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  1. seekersu

    About powered up compatibility

    Thank both of you for your kind reply. You help me a lot. I just studied brick controller 2 yesterday, and find it's a very good solution to minimize the barrier between hubs. However, I wonder if I can use "brick controller 2" in 1 device (one smartphone/tablet) to connect 3 controllers (88010) and 3 Tech Hubs (88012)? Because I plan to buy 3 Tech Hub Sets and 3 controller (88010) for my kids to build their own creation. But, I don't want them to use 3 phone/tablets, so I wonder if I can use just single phone/tablet to make 3 pair connection between remote controller (88010) and Tech Hub. (I found there are 5 color/setting in single 88010, so I think different controller can use different color/setting).
  2. I like to power my Technic models to make them move. However, I am very confused about current powered up compatibility: 1. I've read that Lego powered up family include spike prime system (such as Lego 45678 and 51515), and Boost creative toolbox (Lego 17101) 2. If above is true, there are total 4 categories of hubs in powered up family: large "move hub" (88006), common hub (88009), "tech hub" (88012) and "spike prime hub" (45601). They all have Bluetooth function 3. There is one Remote controller (88010) which can control common hub (88009) by Bluetooth. This remote controller is standard component in Powered up Train series (60197/60198). I'am very curious if we can control other powered up family hub such as Tech hub (72099/72109) or spike prime hub ? 4. There are also many motor in powered up family: Boost Medium Linear Motor (88008), Simple Medium Linear Motor (45303), Technic Large Motor (88013), Technic XL motor (88014), Spike prime Technic Large Angular Motor (45602), Spike prime Technic Medium Angular Motor (45603). There is one train motor in powered-up family, too: 88011 5.I wonder if all these motors could be used in all hubs? For example, can I use Technic Large motor (88013) with Spike prime hub (45601)? Can I use Spike prime Technic Large Angular Motor (45602) in Move hub (88006) or Tech Hub (88012?) 6.If I want to control with these motor/hub combination by app, control + app seems to be the most restrictive because it only provide 3 original Lego set panels without user define interface. Powered-up app seems to be more flexible choice?