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  1. Brockhenhaus

    LDD2POV-RAY, continued errors

    Not really sure what that is, plus if I remove each ldd_.bin one by one, I just get the same error on the next piece. However, my main issue is why are there all these errors? Are LDD2POV-Ray and LDD no longer compatible? I never used to have these problems a couple of years ago but now it seems LDD2POV-Ray is bust and no-one seems to know what's going on.
  2. Hi all, I just can't get my head around what I need to do to get LDD2POV-Ray to actually render a model for me - every turn seems to lead to another error First I get this: line 10: Parse Error: No */ closing comment found. Line 10 has this: #include "" So I added a /* to the start and a */ to the end of the section so it looks like this: /* #include "" #include "" #include "" #include "" #include "" #include "ldd_main.bin" */ That seems to sort that out. But I then get this: line 26: Parse Error: Cannot assign uninitialized identifier Line 26 says: #declare ldd_camera_location = ldd_vtransform(<0, 0, 0>, ldd_camera_transformation); If I remove all the camera declares, I get this: line 28 Parse Error: Illegal character in input file, value is 80 Line 28 says this: #include "ldd_3828.bin" If I then remove each include one by one, I just get that same error message each time. Pulling my hair out here
  3. Brockhenhaus

    Rendering nightmare

    Ok, completely reinstalled LDD and POV ray - still the same error It stops at the line that says: #include "" With the Parse error: No */ closing comment found
  4. Brockhenhaus

    Rendering nightmare

    PC specs are more than enough db.lif is showing in the LDD file, but is missing when I search for it when using Bluerender And it's really annoying that I keep exceeding the file size for screenshots on here
  5. Brockhenhaus

    Rendering nightmare

    Thanks for the reply. Not sure what you mean by file from the internet, these are my own creations. I changed PCs a few months ago so needed to reinstall the various apps - everything worked OK on that old PC. I've added the extra LDD pieces from this topic, don't know if that's an issue but I'd added them to the previous PC anyway.> I've tried it with various models on povray, large and small counts, but it doesn't get beyond that error It's this line on povray that's highlighted If I delete it, I get this error instead: With a similar message - "" line 19: Parse Error: Expected ')', [ found instead
  6. Brockhenhaus

    Rendering nightmare

    These are the errors: Bluerender - when I go through the files, no database come up Pov ray Ldraw Also have a bunch of Ldraw setup icons that won't close. Obviously can force them, but they're just sat there
  7. Afternoon all. I'm having a nightmare trying to render some LDD models. LDD 2 POV Ray is full of error messages Bluerender can't find the LDD database Studio removes or dislodges countless bricks Blender doesn't open any lxf files LDraw won't download My tears are stinging. Anyone able to help?
  8. Brockhenhaus

    Custom LDD bricks and fixes

    Hi there. Can't send you a PM for the link. Can you PM me please?