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  1. MTM

    Lego 10277 - Crocodile Locomotive

    Hi I'm not sure, what information is more interesting for me: the new set 10277 or these old pictrures of prototype sets. Is there a thread with more informations about the prototypes? MTM
  2. Dear LEGO® railroaders, dear LEGO enthusiasts, dear model railroaders, We are LEGO train fans from Leipzig, Germany. From august 13th to 26th 2020 the BAUSPIELBAHN-TREFFEN (train meeting for LEGO fans) will take place for the second time in the "Old Tram Shed Schkeuditz": You can find a review of the first BSBT in June 2019 here (only in german, but with many pictures) ( here and here (video by bananenbuurman). Like in the previous year, the focus of the event is at the large collaborated train layout we want to build together with your modules and models. We want to build a railway line across the old tram depot in Schkeuditz. For the second time, we will creating a large railway landscape with a double-track high-speed route and some side tracks on over 600 square meters of hall space. If you want to be there this year, you have to register yourself ans your models until may 31th 2020 by send us a mail (see bottom of this article). Some hasty interested guys have already submitted their advance registration to us; we wil send you the planning sheets for the BSBT20 in a while. We absolutely need photos and informations of your models in order to plan the layout. example for "landscape with rails" by Pelle We are looking for: LEGO train and railroad fans who want to be part of a large collaboration train layout with your railway landscape model (free route, industry, level crossing, tunnel, bridge, train station or anything else). For this you should have built a MOC with a railway connection, ideally embedded in a landscape. This can be detailed as best, but it doesn't have to be. What should you ever get: For such a large system, we always need tracks and switches, whether 9V- or Power Functions, third party manufacturers or even self-made. Transformers (we need a lot of power feeds, maybe we uses block operations again...) If you want to bring a train model, please bring at least as many tracj as the model needs (standing model) or more (driving model) Extension cables (sockets are available, but only in the walls, not in the floor or in the middle of the train shed. And finally: We don't want to have more empty tracks as nessessary between all the great models. That's why we will be happy about everyone who wants to bring along an additional part of "landscape with rails" - whether straight route, curves, switches or similiar - using as railroad between stations and other models. In last year, we hat a six train stations and some other stuff, but only a few tracks with landscape to connect them :D It doesn't matter... ... whether you build in a system (MILS, LEN, ... ) - or not. ... whether you use LEGO or third-party or DIY rails. ... how long your landscape is (everything from a half up to many meters can be planned. ... whether your locomotives run with 9V, PowerFunctions / Powered Up or SBrick or Buwizz or something else. ...if yor models need or have a certein curve radius - just let us know. Whenever possible, we strive to take all factors into account. However, the entire system cannot be planned until all participants have registered. Therefore, please note the registration deadline until may 5th 2020! For registration, please send us a mail: The following is currently planned: Thursday, August 13th, 2020: Building day Friday, August 14th, 2020: Driving day without visitors. Testing some play features (shunting, train cards, or something else) Saturday, August 15th 2020: Visitors day I, Exhibition from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m., maybe AFOL evening Sunday, Autust 16th 2020: Visitors day II / exhibitions from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. - dismantling Like 2019 this year it's also possible to sleep in your tent or camper on the site of the tram shedule. We can also assist you in choosing a pension or hotel. We're looking forward to a wonderful railway experience.
  3. Hi train fans, I want to show you our planning for our next train fan weekend, called BAUSPIELBAHN-TREFFEN ( in Schkeuditz, next to Leipzig, Germany ). Here you can take a look to our review of our last BAUSPIELBAHN-TREFFEN in june 2019 (it's available only in german, but the pictures will show a lot, I guess) or there there are two videos from banenenbuurman about our event on youtube: first: second: Next year we want to do this a second time: The main goal is also to organize a huge collaboration train layout. So we aks for some interested people, if they want to join. There also will be a place for standalone train layouts. To build the collaborative train layout we search interested LEGO train fans, who want to join us. If you... ... want to meet other lego train fans ... have a modular piece of landscape (with train tracks of course) ... have some nice (realistic) rolling stock or buildings suitable for trains ... come around and write us a mail to when you're interested in. The place for our event is an old tram shed in Schkeuditz - it's next to the Leipzig airport and it’s easily accessible via the Autobahn A9 and A14. If you want, there's possible to come with a camping trailer oder with your tent - or we can show you some nice guesthouses. It's not important, if you built in a system (like MILS or other) or not, if you have tracks with or without metal, how large your landscape is. We need a lot of diffentent landscape-parts and buildings and other stuff. After registration of all interested persons we will plan an nice and functional train layout. It will also be a networking area for train fans. See you next year? Michael / MTM
  4. Dear LEGO® Train Fans, (You can found a german translation here.) We’re planning a new event for lego train fans, who want to be different then other lego train exhibitions and so we're proud to present the “Bauspielbahn 2019” in Schkeuditz, a town next to Leipzig, Germany. Schkeuditz is next to the Leipzig airport and it’s easily accessible via the Autobahn A9 and A14. "We" - these are a handful of lego train fans from leipzig. In last five years we were part of a lot of lego and model train exhibitions all over germany. But now it's time to cook our own soup and we want to make some different like other train shows. the 'Bauspielbahn 2019' will take place from 14th to 16th June and is primarily intended as a event for LEGO railway fans to get to know each other, assemble a huge common layout and to play together. The exhibition will be open for the public on 15th and 16th . Welcome is the entire range from 4.5V to the new Powered up, from the more classical station to the shrill fantasy landscape. As a single model or contribution to the common layout. For the joint layout, the assembly is planned for Thursday (13th), single layouts/mocs can be build up on Thu or Fri. Over the days, we’ll do sightseeing, have barbecue in the evening (depending on the weather) and introduce every tourist trap in Leipzig to you. You can camp on the enclosed grounds or park a caravan there (toilet on the premises available, shower unfortunately not); Hotels in different price categories are available in Schkeuditz, we are happy to help you with addresses. Please don’t hesitate to ask questions, should any occur. Invitation to a Train Enthusiasts Weekend From 14.06. to 16.06.2019 Goal We would like to use the weekend to assemble a common train layout, with LEGO fans from everywhere contributing their modules. Anyone can take part, as long as the segments meet the requirements listed below. A prior registration is necessary to enable us to plan the layout of the railway. Any kind of modules with e.g. train stations, connection tracks or just regular tracks, landscapes etc are welcome. (Maybe you know the modelrailroad - Meetings like FREMO - or others.) pictures are from our lastest exhibitions. but the layout of the get-together-weekend / Bauspielbahn 2019" will look some different, of course. Location We have gained the opportunity to use the Historic Tram Depot Schkeuditz as fitting venue to assemble our modules. It’s not just its history that makes the old depot a fitting location, but also its size. The available hall area is about 1000 m2 and well lit by skylights. Exhibition The event will be open to the public during the weekend. Aside from spectating the traffic on the main installation, visitors will also be able to see single exhibits with models or segments that couldn’t be integrated. Common layout We will be contributing multiple segments to combine with yours for a large installation with diverse train routes. Modules that fit our specifications would be appreciated, but are not necessary. The detailed methods of construction and basic requirements will be published during the next few weeks. However, segments with differing designs can still be utilized. The main routes of the common layout will consist of 9V tracks, operated with the classic speed regulators. Multiple electrically separated routes are planned, to allow for power supply for the individual modules and to enable the simultaneous operation of multiple trains. Non-electrified tracks can, depending on the available amount, be used for connection tracks or individual routes. The same applies to 12V tracks. Differing types of tracks could also be connected via train stations. Every module of the collaborative layout will require at least one track with possible connections to other modules, ideally on multiple sides. Exceptions are welcome, but need to be agreed upon on an individual basis. However, the final layout can only be determined after all participants have registered. Individual modules and installations. Any model related to trains is welcome and can be displayed on additional tables. Registration Participants can register with their name and a short model/modular description until Sunday, 31.03.2019 at We reserve the right of admission. To allow for the best possible planning we require specific information from you. After initial registration we will send you a form for the specifics of your modules. Please fill it with all the information about your contributions and send it back to us. I hope we will see us in June. Michael / MTM
  5. MTM

    2018 Lego Trains

    @Stefaneris: The german train you showed is different - more like set 4551 - the front engines (lower part) is on an extra bogie - so the train has two hinges in front and after train cabin. The shorter version is E17, but looks different to the new lego train engine: source: https :// I think, it's nearly a british one. But first image I like more, espeacially in dark turquiose - normal green is boring.
  6. MTM

    Why don't give it a try?

    I'm in agree with eric87 - of course, it's a pitty when you forgot to buy the emerald niight train. But I would more like to see another train, maybe a steam train, maybe another one. but only because some people miss an older product all fans have to see to reanimated it - that's boring. MTM
  7. Hi. I'm not sure, but in 1950s are semi-trailer trucks common to transport gas and oil? I seem, tank trucks in the 50s were 2- or 3- or 4-axle Trucks with a 2-axle trailer.
  8. Dear Max, i think, I understand, what you mean. But I tried this - a little bit different - see it at next picture. You're right, it looks better. To put the door a little bit inside is more difficult, because this part (showed in red) is important to stabilized the hole side wall. MTM
  9. Thanks for your comments. @Max: That's right, normally in 2wide doors, you can build these details. But in dark blue it's a little bit more difficult. Because theren't a lot of snot parts in dark blue, especially brick 1x1 with stud at one side. That's missing and so it's very hard to put the window in the middle and the door a little bit inside. MTM
  10. Kleinplasitzsch - today, you can see passenger cars of the czech railroad in the first time into my small village, called Kleinplasitzsch. Kleinplasitzch has also a polish name called Małe rzeźby because you can find it in a triangle between czech, poland and germany. Today I will show you my first ready passenger train cars in 7wide. Both wagons are 43n long. The first wagon is a B-wagon, because there's only class 2-seats into it. Second wagon ist an AB-Wagon with class 1 and class 2-seats (class 2 is dark green and class 1 is dark red. At the next picture you can see the first version of this wagon, it was 1n longer then the finish product, you can see it next to the right window. the bogies aren't only my idea. Some weeks ago I bought the lego train book from homa and so I found the bogies. But I changed it, because my stairs now war 7wide, not only 6wide. the interior are small rooms with dark green or dark red seats. Under the chassis you can find some very important things for a wagon, but, sorry, I can't explain, what it is. Only this part you need to create a pressure for breaks. the train engine for this train is my T754 - I showed it somes years ago. But because I have drive a lot around the tracks, and because I stored the engine not really good, a lot of parts are broken. I need this parts to fix all the parts, which look in different directions at the train engine. technical facts: lenght: 43n (one wagon) wide: 7n windows: 16 per waggon some rare parts or difficult to buy: 24 blue train windows 44 slope curved 2x4 for one wagon 25 brick modiefied 1x4 for one wagon The color of the wagons (blue, dark blue, white) is the original color of the passenger cars of czech train cars today. The wagons have a weight about nearly 400g, but the train engine can use both of them very easily, also in track switches and curved train tracks. If you want to say something - do it. I like compliments and critc. MTM
  11. MTM

    Is the 4561 a good set to start on LEGO Trains?

    I would say, set 4561 is megablocks. I mean, it's nearly the worst set in 9V. I think, 4559 is very similar, but better than 4561. 4561 has a very short one-way-train engine and two very long wagons. The shape of these doesn't look good. When you start with 9V, try to buy set 4564 or 4563 or 4512. With this sets you can add passenger or good wagons, you can put the lokomotive at the other side of the train - and you could runs back. Or, the best ideo, I found: Set 4551 and some wagons. MTM
  12. MTM

    [MOC] scrapyard in autumn

    Dear zephyr, @tankcar / gondola: That's right. Normally. A tankcar isn't any help at this place. But in the originally text at and in my own blog was wrote (in german): This tankcar waits for his scrapping. But here I forgot this part. Because that there's a tankcar. In the first pictures you can see a short open wagon. I'm happy, that you see the details. I like the washing maschine too. This idea is many years old, but there was no place to show it before the scrapyard. MTM
  13. Hi guys and girls. Here I will show you a diorama built in autumn 2014: a scrapyard. User Taz35 asked me in the thread of my "level crossing - 33 degrees", if I could show my other modules. So I will do this. But this place isn't built in my modular train standard, call LEN, because it was designed months before the standard grow up. In model train communities there is the opinion, that railroads shouldn't drive exaktly parallel to the table edge. So I decide to build a diagonally train track and so the whole place developed also diagonally. In the pick-a-brick wall in lego store leipzig I found a lot of wedge plates. So the idea to build this was born: The scrapyard is designed so, that all side are front sides. There's no back. So observers can take a look at all side into the yard. At the first side, you can see a sidewalk and the huge metal fence (it's in old dark gray). Also you can see a little family with a dog. (and this dog made a doggy do :). At the second side you can see a wall and a lot of plants. Also you can see the sign of the german forum There I showed this scrapyard in octobre last year and it gaves me the third place of best mocs in this month. At the third side you can see old tires and containers with a lot of scrap, mostly bionicle and other things inmetallic colors . Also you can see at the left side the biggest tree at this diorama and the huge crane. It's the first version of it and nearly closed to the crane in set 6541, but this one is a little bigger. And at the last side you can see the little bureau and the entrance for cars and buyers. There are a lot of details you can found, like the scrap collectors and the scathing watchdog. But I think, it's better, if I show you some pictures without any comments: A very important part is the track-ending sign (called "Schutzhaltesignal sh_2" in german) at the gate. It's really a original lego part, but it's very very rarely. It's included in set 4306 produced in 1980. Normally it's a part of human girls rings and certainly the most uninteressting part in this set. Today you can't buy it at bricklink. I don't know, why it is so rarely. I hope you're enjoyed about this weird moc. MTM
  14. MTM

    level crossing - 33 degrees

    Hi. Thanks of all. I'm very proud to read all this nice comments. @fred67: Of course, the trees are too simple, but part-builded trees are very complex for me and they're mostly very unstable. So I decide to use the good old firs and apple trees. I like they. @Taz35: There aren't pictures of the other modules. The problem is, I have not enough space to take a photo into my flat. But I will show them in another threads, when I got some pictures. Today I could show you the "scrapyard in autumn". MTM