Piett, Admiral Ackbar -Build is a MC-80 Home One Microfighter and ISD-1 Microfighter Red 5 vs. Tie Advanced (20$) -Minifigures: Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader -To my surprise, we've never had a Tie Advanced Microfighter so I think this combo pack would warrant it and another X-Wing Microfighter Battlepacks Consortium Troopers (20$) Despite having probably the most infantry options in the game, the Zann Consortium really doesn't have any standout options for a BP (No Ewok Handlers for obvious reasons) -Minifigures: Defiler, (2x) Consortium Grenadier, Consortium Assault Trooper -Build is a Consortium MDU which can have its main component swapped out for a turret or a sensor scrambler Dark Troopers (20$) Dark Troopers but the EU ones. I think a brick built Dark Trooper Phase 3 would be better scaled instead of a minifigure -Minifigures: (3x) Mk1 Dark Trooper (Brick built), Mk2 Dark Trooper (Minifigure) -Build is a small repair station and a Mk 3 Dark Trooper. Rebel Infiltrators (20$) The Rebellion has a few unique minifig options including more fleet troopers, however I'm going to go with Infiltrators due to them not being made in Lego yet -Minifigures: (3x) Rebel Infiltrators, (1x) Rebel Fleet Trooper -Build is a DF-9 Turret with Rebel Alliance coloring rather than the standard white System-scale T2-B Tank (30$) One of the few EaW-made vehicles that returned to canon, I think the T2-B is a nice Rebel analogue to similar hovertank models -Minifigures: (2x) Rebel Forest Soldier, Storm Trooper -Build is the T2-B in a similar scale to the recent Saber tank and AAT with a rotating turret. I think someone made a mock up with the stud launchers for the turrets which would be great MPTL Artillery (50$) We don't get a lot of tracked vehicles for Star Wars so I think this one would help shake the lineup a bit -Minifigures: Kyle Katarn, (2x) Rebel Fleet Trooper, Mara Jade -Build is the MPTL Artillery truck with spring missiles serving as the torpedo tubes. A brick built spotter droid would be included Nightsister Attack (60$) I could've gone with the Canderous or Pulse tank, however I think a Nightsister Rancor would do just as good -Minifigures: IG-88, Nightsister, Rebel Fleet Trooper, Rancor -Build is a modified Rancor with a mount for the Nightsister and a Rebel Factory. All Terrain Anti-Aircraft Walker (70$) A new, unique AT variant -Minifigures: Imperial Field Commander, (2x) Storm Trooper, Scout Trooper, Boba Fett -Build is the AT-AA, maybe with spring missiles for the concussion missile launcher StarViper (90$) Out of the few starfighters in EaW that haven't been made already into a Lego set, I think this one is the most popular and deserving. -Minifigures: Consortium Pilot, Consortium Assault Trooper, Buzz Droid, Prince Xizor -Build is the StarViper-class Starfighter, which is almost identical to the Virago, Prince Xizor's ship in the Shadow of the Empire project Skirmish on Carida (140$) Can't make a list without a big playset. -Minifigures: General Veers, (2x) Storm Troopers, (2x) Scout Troopers, Garm Bel Iblis, Rebel Forest Soldier, Rebel Ground Commander -Build is a mixture of three items. The first is a slightly scaled down version of the Gargantuan, comparable in size to the torso?? of the recent AT-AT. Second is an Imperial Hypervelocity cannon with a launcher function. Third is a 2-M Repulsor Tank around the size of the 2017 Saber tank. The Merciless (160$) There are ton of space ships to choose for a set, from corvettes to capital ships, however I think the Consortium's flagship is the best pick for a large ship playset. -Minifigures: Tyber Zann, Urai Fen, Silri, Bossk, (2x) Consortium Grenadier -Build is the Merciless in a similar scale to the recent playset Star Destroyers. The top cannon compartment could serve as the bridge for the ship with the middle being used to store crates or minifigures. The bottom cannon could have a technic launcher (if Lego still makes those). UCS The Eclipse (700$) Being both essential to Forces of Corruption's plot and several legends novels and comics, I think the Eclipse would be one of the better EU UCS set ideas -Minifigures: Tyber Zann, Reborn Palpatine