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  1. I am building it right now but there are somethings that i have to change. The steering on the first axl, the drive axl, the routing of some cables and a lot of other things. The instructions are not complete at all steps but an advanced builders van find it out. Overall its a nice crane but i wont call it the ultimate 42009. There for there are to many flaws in IT.
  2. Sorry, hate to say but i liked the very first one the most. The spoiler made me think of the Mack from the Rubber Duck in the moevie Convoy. Miss that in the last models.
  3. Maybe i am late to the party but in the app on the box it looks like it has got 3 gears.
  4. The only thing with a flat tow is that it can only be done with a running engine other wise is steering a hell of a job. Like clutch or gearbox problems.
  5. And the replacement gives them useful information, when it is send back, how the part broke down.
  6. Afols. The A is for adult. This is not adult behavier.
  7. Congratulations. Model is awesome, real and Lego. Lots of moc/mod possibilities. This is why i like Technic.
  8. I love it. This is, for me, how a Technic set has to be. Lots of gears and difficult stuff without all the expensive motors and PF.
  9. I do not get it. When I go to the Dutch Lego site and there I can report all broken parts from 42099. Even hubs and motors. The only thing is that they are not in stock and that they will make contact with you to replace it as soon as possible.
  10. I use the 107x44 tyre as the 600/65R34. It has a diameter from 1654 and it gives me a scale of 1:15,46
  11. Maybe my bad, but what is a group? How do i find that in a tyre named 600/65 R 34.
  12. I think the steph77 Fender. Tractor looks awsome. Hope soon to show my own tractor project after years of only reading the forum, now i AM more active.
  13. I do not like this tread anymore. It is hostile. Jim, can you please close it.