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  1. Sunil766

    7760 - Blue Diesel Shunter 9V Mod

    I tried it myself over the weekend and while the metal did get cleaner, it's not shiny. However that might also be caused by extensive wear and tear. Looking at some of the parts, that train has been through a lot. Also, like my past experience, i ended up having elsterglanz debris all over the bogie will have to give it another wet wipe down, but find it hard to clean the area behind the wheel. Here are before, during and 2x after pictures.
  2. Sunil766

    9V Tracks - Cleaning & Protection

    Recently bought the metroliner with a bit of track and wanted to share with you the dirtiest 9v track that ever crossed my path. I Connected 6 straights, putting plates on the connection points, and then used an eraser to clean them. The metal gets quite hot from the friction, but properly clean. Afterwards, brushed them down in soapy warm water and then showered them off. Et voila, a set of like new 9v tracks :-) a few turned a bit yellow on top, I hope I didn't enable the corrosion booster with my watery procedure. Cheers!
  3. Sunil766

    7760 - Blue Diesel Shunter 9V Mod

    I tried elsterglanz once on a test track and ended up messing up the whole plastic track somehow, without having cleaned the metal part. Will try it with just a bit on a piece of cloth and then let me motor spin, thanks. For tracks, I will keep using an eraser - about to make a post on the 9v track clearing thread.
  4. Sunil766

    7760 - Blue Diesel Shunter 9V Mod

    Looks great! How did you get the metal wheels to shine this nicely?
  5. I'm a little triggered by the fact that there is not a single loop to have a train run continuously in such a large layout - apart from the 8 in the center. Other than that, yes, with the remote control functionality this must be much fun!
  6. I finally got myself to order my pack of s32, not because I desperately need it, but because this is exactly what I wanted when I came out of my dark ages 1 year go and really want to support /contribute. Stock seems to be depleted so congrats that you managed to sell everything in the preorder period! I'll certainly be in for the second batch. On that note, I hope that there will be sufficient demand to cover a second production batch, and that not all train heads have satisfied their urge for 9v track yet. Can't wait for the large radii and motors!!
  7. Have followed this endeavor since I joined the forum and am very happy that all this is happening. When coming out of my dark ages I could only read about past relics with ME models. Very glad that we are now presented an even better alternative. @michaelgaleyour video is amazingly professional and soothing to watch. Due to a lack of space I prefer building layouts for a short duration and prefer the 9v system for that. Was gonna order the large radius curves first thing in the morning but had to realize they are only available in June as opposed to the s32 in March - I must have misunderstood that unfortunately. I built up a collection of approx 140 straights so I'm good in that regard (for now). Anyway, ordering the curves as soon as they're available! Keep it up and I hope the best for you and this undertaking. Thanks for the comprehensive review as well, really got me looking forward to better looking trains in curves :-)
  8. Sunil766

    LEGO Trains 2021

    While I wish for more trains too, this video really startles me. They make it seem like they put a lot of "R&D" in this topic but... For what?! Kids for whom almost all trains since x years are made don't care at all about this single digit improvement over a looong test run period (I assume). Afols, who might care about slightly longer run times, might still not be happy with that new system and just don't have anything to use this with. Why doesn't lego first improve the train eco system before providing a half cooked solution to a problem that was barely existent? Makes me think they either largely plan to increase the number of future train sets or don't use their resources wisely at all. Besides I am still slightly confused by the fact that 60197 had metal axles when people were talking about "plastic wheelsets"?
  9. Sunil766

    Some dumb PU questions

    That's amazing, how do I do that? Just pressing all three buttons (remote + hub + hub) at the same time-ish? Must admit I won't try out since I am shocked by having to buy 15 AAA batteries just to play around before they're depleted to an unknown extent at the end of the session. I'll rather quickly attach 2x9v motors and off we go #keep9Valive :-)
  10. Sunil766

    Pictures from Torben Plagborg - 9V system

    Bottom left next to the yellow cars
  11. Sunil766

    90th Anniversary of the Lego Group / Fan Vote

    This is my thinking. Another chance to show that Trains are wanted (or not )
  12. Sunil766

    90th Anniversary of the Lego Group / Fan Vote

    Also voted for trains. (+pirates +adventurers) Even with castle being split into different categories I have low hopes as the first comments seem bionicle focused - something I've literally never played with and no connection to, except I consider it the least lego of all lego ;-)
  13. Sunil766

    LEGO Trains 2021

    Do you mean 4558? I thought this had already been republished with 10001? Just bought 4558 with 30 straights and two switches for 250EUR so from a very personal perspective I would prefer something else :-P I would rather see a new version of the santa fe - this is one I still don't have and its crazy expensive on the second hand market. Nevertheless I just hope the crocodile helped in showing the demand for advanced train models and to escape the spiral of justification not having them (bad/simple trains - low demand - no incentive for more trains). I think second hand prices for maersk, santa fe, metroliner, and the other creator expert trains say a lot. I was shocked when I saw TLG asks 160 CHF (180 USD) for the 60197 City train. No surprise to me that this is a high hurdle for most of the prospects. (I got mine for 80CHF and think that's far more reasonable.) I am at a point where I would literally buy anything (and everything) as long as it's a bit more sophisticated - like separate coaches etc (again - santa fe - what a time it must have been not being in the dark ages). On that note, I read the "my own train" line wasn't very well perceived. Is there a different reason than my thought "its nice, but not as nice as the other good trains"? IMO it's a good addition to a year 200x train ecosystem.
  14. Sunil766

    Some dumb PU questions

    Clever, I like it! Yes I am, but only with the crocodile. Don't know if it's due to the transmission, but the Croc never seemed to drastically lose speed in corners, even when pulling 5+ (standard) cars without the red traction bands. I know that I will want to step the game up with automation and track section control (maybe with (magnetic) proximity sensors) at some point. Just not sure which system to base this on: - use my existing 9v equipment (4 transformers, 110 straights, 5 or 6 pairs of switches) and be limited to "x loops = on/off" - upgrade to more PU equipment (so far only Croc and 2x60197) and be able to control trains individually. I assume the latter provides more flexibility in what can be achieved. Would be very helpful to see an overview of use cases incl. required Equipment... Might have to do some research in that direction first, YouTube is offering a lot in that regard.