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  1. into the blue

    UK Sales

    Yep, Cardiff had new Star Wars, new DC Superheroes, new Technic (gotta get that new large racer) and new Creator sets. They might've had more but i wasn't really interested in other themes.
  2. into the blue

    LEGO Star Wars UCS 75060 Slave I

    The Cardiff store was crazy busy but mostly with families with kids. I picked up the Slave 1 and the bird Ideas set, the Slave 1 was the last on the shelf but as I turned from the counter after paying I could see the staff were already putting new sets out (this was around noon). It's a hefty build but still reasonably priced for an UCS set. I'm very nervous about picking it up though, still not sure where the solid/wonky areas are. And I've lost count of the number of times those landing lights popped off the bottom of the ship as I was sliding it around the table adding pieces.
  3. into the blue

    UK Sales

    No, just series 13. They weren't even really supposed to be selling those but their stock is so low at the moment they had to do something to entice the punters in (I was told this by the staff). I only popped in as I was passing. Going up next week for the UCS Slave 1.
  4. into the blue

    UK Sales

    Just a quick heads-up regarding the new CMF series, the Cardiff Lego Store has been selling them since Boxing Day.
  5. into the blue

    LEGO Star Wars UCS 75060 Slave I

    I called my local Lego store today to ask if there were any upcoming VIP offers and was told there were none. Can you elaborate on your email please?
  6. into the blue

    UK Sales

    The one in the centre of town. I felt out fifteen of sixteen. Looks like the barbarian is seriously short-packed.
  7. into the blue

    UK Sales

    Series 12 minifigures are available in selected Argos stores as of today (there are two branches here in Llanelli, one had them, one didn't).
  8. into the blue

    76023: The Tumbler Discussion

    It's pretty much the correct scale for the old-school technic figures. It's also a total dust magnet, black shows this up worse than any other colour.
  9. into the blue

    UK Sales

    You have no idea how big a grin I have on my face just from seeing the name Llanelli on this forum.
  10. into the blue

    [75059] Sandcrawler

    Yeah, I'm getting this too and it's pretty annoying.
  11. into the blue

    UK Sales

    Smyths have started selling Ecto1. Visited today (Monday) and asked when it would be in. The assistant told me they had them in the warehouse, they just hadn't put them out yet. He was more than happy to get one for me. They had all the new Star Wars sets out too, the B-wing, the star destroyer, the AT-AT, the snowspeeder and all the crappy prequel ones.
  12. Beautiful. My first car was a Morris 1000 and he's nailed the shape perfectly.
  13. into the blue

    The GIGANTIC IMPERIAL PREDATOR KING steampunk airship.

    Totally Strider Hiryu. (kids, ask your parents) Love it.
  14. into the blue

    Comic-Con Minifigures: Are They Worth Getting?

    I've attended the SDCC for the last two years, going again this July. The minifigures are given out in a raffle, you have to be lucky.