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    [REVIEW] 75300 Imperial TIE Fighter

    While I won't be buying one, I do like the new scaled-back approach on within this set. Perhaps it will lead to a new interceptor or defender, which I probably would get. If you've read the X-Wing books (I know they're not canon anymore, but their physics seems reasonable for the wacky world of SW), you'll note that the TIE fighters (eyeballs) handle very poorly in atmosphere, compared to X-wings, even though they handle better in space than their Rebel counterparts. Their turning circles increase massively in atmosphere, but they still have the thrust capacity to turn faster, which can result in the fighters breaking apart as the wings are shorn off by the resulting force from the air, if the pilots turn too quickly. This is detailed several times, and one of the pilots (not sure if it was Wedge or Corran) mentions that Interceptors, while still suffering in atmosphere, tend to handle far better in it than their slower H-winged predecessor. Sorry for the rant, this - the handling characteristics of starfighters - has always been a point of fascination for me.
  2. LSW plus time travel; time to break out the old Star Wars Infinities and fantasise about a What If series... No kidding though, this will be great. Utterly absurd, but great.
  3. After reading some more opinions, I myself have mellowed somewhat in regard to this wave. While my perception of LSW for the foreseeable future will ultimately be linked to the 2HY 2021 selection, I can see the upsides of attempting to 'reboot' the theme in this way. The best way they could hope to achieve this is not just reducing the cost of desirable iconic starfighters, but to also release £10 sets, which would be best with 2 battle packs and a 1-figure set with some kind of scenery. While I am interested to see what comes of these sets, I agree with the earlier point regarding the changes to the sets under Disney, that the sets do just seem to be marketing material next to new film releases. We haven't seen any more Solo or Rogue One sets since the films came out. This just seems plain wrong when you consider that the OT is 40 years old and they are still churning out remake after remake (while even passing over great vehicles and scenes from the OT itself). It just seems like Lego and/or Disney are very risk averse, which, as I have previously pointed out, does not seem to line up with the kind of profitability they have seen from the SW line, both in 1HY 2020 and in years gone by. As was said by BacktoBricks: and I echo this sentiment. If you can't remember those years, just look at the Brickset pages for those years in SW. Your mind will be blown when you consider those offerings next to what we will be getting come 2021 (and no, this is not a case of looking back with rose-tinted glasses, it really was that good, at least for me it was).
  4. This whole wave is painfully underwhelming, both in size and scale. The lack of battle packs and limited content (mostly OT with Mando and ST thrown in) makes this seem like either Lego have lost the plot, or SW sales have dropped to the point where they just don't care about it anymore, which can't be true as it was in the top 6 best selling themes (see https://images.brickset.com/news/53604_Info.jpg) in 1HY 2020. Or Disney conspiracy theories. Or something else ridiculous. I'm just feeling a bit disappointed, as it seems like the passion for SW sets from Lego has just gone with this wave. Nothing brand new except the Mando set, and that probably won't even have the Beskar version. The reduced numbers don't make sense either - I mean, most years haven't gotten more than 10 a wave plus microfighters, UCS and other stuff (helmets, statues, etc), but five regular system minifigure-scale sets, really? All but one of which are remakes of some kind? With the massive realms of content to choose from, and sales being what they are, and demand being what it is, I cannot reasonably fathom what went through Lego's mind when they came up with this wave. <sigh>
  5. That's one beautiful ship - any plans to make a build info thread with some instructions?
  6. furiothecat

    Future Star Wars Sets

    Following on from the previous mentions of Separatist vessels, there is one that would make an excellent smaller set: the Ginivex-class fanblade starfighter (which is used by Ventress in both Legends and Canon, though the Legends version looks a little cleaner). The 'fan' might be tricky, but it could be done with some kind of concertina using the same sort of thin plastic as the sails on the Sail Barge. Given it's diminutive size, it could probably be done within 350 pieces (maybe even less), which would, based on recent pricing trends, probably go for £50-60 with a few minifigures (ventress, anakin (ripped clothing), arc trooper lieutenant).
  7. Thanks for the welcome - I've been lurking on here for a while now. Regarding the Cantina, part of the issue is the footprint. The Death Star was pretty self-contained, not taking up an absurd amount of shelfspace while still presenting a large scale of depth. The Ewok village had a slightly larger footprint, and Cloud City was even larger, but Mos Eisley is basically all single-storey, and if they include the cantina, some outside areas and a docking bay, then it's going to be pretty big in terms of shelfspace. While it will make for a good build, it will be a pain to store and display in all likelihood, and unlike big display pieces like the Falcon, ISD or ISSD, it probably won't be much of a looker in that department. Hence, it is, as has been mentioned, going to primarily be for the avid LSW fans, which should help with availability issues (here's to hoping it isn't sold out and on 60-day back order in the first hour of it going on sale). While I will probably pick one up, it won't be opened until I find a place to display it. Thanks for that. My worry is that we'll get a couple of extra sets leaked that end up being false flags, when they would have actually been really great sets - I remember a couple of years ago (2018 I think) there was a leak that the there would be a new V-19 torrent (this may have turned out to be the Imperial Landing Craft) and a Rebel Transport (from TLJ as they flee down to Crait), though those turned out to be incorrect, so I won't hold my breath when a set list does come our way.
  8. Since the summer wave has been out for a bit now, and we've had some release info on the Bespin and Art sets, along with plenty of speculation and discussion on the Cantina/Mos Eisley MBS/UCS set, does anyone have any idea if and when we might start to get leaks regarding a winter wave (which might, in all fairness, end up as the 2021 spring wave)?
  9. furiothecat

    [MOC] Micro Zenith - Old Republic escort Cruiser

    Excellent build, you can see the in-universe design influence this would have had on later craft like the Nebulon-B and the Hammerhead Corvette, and I love the creative use of newer triangular pieces and the Nexo Knights's shields. Just a note, the UCS-scale one is still being sold as a kit by a someone on Aliexpress: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4000181220387.html