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  1. Was there anything in specific that ruled out the Z-95 other than it sounding unrealistic?
  2. The last time we got Summer leaks this early was around 2017 iirc. As for the Z-95 Headhunter it definitely seems too good to be true especially since the minifigures would've been a perfect swap between it and the Swamp Speeder this year.
  3. For some reason I feel like the 150$ set may be an updated MTT. The 170$ set screams Chimera/Thrawn's flagship to me.
  4. It would be hilarious if Lego had sets in advance ready for the KotoR remake that's possibly being canned. Regardless, I missed out on Revan twice so an actual set with him would be great.
  5. Picked up the Coruscant Guard gunship yesterday, overall its size is a lot better in person and I have to admit its probably my second favorite iteration of the LAAT. I do think it would benefit from being slightly taller in the troop compartment as its very difficult to place more than 3 figures in there at a time. The minifigures are very good with my only complaints being Fox not having a waist cape and the odd torso printing (still a good figure imo). I think if it was 120$ or included a pilot/3rd Shock Trooper I would feel better about the price though I still think the AT-TE is a much better value overall.
  6. Kinda surprised we haven't received an actual ST set since 2020. I know the ST wasn't well recieved but surely a new FO Troop Transport or Exegol duel set would sell well.
  7. I think the kama issue is way worse than the printing inconsistencies or "helmet holes". They're okay on Snow Troopers but look awful on Rex and Fox, who are both named characters in very expensive sets.
  8. I'll wait for in-person shots but the Gunship looks bad imo. I think the minifigures are good barring the lack of a cloth kama for Fox but 140$ isn't worth it, especially compared to the Ghost. Nice, kinda surprised it took this long to get a remake of it.
  9. That gunship is not 140$ worth of stuff from the pictures.
  10. At this point I think Yoda's Starfighter is the biggest waste of this entire wave. At least the mechs look somewhat nice and are a cheap way to get main characters, meanwhile you have this absurdly expensive starfighter for just Yoda and R2. I don't know why Lego didn't just remake the smaller Yoda vs Dooku duel from 2002 if they really wanted Yoda to be accessible. Even worse its a remake of a set that no one particularly cared for.
  11. The Mechs look better than I thought they would tbh. I may end up buying one or two for some limb pieces and minifigures.
  12. The Tie Bomber feels closer to a Squadrons set given it has Rae Sloane in it.
  13. I wouldn't expect it, but then again a $650 Venator was a pipedream two years ago.
  14. Cad Bane may be worth more than the entire ship and minifigures if he isn't included in a new set soon.
  15. MandR's livestream is going over it right now.