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  1. Few days ago I went through some of the parts that resulted most expensive and by chosing colours and parts wisely I shaved 150eur off. Now it's only less than 700 eur (if calculated on 6 month averaged prices)
  2. The frame should be much stronger this time, at least on paper since it's built as a monocoque Scale should be a bit smaller, now it's 1/9 but it's too early for definitive heigth and width dimensions
  3. Started a new build, hope you'll like it Looking for every kind of suggestion
  4. Thanks for the replies. The only bricks not available due to colours are the custom ones, like those with stickers and the suspensions coils (but they can come in yellow with black springs) It's a build for pure show, so I've taken into account it could be quite flimsy. That's why I want to build it first, so I can add strengthenings. As for the chromed exhaust, if I remember correctly Lego denied Bricklink from selling chrome parts, so I'll have to source the exhaust parts somewhere else
  5. Hi everyone, this is my long term build: the Tommy kaira ZZII. My favourite car ever; maybe you remember it from Gran Turismo because of its power to weight ratio, its handling or its looks, but it actually exists (in 1 prototype). This build aims to be fully functional, with mechanical components replicated as close as possible: suspensions layout, chassis, engine (not a proper one because of size), exhaust, steering... A chat with designer Kaira helped figure out the rear suspensions layout, while the rest of the underpinnings was understood thanks to the few chassis images on the internet. It's quite expensive to build so it'll take a long time, mainly because I've never went shopping for bricks on the internet before and I need to figure every possible way to keep the price down. The wheels are custom modeled but actually I'm going to fit the 911 GT3 RS ones to it. Images of the real thing: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?vanity=hg.hexgraphica&set=a.3702758483104313 Pics of the build:
  6. Hello to everyone, I'm new here but not that new to Lego modelling. This is my latest finished (well, apart from few things) build, a Tommy kaira ZZ. I've built it with the goal of making it as resemblant to the real car as I could. This means it opens up and the roof can be detached to make it a roadster. The interior is replicated as well, and the set would include the bricks needed to transform it into a 2nd gen ZZ: front bumper, front radiator and rear wing. Since I hadn't still figure out how the hell I could buy the parts to test-assemble it, I've submitted it to Lego ideas and now it needs 855 more votes in 418 days in order to get to the next phase. The submitted one is in yellow as the press car was, but at the moment the only colours in which parts are available are red and white. The most important info are written into the project page >>here<<, and I'd be extremely thankful to you if you liked it and casted a vote, and maybe share it to your car enthusiast friends. Some pictures:
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    Hi, my name is Luca. I'm obsessed with cars and I also have been building digital mocs since last summer. I love '80s both in cars and music, and prefer bricks over technic builds, even in larger scales.