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  1. Greetings! New here and I hope I'm not breaking any rules, I did read over the guidelines and FAQ. Fairly new to Lego, Fathers day gift of 2019 got me into it and have been collecting a few Batman/Batmobile related things. I purchased the display case/stand From Wicked Brick for the 1989 (76139) and smaller 40433 https://www.wickedbrick.com/products/dual-display-case-for-lego-dc-batmobile-76139-and-batmobile-40433?variant=31464464711727 As well as the case/stand for the Tumbler (76023) https://www.wickedbrick.com/products/copy-of-display-stand-for-lego-dc-the-tumbler-76023?variant=31949921386543 I'm looking for a case/stand for the Batmobile UCS (7784) and the smaller inspired version (76119), similar to the case for the 1989's I posted above. Is anyone familiar enough with Wicked Brick products to know whether the 1989 case will work for this as well? Perhaps with a different set of the Vario display stands they offer? I did e-mail them and ask if they would consider making a case for this or if a custom one could be made but looks like no dice there.