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  1. Sunil766

    Building the A4 Recordbreaker train (8 wide)

    Supported! Man how much I wish lego would go back to creator expert to more appropriately have logical series. Their icons series is just a big mash of "one set here, one set there, oh another license over there too" and the perceived inflation of large and/or licensed sets is really driving down my interest. Haven't even built the OE, just 1.5 years ago I'd have devoured a new adult train from lego. Great work!!
  2. Sunil766

    Lego Powered Up Pocket Book

    Great work, kudos! Once fxbricks has published the power pick ups I'll carefully open the pup door. Best
  3. Sunil766

    10219 Maersk Train in alternate colors guide

    This is great, the maersk and EN are the only ones I dearly miss in my collection. But their 2nd hand prices are beyond reason. This could be a serious alternative for me. Seeing the picture you shared, the medium azure comes very close to the maersk blue doesn't it? Can you provide a rough estimate what 1 locomotive (in let's say medium azure) and 3 wagons would cost? Many thanks for sharing this great project.
  4. Sunil766

    Green flashing light 4559

    All of the above should already help a lot in troubleshooting, I just wanted to add that you can also put a 9v light (as used in train sets like 4565) directly on top of the controller. This also rules out the possibility to have a bad cable (!) and or motor when plugging in the motor directly. Cheers and good luck
  5. Wait 4x9v motors pull all this? I thought this thing would have many more motors. Great layout and incredible train, thanks for sharing! Is that... Table football AND a pool table in the living room? Hell yeah! Can you share what kind of camera car you use? (admittedly I didn't watch all 30 minutes of the video) Thanks
  6. Sunil766

    What is the best Lego train control system?

    @BatteryPoweredBricks Finally watched the video. Just wanted to say that I love it! Great style, dry humor and very informative. One can tell that a decent amount of work went into its making. Keep up the amazing work. Agree with you that 9v is hands down absolutely no doubt the best system objectively for EVERYONE no questions asked.
  7. Sunil766

    LEGO #21344 - Orient Express

    Shall we make a poll? For me this is a hard pass and major disappointment if it's 8w. I think it needs to work with the lego system and not be inconsistent (hogwarts express, and yes I see how this is debatable). 8w and above I assume (!) is preferred by people, afols, who want to run it on a larger layout with other 8w (= non lego) trains. For this use case you can easily take one of the many beautiful moc steamers. I as a non-moc standard lego person want to use a train together with other lego trains. The Croc was and is beautiful. Grown up display model but also works on lego track without looking ridiculously out of place next to the other creator experts, metroliners, Santa fes and whatnot. Looking forward to this orient express and actually carefully optimistic since lately lego has shown that they can make amazing sets - after what felt like a long period of either weird sets (the bust) or just super expensive monstrosities. (again, yes this is a very subjective perception) Happy evening!
  8. Hi, "First of all let me say I'm a big fan" - only knew you from YouTube and think you're one of the best out there and doing amazing work. I went down the santa fe rabbit hole year or two ago and from what I could find out, people tried to "moc" the santa fe in LBG themselves to get around the ludicrous prices. I've not heard about it coming in LBG originally. Maybe some of the forum cracks have more solid or first hand experience (santa fe fell into my dark ages) but I'm afraid you've been ripped off. The doors would be a strong indicator for me and if I recall correctly the 10027 shed didn't have any parts that were unavailable in LBG and therefore would have had to mix the both. Don't beat yourself up, I had a similar case where one of the santa fe cars I bought was glued. Considering the prices of approx. 250€ per car (!) I eventually settled for the loco and three wagons. Best Linus
  9. Sunil766

    PandaCity of Bricks

    Amazing. This is just very pleasant to look at. Congrats on the great layout.
  10. Sunil766

    Brickrail - LEGO PoweredUp Train automation

    I feel like this is a big thing for the PU train community and should get a lot of credit for it's ingenuity. It seems you have put a lot of work into it for a "hobby"-only project. I haven't tried this myself, as I am not willing to buy so many batteries for the hubs (I'm 9v), but if I understand this correctly, the beauty of the solution lies in the fact that you can more easily automate different (as in casual or "pop-up") layouts. A train room or permanent track layout only needs to be automated once. Great work!
  11. Sunil766

    RAIL CRANE (video)

    Very impressive and well-made video! Loved the story telling and suspense before the accident.
  12. Sunil766

    Running 60337 on 9V+ (with FX R88)

    Isn't there a video of him saying he wouldn't do it again? I mean be my guest to try it, I just know I'd be happier with the proper tracks. I rediscovered the 20y old tracks in my mom's basement and was more than happy that they could be refurbished to a near new state. That durability is something I appreciate and happily spend some bucks on. Your list of components is correct though. Best
  13. Sunil766

    Running 60337 on 9V+ (with FX R88)

    Oh boy, welcome to the 9v world! First off, you have two ways of achieving your goal: 1) power functions with rechargeable battery box. I have 1 of those and they're quite expensive, but have a great power delivery (basically constant output power until empty). Advantage: you don't need metal tracks. But if I read a few comments correctly, power functions equipment starts getting more expensive now that they're discontinued. Oh, and you always need quite some space in your loco for the battery box and the infrared receiver. (since you're new to the game: the battery box and motor connect to the ir receiver, which you then control via remote) 2) 9v - old (however being revived these days thanks to fx bricks' effort), reliable, convenient. You need the metal track, a 9v motor (with those metal wheels), a power feeder cable, and a speed regulator. Which again needs a power supply to the wall.{"iconly":0} Look on the 2nd hand market for those pieces or get one of the cheaper 9v train sets that had those included e.g. 4559. The original track pieces (16 studs long) are pretty expensive though, mostly at or above 3€/piece, and you never know what life they had and in which condition they come. I do suggest directly getting into fx track as they're new, high quality and 32 studs long (fewer connection joints mean less resistance along the track and more juice for your train). When I got out of my dark ages and heavily into 9v trains 3 years ago, I researched like crazy for long gone alternative experiments to replace original metal track pieces until, and I couldn't believe it, fx track actually came out with their new track pieces. It's great, but unbelievable (and low probability?) to me that reviving this 30 year old system is viable at all. Anyway, lucky us! 9v provides endless hours of fun for very cheap and much much much less environmental footprint. I hope this is useful information for you. Feel free to ask any follow up questions! Best
  14. Thanks all for your comments. I am following up for the silent readers' benefit :-) It seems the quickest way to bulk buy on bricklink is to add all parts to your newly created wanted list, in the right qty and colour, and then click "buy all". Bricklink apparently sorts the stores by "highest number of unique lots" (meaning types of bricks) and it is on oneself to compare number of bricks per store, price per brick at each store (can vary greatly!), and required number of stores to match the whole wanted list, adding to the shipping&handling costs. This is a rather manual / "trial and error" task and certainly the trickiest part of the whole process IMHO. *** I found quite some more basic bricks in my portfolio but still had to order 80 unique lots from 3 shops + 1 ebay order. All in all I paid more than 120€ for the missing parts which is a mediocre deal in comparison to some 160€ used complete sets, but I had fun in the process and luckily the rare pieces are in amazing quality, especially since they're ~30 years old. Everything has been washed and I can't wait to build the set. Wishing you all the best of fun bricking on.
  15. I do know bricklink, but that doesn't mean I know the fastest and easiest way for a bulk comparison and order (cost) preview. However I will check all parts next weekend and then see how I can cleverly group the missing ones. This is more like the information I was looking for, if you can make a rough guesstimation...? (maybe even both ways - the parts I have vs the parts I need to fill up) Thanks both