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  1. Sunil766

    LEGO Trains 2021

    Did they use 9v style rails there? Conspiracy theory incoming...
  2. Sunil766

    My Own Lego World

    They way I think about it is the more weight applied on the car, the more wheel control is given back, compressing the rug that would otherwise lift the wheels up... I moved to Switzerland from DE, yes I saw your MOC, really professional and impressive. Seeing it and reading your posts I connected the dots that you must be from switzerland as well and thought about asking where you live to potentially see that lego project in person (if not too weird). However you seem to be a cosmopolitan as well ;-)
  3. Sunil766

    My Own Lego World

    Amazing, I wanted to build something similar (just because I think it's easier to have the rag driven over all rails than to manually scrub them) but thought it would be too difficult. Now that I think about it, a flatbed car from e.g. 4559 with a few coins to make it heavier and tension the rag would probably suffice! Then only the rail joints remain as tough-to-bulk-clean... If I had a permanent layout I'd consider building a dust-brush car with a PU-powered brush from the train wash 4553 to get debris off the rails and away from the 9v engines. Could be a nice endeavor into the technic world I have never stepped a foot in. Impressive city I must say, pleasure to watch!
  4. Good morning, thanks all for your replies and especially @michaelgale for the excellent explanation and demonstration of how much thought you put into those products. The way I described it may have sounded bigger of an issue than it is for me, it was rather an observation than a limitation in any way. Still can't wait for my r88 to arrive and for any further products to be released (thinking about motors/pick-ups). Best
  5. To be fair, that were around 13 to 14V... Regular 9V easily goes full speed through the curve - great fun. For any higher voltage, will try again with R88, but 18V would require something around r150 + elevated outside curves I guess. @Black Knightthanks for your recommendation. that's what I suspected. I build too casually to do any ballasting, also I want to pack everything up neatly afterwards.
  6. Even though my R88 track hasn't arrived yet, I built my first layout with the R72s I ordered to bridge the waiting time... as a casual lego trainhead I am happy to be able to build a layout every few months. I must say that is a great addition to the 9V line and is so much more fun than being limited to R40 curves. Quality is great, however they do seem quite tense and lift in the inside bend. If anyone has a solution (or workaround but I can't really put trackside buildings to an inner curve...) - sharing would be highly appreciated. The elevation on the inside bend can be seen in the following video I shot with snippets from saturday's action. (NB this is an unlisted video and I am just sharing as I'd equally like to see other casual 9V layouts) Edit: I did decide to put the vid public - share the love :-) (I initially wanted to avoid the impression of "promoting my channel" ... Then again this doesn't apply since I don't have anything to promote)
  7. Sunil766

    LEGO Trains Powered Up vs. Power Functions

    As someone who left to the dark ages during the 9v era and came back last year for PU (completely oversleeping PF) I found myself in a similar situation. I then bought the horizon express with a set of PF and later 60197 with PU. I must say that PU felt much sleaker, smoother and fresher. Automation is easier. More space and less hassle with cables. But only 2 ports is a shame of course. However even in my living room I seemingly had connection issues with PF and it felt like the HE wasn't really doing what I wanted it to do. Generally with all the battery waste (also I never really know how long and if it goes the fastest it can go - intransparency over charging level and effort to change batteries really puts new off) I am happy that I have my old 9v stuff. Why does it sound like the train is almost derailing? Didn't have time to watch the video completely yet but good to hear a proper moin again - greetings from Oldenburg
  8. Sunil766

    Lego 10277 - Crocodile Locomotive

    German blog has listed the crocodile as one of the d2c sets that go EOL end of this year. That's pretty soon. They also mentioned that it was (/is) highly sought after. Also, on that note, a Swiss retailer is having discounts on lego sets - 10277 was available for CHF 99 (normally its CHF125 because... Switzerland) and all 50 units sold too quickly for me to even notice the offer. Well. Gives me hope it sold well enough for future 18+/creator expert trains to be released.
  9. Thanks for raising my hopes, now I'm gonna check the mailbox every day. My jbs account still says "pre-order 01.08." though, which is still better than August 31 :-) Can't wait to run trains on r88
  10. Sunil766

    Santa Fe glued

    On that note... I am thinking about replacing a few of the stickers that started peeling off. Any experience with e.g. brick sticker shop?
  11. Sunil766

    Santa Fe glued

    Thanks both for your replies. shame. On the upside, shortly after my anger and disappointment filled post I realized that it's only one of the four wagons that's glued. The bogies and wheels are fine, however this is too much of a compromise for me, so I'll sell and either keep only three remaining wagons or buy another one. Then again, 3 cars look like a sufficiently decent train already and I could use that budget for the next aspiration: the maersk 10219 (or a second horizon express now that we will have wide radii curves soon, tough decision, happy to hear your thoughts ) Kind regards
  12. Sunil766

    Santa Fe glued

    Hi, rewarding myself for a few things justifying the price for used santa fe sets, I have recently acquired the locomotive and a few wagons. Now I had heard that as employee presents those gifted sets were glued together. Unfortunately I did not clarify this issue when buying and now I have those glued cars that I can't disassemble. Does anyone know if there's a way to dissolve that glue without damaging the parts? Thanks in advance.
  13. Sunil766

    9V Tracks - Cleaning & Protection

    Could you kindly specify what IPA and Methylated Spirits are? I have used decent quality cherry schnapps ("Kirschwasser") on large portions of my straight track with a wool cloth and it seemed to help, however it was in good condition already so hard to tell if it actually did something. I got told that stuff helps with electrical Conductivity. Thanks in advance.
  14. Care to share for non - Instagram peers? :-) And I thought r72 was already announced for June..?