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  1. Sunil766

    LEGO Trains 2022

    Thanks that makes sense so far - except what's the point in the "coach wheelset"? A differential function can't be it, since maneuverability is not an issue with the 2x9V axles and the standard wheelbase. PS: I now understand that the second pair of wheels does NOT utilise axle_2 from the PU motor and the motor itself must be kept in place differently. Not being able to imagine the underbody of this tram I'd need to see a picture though - to understand why you wouldn't be able to keep the second pair of wheels and have a third one from the 9v motor in between...
  2. Sunil766

    LEGO Trains 2022

    Why doesn't 9v work on the cable car when it relies on a PU motor with the same form factor?
  3. Sunil766

    [Mod] of 31120

    Apologies if this is too much off topic - but I didn't want to bump the 1-year-old review of 31120. I have finally built the alternate tower build. I think it's awesome, however there's so many dark and light grey pieces left over. On one hand sad they weren't used, on the other hand I am really looking forward to building at least one more level into the tower - isn't that the purpose of lego? ;-) My question: I couldn't find the black window grids (not the frame, the inner part) for the uppermost level. And they don't seem to be in the main castle build. Have I missed something? Thanks!
  4. Sunil766

    LEGO Trains 2022

    As someone who didn't grow up with Thomas the tank engine this would be, if realized, yet another big missed opportunity for a good train set (for me). I just want to have something like the maersk train or another worthy successor of the Croc... Asking too much I guess.
  5. Sunil766

    [MOC] Streamliner

    All of these look absolutely stunning and I wish they were made as a set.
  6. Sunil766

    LEGO Trains 2022

    Agree with all you guys said, as a non-MOCer I am just disappointed that I wouldn't be able to use it on a layout. Shame. But hey... Maybe there's a Croc successor next year? Almost an insult having a track piece / stand to make it look like it's "in line" with the other 18+ collectors train but oops, it isn't.
  7. Sunil766

    [MOC]Highspeed bullettrain

    Agree, however I feel the loco would work well with a second full bogie too! :-)
  8. First of all welcome back, secondly this works flawlessly. How the engine is driven doesn't make a difference to the wagons. Track sizes haven't changed ever and hopefully never will, magnets became enclosed but functionality stayed the same (well... With the "case" around them you can enforce the connection by a 1x2 plate). 10170 TTX... Wish I had them too!
  9. Sunil766

    [MOC]Highspeed bullettrain

    This is really really cool! As a non-pro... This only works in 8w I guess?
  10. Sunil766

    Running 60337 on 9V+ (with FX R88)

    Absolutely. Even with the R72s. 1) Even when using 2 motors. 2) Even when using two motors with two controllers in parallel - shouldn't make much a difference in theory but I noticed quite some difference, also to be noted in my other video around time 00:18. I know some of his videos (mainly the large 9v setups with a bit of automation) and love them. The crashing however... Hurts my feelings ;-) but it's entertaining. I wouldn't crash often on purpose just for the sake of different angles though and most of my 9v trains are dear to me, at least until I can pass 'em on. Uhm, you're right. One was removed and in the other loco was my rechargeable PF box. So... Room for improvement. :-) Thanks all for your feedback. Main reason I shoot these videos (and so there's another, additional sense and gratification in building layouts)
  11. Sunil766

    Cleaning 12v track - PandaCity of Bricks

    I love it! Simple and effective. As you said, this way its even fun and you can easily reach all the spots. Nothing better than properly maintaining stuff so that it works beautifully for as long as possible. As a 9V rep I thought about doing something similar but feel like to properly keep the rails shiny you'd need much more pressure - the way I'd rub them with a cloth and Kirschwasser would probably translate to thousands of "drive-by"s with a heavy train propelled by a lot of motors.
  12. Folks, as a quick sunday afternoon layout I tried to see how fast I can run the new 60337. Or any new train if you will, but I used this one. With the help of this topic to set up the transformers in series, I built an oval with FX Tracks' R88 curves. The outside edge is elevated by a full brick; 1 brick per track element (actually at the connecting point for additional stability, as it previously teared apart two pieces, leading to a catastrophic derailing ), with 2 straight pieces providing a ramp up/down with 1 and 2 plates respectively) and I used switches to address the loop's movement due to the inerta - with limited success, as you can see. I didn't do any fancy comparison to "just" 9V or "just" 1 motor and I didn't keep track of how much voltage I applied for which take - so feel free to just enjoy the train running fast (or feel free to calculate the real and lego-scale speed: The straights were 22 track pieces each รก 16 studs) If I looked correctly, the speed regulators have 6 distinct steps, considering 1 step equals 1.5V, this would mean that overall at 13.5V ([full speed] + [setting 3]) things started to get tense or to lead to crashes. Let's say it wasn't sustainable anymore at that point. Let me know what you think and enjoy! (PS: Youtube is still processing HD. Should be 1080p60)
  13. Would you mind elaborating. I get the advantage of having two ports on the motor, but bridging vs non-bridging? (I thought they both always pass through whatever power is provided from the track, or in case power is provided from, it doesn't make a difference to jump/separate) What's the use case?
  14. I have washed them in warm soapy water, brushed them off, and rinsed with cold water. Then put them on a towel. Used a second towel on top to roughly dry. Then "blew out" to get the deeper sitting water. Then used a hair dryer from safe distance (to avoid the heat) and shake again. Then let dry for a full day or longer. They're all fine since 2 years.
  15. Sunil766

    PandaCity of Bricks

    Amazing! More videos with more running trains please!