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  1. Sunil766

    Running 60337 on 9V+ (with FX R88)

    Isn't there a video of him saying he wouldn't do it again? I mean be my guest to try it, I just know I'd be happier with the proper tracks. I rediscovered the 20y old tracks in my mom's basement and was more than happy that they could be refurbished to a near new state. That durability is something I appreciate and happily spend some bucks on. Your list of components is correct though. Best
  2. Sunil766

    Running 60337 on 9V+ (with FX R88)

    Oh boy, welcome to the 9v world! First off, you have two ways of achieving your goal: 1) power functions with rechargeable battery box. I have 1 of those and they're quite expensive, but have a great power delivery (basically constant output power until empty). Advantage: you don't need metal tracks. But if I read a few comments correctly, power functions equipment starts getting more expensive now that they're discontinued. Oh, and you always need quite some space in your loco for the battery box and the infrared receiver. (since you're new to the game: the battery box and motor connect to the ir receiver, which you then control via remote) 2) 9v - old (however being revived these days thanks to fx bricks' effort), reliable, convenient. You need the metal track, a 9v motor (with those metal wheels), a power feeder cable, and a speed regulator. Which again needs a power supply to the wall.{"iconly":0} Look on the 2nd hand market for those pieces or get one of the cheaper 9v train sets that had those included e.g. 4559. The original track pieces (16 studs long) are pretty expensive though, mostly at or above 3€/piece, and you never know what life they had and in which condition they come. I do suggest directly getting into fx track as they're new, high quality and 32 studs long (fewer connection joints mean less resistance along the track and more juice for your train). When I got out of my dark ages and heavily into 9v trains 3 years ago, I researched like crazy for long gone alternative experiments to replace original metal track pieces until, and I couldn't believe it, fx track actually came out with their new track pieces. It's great, but unbelievable (and low probability?) to me that reviving this 30 year old system is viable at all. Anyway, lucky us! 9v provides endless hours of fun for very cheap and much much much less environmental footprint. I hope this is useful information for you. Feel free to ask any follow up questions! Best
  3. Thanks all for your comments. I am following up for the silent readers' benefit :-) It seems the quickest way to bulk buy on bricklink is to add all parts to your newly created wanted list, in the right qty and colour, and then click "buy all". Bricklink apparently sorts the stores by "highest number of unique lots" (meaning types of bricks) and it is on oneself to compare number of bricks per store, price per brick at each store (can vary greatly!), and required number of stores to match the whole wanted list, adding to the shipping&handling costs. This is a rather manual / "trial and error" task and certainly the trickiest part of the whole process IMHO. *** I found quite some more basic bricks in my portfolio but still had to order 80 unique lots from 3 shops + 1 ebay order. All in all I paid more than 120€ for the missing parts which is a mediocre deal in comparison to some 160€ used complete sets, but I had fun in the process and luckily the rare pieces are in amazing quality, especially since they're ~30 years old. Everything has been washed and I can't wait to build the set. Wishing you all the best of fun bricking on.
  4. I do know bricklink, but that doesn't mean I know the fastest and easiest way for a bulk comparison and order (cost) preview. However I will check all parts next weekend and then see how I can cleverly group the missing ones. This is more like the information I was looking for, if you can make a rough guesstimation...? (maybe even both ways - the parts I have vs the parts I need to fill up) Thanks both
  5. One of my favorite childhood sets. Re-discovered in an old crate in my mom's basement, among many other bricks and pieces, some highly valued, some mere rubble. Feeling like the adventurer I was when I brought the missing Lego boxes to my place when Covid kicked off, I started cleaning everything and sorted to get my most precious sets together. I was more than happy to be able to put together the grand train station 2150 (to complement my dearest trains which I kept separately) and the large Diving Expedition Explorer 6560. However the Temple of Anubis 5988 proved to be a much bigger challenge. I see that A LOT is missing. My mom is tired of re-re-assuring me that there's REALLY no more lego at her place. Please please help me find out: 1. How far away am I of completing this set (is it even worth it...?) 2. What's the easiest and quickest way to identify missing pieces and calculate how much that would realistically cost me? (optional 3. How much is the below worth if I wanted to abort the mission and sell the pieces?) Let's ignore the lack of black/blue/red pieces. I have many of them stored separately. I am thankful for every single reply!
  6. Sunil766

    New Hogwarts Express

    I am genuinely interested who said what exactly, where. Would you mind elaborating?
  7. Sunil766

    PoweredUp device number as a variable

    I wish there was a "kudos" or "thank you" Button without having to make a separate post. The bit bit (hehe) was an excellent explanation.
  8. Sunil766

    Weekend 9V Layout

    That's a kind offer, I might take it up should I approach this endeavor at some point. I like collecting train sets and occasionally putting them up for an entertaining weekend. As with the layout above, I built it saturday afternoon and packed everything up again sunday evening. I build a layout like this around 1-2 times a year. That's what I love about lego trains (I am repeating myself): They offer great playvalue without taking up a lot of stationary space. Now they are all in their Ikea boxes in the basement. Also, I'm not much of a mocer - too intimidated by the variety of bricks, variety of colors and the potential time consumption. I stick to collecting official sets and combining them together for a nice setup. Still missing 4563, 4564, Maersk and EN...
  9. *second train in a row that's not actually a train set. Trains are not immobile
  10. Sunil766

    Weekend 9V Layout

    Thanks for your comments. See the very small picture below - it's basically only 2 loops that intersect each other (therefore the two crossings). The "left" loop then has 2 sidings where the train shed is. makes it look complex, but is fairly simple. To answer your question, in the classic 9V sense, I can only control one loop of track individually. Meaning I also only have 1 train on each loop at a time. In the first frame you can also see that I connected 1 speed regulator to the left loop, but with two different track feeder cables - allowing me to switch the black 9v 2x2 brick at the regulator to quickly control the sidings without having to get up to turn the switches . The other speed regulator is conntected to the right loop, but with 2 track feeder cables at the same time. I did this to eliminate/reduce the factor of "bad track joints causing a higher resistance"...because the Santa Fe was SLOW. (it runs on highest speed in almost all shots) ...turns out it's just the heavy train itself and maybe an old motor. Other trains were much faster, so I didn't necessarily need to use two track feeders. PS: I somehow managed to delete this awesome clip from the timeline so I'll have to use it in my next video :-)
  11. Sunil766

    Weekend 9V Layout

    Hi, I wanted to build another 9V layout for a while now and finally got the time and mood to do it over the last weekend. I wanted to keep it mostly to childhood sets (plus 4512 because it fits, and santa fe because it's nice) and didn't set up e.g. newer train stations or trains (HE, 60197, 60337). As mostly when I get everything out, I also made another video out of it as it's fun and allows me to share the joy. Should I call it... 9V ASMR?... or... To scratch the 9V itch? Comments remarks and suggestions welcome! Plan for the future is to finally automate a few things with arduino. it just seemed like too big of a project so far.
  12. Couldn't agree more. When I think about Lego's -product line-up -logic and continuity between series/themes (or even within) -long-term view and especially "predictability" -product descriptions I think it's all just... Random. I was building a 9v layout with many of my childhood sets (will make a separate thread when time allows) and in the classic "everything was better back then"-mindset, the different train sets bring me so much joy. It's not like train fans have unreasonably high demands that came completely out of the blue - no, trains have already been an integral part of Lego's products when other themes were only in the coming (or: coming&going). Even the 9v world, which is already a considerable step backward in terms of native automatisation and lineup (which is hard to admit as a 9v kid), offered SO much. Separate cars (clubcar/santa fe), the beautiful container terminal 4555, different level crossings, the great train station, something as particular as a train wash... It's been all there already, so I do not hold a grudge against anyone or think it's unreasonable when anyone is very disappointed for something like the hogwarts express that just goes diametrically against everything that would usually make a train set's appeal. But I'm just rephrasing what every fan in this forum has already said at least once. :-) In terms of the orient express, this could be everything, or, and yes I'd be really disappointed, nothing. Many of you guys' arguments pro/con whether it will be a "hogwarts express abomination" make a lot of sense. Both ways. What frustrates me the most is that whatever it'll be, this is yet again something that doesn't make sense - the crocodile just made the impression that there could be an "icons" train related series but then no, RANDOM, the next train set (hopefully) is released in the ideas theme. While I am more than happy for the designer and the fans' possibility to somehow contribute, this doesn't fit together. And I can imagine hearing the lego managers say "yeah whatever, let's just do it, who cares for any continuity". I can just personally hope that it will be a worthy train set and something similar to the EN, which is so ridiculously expensive on the second hand market it's just not fun to look anymore. However I must really say it's generally very nice to see how the ideas selection instantly IGNITED this forum! Wishing you all a happy weekend.
  13. Wow this could be amazing! But it also holds big potential to be disappointing - see HP. Honesty, at this point I wouldn't mind, we'll never again get separately sold coaches. Rather put the detail in loco and only one coach than 2 wagons or none (see crocodile - so lonely on the track) Yes it would. Please lego by the dear almighty, just make a usable train set! Could be that this is their "easy way out", not having worked on one and unwilling to"quickly"allocate resources to it after the crocodiles success (or not success, we still don't know it seems) This would be devastating (in lego circumstances World). I might actually write lego that this needs to be driveable. Maybe personal feedback goes a long way... Who knows.
  14. Sunil766

    Return loops for Winter Tram?

    This is what I didn't get. Thank you!
  15. Sunil766

    Return loops for Winter Tram?

    What's with the hourglass? Would you mind explaining the sequence for dummies?