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  1. No, it goes to 359 and then you have to go back.
  2. Thanks. Congrats for this site BTW. Very inspirational and addictive once you start browsing it...
  3. I know, but as a kid I had to save every cent to buy small parts packs in the toy store and now I can just order what I want and it gets delivered the next day. Leaving money you earned on a savings account doesn't do you much good these days. Better to invest in something that gives you pleasure and keeps at least it's original value, even if you open the boxes and build the models. Which in the end is the purpose of it IMO. Regarding the Bugatti: it's not bad as parts bin. I even used the (now much discussed) orange gear wheel in my Dragline in a clutch mechanism for the winch drums.
  4. My journey into creating a Lego room is the opposite of what's been shown so far. I started out with remodelling the top floor of the house into a nice hobby room. Only problem: I didn't have a hobby for it (yet). Till around the age of 10, we (brother and I) had Lego and dad built along with us. Just the other day I was watching a video of BrickTsar opening a 45 yr. old Lego set of a truck. When he pulled the parts out of the box and showed them I went back in time. I could remember having had these sets and recognised the ancient parts, a strange experience. Anyway, one day I saw a motorised set of FisherTechnik in the toy store and convinced my parents I would like to go for that, it was much more technical than the Lego I knew in those days (early 70's). We sold our Lego (huge mistake in hindsight) and bought FT. I spent all my pocket money on FT (which was expensive), joined the FT club and built all sorts of motorised trucks, cranes and construction vehicles. FT was more about MOC-ing as it didn't have model sets, just parts sets with instruction booklets for relatively simple models. When I got older I switched to scale modelling, mostly 1:25 US trucks. The FT suddenly looked very stupid for scale modelling so it was stowed away. The last scale model I made at around the age of 20 was the 1:8 Pocher Volvo F12. I sold it a couple of months ago for a decent amount of money. I've had it in a large glass display for more than 30 yrs! Well, the FT was sold a long time ago in the early days of online trading, along with all my other kids toys. I only have a couple of special (to me) scale models left that are now around 40 yrs. old. The last few decades I was into computers, starting in the era of the C64 up to the iMac. The one I'm typing this on is from 2010 and still going strong. But now I've had it with computers as a hobby and wanted something to do where I could physically build something with my hands, just as when I was a kid. Right at about the time I finished my hobby room, Lego introduced the Bugatti and I decided to start with Lego Technic. So I build the Bugatti 100% according to the manual. Nice kit to have but you can only display it, it's useless otherwise so I recycled it. My heart lies with construction vehicles and trucks so 42082 Big Red was next. During that build I already started improving on it and realised MOC-ing is much nicer. I did build and RC-ed the Arocs, finished the tractor of the Mack Anthem, just as the 42100 Liebherr (which I really liked). Now I've gone all out on buying Star Wars, DC Batman and various other stuff for investment. Total parts count is over 62K now and counting. Most boxes stay sealed as I keep fiddling with the Technic sets. BTW, the crane you seen on the right is my first 100% MOC, a Liebherr HS 895 Dragline/Crane in 1:30 scale, full BT controlled with all the 42100 motors.
  5. I understand your reasons. I didn't have enough PF stuff and I'm not gonna invest in any more since it's been discontinued by Lego. BUT I had the Liebherr. That thing gave me all I needed to power everyting in the future. And I thought it would be a challenge to do something I hadn't seen being done somewhere else, and I succeeded.
  6. imgur album of the 42082 Control+ Maybe this can get you started, just let me know if I waste my time or not...
  7. I started deconstructing my crane (thanks!) to show how it's done. The mid section is modded, the outer parts are standard. Here you see the 2 XL's and the 1st hub. On the right in the back you see a glimps of the steering L. The XL in the middle, the gears and axles drive the outriggers. The small white wheel is the hub switch. Here is a side view with the hub detached Top view of the L steering motor, top red axle is the returning steering axle. I lost the light gray frame on this side to make room for the motor so had to make more adjustments here for the stiffness. Size of the model is exactly like the original, not longer or wider and the V8 still functions. I realize to really start building you need to see how the XL drive motor is connected. This mid section was the hardest part and somebody better uses this info as I now will have to completely destroy it. But not tonight anymore.
  8. Thanks! I used all 7 motors of 42100: XL drive, L steer, XL outriggers, XL raise boom, L extend boom, L rotate, L winch. Knock yourself out with another motor in the base. No digital model, I started with LEGO to use my hands again instead of staring at a screen. Played with Studio a bit but it would take me even more time than the actual build. It's so much nicer to build with real bricks.
  9. I have no idea, my Volvo is still in it's sealed box but Google is your friend here I guess... This motor is not really 'new' apparently, just in new colors and branded as C+. Steering the 42082 with a regular motor and the joystick of a game controller works perfectly also.
  10. OK, OK, I’ll see what I can do.? True, but this one is used as servo in the Volvo Hauler.
  11. All the C+ components are slightly bigger, sometimes you have that extra space but usually not. The CB version uses a servo for steering that I didn't have in C+. (Now I do by owning the 42114 but that's completely different). I do find the C+ components to be easier to work with because of the square design. Furthermore, the 42100 has 3 XL motors that I had to put somewhere. The CB version only has an XL for driving. The rest is L. Also, the CB version cannot rotate freely as it has 1 battery box in the upper structure and a cable that goes through the gear disk down to 1 of the 2 SBricks in the undercarrriage. I only had one and didn't feel like buying a 2nd SBrick as this tech is obsolete for LEGO now. All in all my version is superior to the CB version (I think), it's the future in LEGO motorisation BUT you do need a game controller. Costs about as much as an SBrick but it works so much better than the LEGO app which I probably will not bother with again.
  12. Every Win or Mac has native support for ZIP files. I have never used imgur but I guess it means I have to link every photo in my replies after uploading them? Sorry, don't know yet. Depends what the others think. Is it really inconvenient? The other day I passed an 8x8 crane with large wheels on the motorway. Immediately gave me the idea of buying a 2nd 42082 and combine them into something similar. This one doesn't look like the real thing by far but it's impressive nonetheless. Better be quick before the 42082 get's more expensive. It's still the cheapest PPP model I have.
  13. OK, here are some quick shots I made the last time I took it apart for the last mods. It's an odrive link to a ZIP file and it shows the final version. Not far enough to duplicate I'm afraid but I'll try to update the link with more photos. Photos Basically I bought the instructions from the RC version on CustomBricks to give me an idea to start with. I thought I'd just replace the legacy motors with the new ones and solve the problems of them being bigger. That didn't work at all and I ended up using only their solution for driving the crane with an perpendicular placed XL motor and 2 yellow 4-tooth gears that I took from my Bugatti. (That was the 1st set I build last year but it's just a waste of space and parts) As you will see this XL motor is placed in the middle of the chassis. Across it on the other side is the 1st hub, battery facing outward. Placed also dead in the middle, as high as possible. The connection flanges are inside the lower large tooth ring. The edges of the flanges go between 2 teeth, I was amazed this fitted! Visually I changed the mid ladders to keep 2 boxes for the toolsets, albeit only useable on the XL motor side. But I'm currently thinking of trying to change them back into something that looks like the original but losing 1 useable box. I also changed the crane door opening to match the position of the ladders. Anyway, for now I'll end by saying there's another XL motor for the outriggers and an L for steering. In the upper structure the 3rd XL is for raising the boom and 3 L's for rotating, extending and the winch. So the distribution of the electronics is also a copy of the 42100. Questions? Just let me know.
  14. Hi, first post for me on this forum and a beginner in Lego. I managed to put ALL of the electronics of the 42100 Liebherr in the 42082 as my first semi-MOC. With Brickcontroller2 and a gamepad it is now fully RC. Had to make a few visual compromises but I stayed as close to the original as possible. I think it looks great and it works flawlessly. Best thing: you can't see any of the Control+ stuff and the hubs can be switched on easily with a few knobs like in the 42114 Volvo Hauler. Let me now if anybody is interested in some photos to get an idea to get started yourselves. I just finished it yesterday and have no plans on taking it apart completely just yet but I'm happy to help.