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  1. BaalTheBuilder

    [MOC] Ottoman Mosque

    Nice build, the whole series! I got to visit Istanbul pre-covid, can’t wait to see your Blue Mosque lol
  2. BaalTheBuilder

    10278 Police Station

    When I saw the newspaper stand, then the printed typewriter and the pin board, I realized...this building would make a perfect newspaper headquarters! Great ideas on turning it into a school, museum, or library. For me, I will moc this modular to become the home of the “Daily Brick”!
  3. BaalTheBuilder

    Modding the Barracuda thread

    Incredible builds and Mocs, everyone! I have a bit of an off the wall idea and want to see if anyone else has done anything similar? When I look at the new Mos Eisley Cantina set, the opening in the middle plus the design of the roof just seem begging to be built on top of. Seeing the BB lighthouse build in this thread plus the 3-in-1 set’s alternate inn build makes me wonder what it would look like to build some massive pirate-y inn and boardwalk on top of the cantina, giving it a sort of tropical undercity effect. Anybody seen an odd combination like this anywhere? I can’t help but think the colors would look really nice all together if designed well.
  4. BaalTheBuilder

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Wasn’t around for that coincidence but hah oh my! I have come to understand the lag btw set decisions and release, the summer indeed was no time to pivot...if it even was a decision worth pivoting from. I also don’t think it’s guaranteed to be bad for US sales - lots of folks in the US love police as much as ever too. I think overall that comment was more just recognizing that the US marketing team will have more questions to answer about this one than usual probably lol.
  5. BaalTheBuilder

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Of all years to release a police modular! All I can say is Lego’s marketing team is swinging for the fences
  6. BaalTheBuilder

    Post Your Castle Army Here!

    That's right! I guess they're all a little random lol. I'm saving up for some Roman and Greek soldiers to give the Randoms a motley phalanx, but that's going to take a little time...
  7. BaalTheBuilder

    Hello, I'm BaalTheBuilder!

    Hello, Lego fans! I am excited to have found these forums. I loved LEGO as a kid - used to film home videos with them and build a mini-city on an air hockey table that we had. When I was a kid, I wanted nothing more than to just drop all the money in the world on Legos. A year ago, I told my girlfriend this was a childhood fantasy, she took me for a walk down the LEGO aisle, I bought the pizza van, started buying some Jedi and clone troopers and NBA players online, and the rest is history! I had been out of Lego for so long that I didn't even hear when they released LOTR sets! So safe to say I've done a lot of catching up in my first year as an AFOL. What am I collecting? I guess I just want to create an awesome Lego world. A little Lego universe where the unlicensed figs are at war with the licensed figs because of the increased attention that licensed themes have gotten over time. So I'm collecting select Star Wars, LOTR, medieval, ninja/shogun, modular building, City, and Harry Potter sets and figs. Sounds like a lot, but I'm no completionist by any stretch. Whenever I've found cool sets or minis I've asked myself, "how might I want this to fit into my little universe?", let my imagination run wild, and would decide from there. After about 11 months, that vision is coming together and I'm getting better about saying "yes" or "no" to things...maybe... What am I building right now? I am keeping all my modular buildings in boxes for now due to space. So far I've built individual sets for my characters to hang out in around my apartment - I have Helm's Deep, the Hoth Base (not the UCS), Emperor's Stronghold, Kingdoms Joust, Destiny's Bounty, and a modded Old Fishing Village which incorporates a few Hidden Side sets to make more of a boardwalk. My current project is making a modular Hogwarts College using pieces from every one of the new line of Lego Harry Potter sets (plus a couple other small sets). After that I am planning to build a super yacht for my bad guys incorporating pieces from the NatGeo Exploration Ship, Friends Dolphin Cruiser, Avengers Tower, Star Wars Final Duel, and 3-in-1 Vacation Getaways sets. As you can see, I enjoy putting sets together to see what I can create. If I can save up enough money, I want to build a combined Mos Eisley Cantina and Pirates of Barracuda Bay set, have some ideas for how those two sets could mix together well... Follow me in Instagram and see what I'm up to! Happy Building! baalthebuilder
  8. BaalTheBuilder

    Post Your Castle Army Here!

    Very glad I found this thread! Got back into LEGO this year, building for myself a couple "good guy" and "bad guy" medieval-fantasy themed armies, a couple Star Wars armies, a couple small LOTR armies, a ninja/samurai army, and an army of Randos. I'm not an army builder per se, but I want large enough forces to make for fun storylines. Here are my medieval and Rando armies!
  9. BaalTheBuilder

    Old West Saloon, Bank, and Trading Post

    I cannot think of proper superlatives! These are some of the most well-designed, playability/display-balanced Mocs I’ve seen. Great job! I’m learning so much just looking at these images. Thank you for sharing
  10. BaalTheBuilder

    Barracuda Bay how popular is this set?

    Hi! First time caller to this forum, found something looking up Black Friday USA deals worth sharing with this group...TLDR: if you are in the US at least, and thinking about getting barracuda bay during tomorrow’s VIP weekend, consider waiting until Black Friday. Two days ago, I google searched LEGO Black Friday deals and found a search results page of tagged items for “Black Friday” on LEGO’s USA site which included the Disney train station. Next day I did the same thing, train station was gone and barracuda bay was there. Today, I did the same thing, and the search took me directly to Lego’s USA Black Friday webpage. This makes me feel pretty sure I found the Black Friday content tags as some marketing person was putting them into the website but before they shielded them. And if Black Friday is usually 20% off, that’s more than the effective 10% of a double VIP offer. Please trust one person on the internet’s memory and speculation as much as you reasonably should, but I think I’m waiting for a sale on Black Friday before springing for barracuda bay this weekend in the US. cheers
  11. BaalTheBuilder

    Harry Potter 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    Fun to see these releases and I hope everyone enjoys them if they get them! Some very nice stickers (even though they are just stickers), printed pieces, and I love a lot of the furniture builds! I’m working on a moc “Hogwarts College” using pieces from HP sets. I was really excited to see if the combo of the pieces and minis would be enough to justify buying each for the price and getting some VIP points but...for me, there isn’t enough value. For now, I’m going see about finding the furniture and printed pieces I want on bricklink after release. I was also really excited about using one or two of the big book cover plates as floor pieces for my moc college because they look like they could pass for nicely-designed tile/stone flooring, but the curbed attachments made that less feasible. I completely understand why that piece was built the way it was, but a missed opportunity for my purposes at least for making a piece more interoperable.
  12. BaalTheBuilder

    LEGO Star Wars 2020 Set Discussion - READ FIRST POST!!!

    Just received my Razor Crest here in the US Midwest and it has the “Razor Crest” name on the box! So excited for that. Leaked picture looks nice, lots of salt required indeed, wish I knew more about the universe to recognize anything in the foreground beyond that there is an Ithorian
  13. BaalTheBuilder

    Harry Potter 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    Breaking Bad fans now have a pretty good Walter White head for custom minis if you imagine Florean Fortescue’s head without the hairpiece
  14. BaalTheBuilder

    Harry Potter 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    Won’t be able to purchase this day one, if it sells out quickly, am I wrong to assume there’s a good chance it comes back into stock by the holiday season?
  15. BaalTheBuilder

    Harry Potter 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    Long-time lurker, first-time caller, loved my HP legos as a kid and recently got back into it. I don’t know if anyone has answered the question of where the Sirius poster stickers go. It looks from pictures like there is a crate with newspapers or flyers, or both, inside the DP entryway - maybe that’s where those stickers wind up? I’m with the others who are wondering why we did not get an Arthur with that magnificent hat! Seems like just swapping in his hilariously dressed character with Molly would have added a lot to the mini lineup in my eye (I’m overall just surprised we don’t get 1 or 2 more, but love I do those quidditch torsos!). Plus, at the risk of sounding too needy, now they got two swings at a home run Molly fig in one year and kind of missed on both. Great energy from this community during a crazy time, let’s enjoy this time!