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  1. Lego Spotlight

    Most accurate star destroyer?

    It depends what you're looking to get out of a large ISD model, but neither are very accurate. The Agressor is for those who want an interior at the expense of accuracy. Many people seem to value having an interior for their ISD, which I can appreciate. The interior is very cool and well designed, but you pay for it with a bulky hull and angles that just aren't right. The Intimidator is for those who want the biggest star destroyer at the expense of accuracy. While more accurate than The Agressor, the scale at which this set is built, though incredibly impressive and imposing, ultimately works against it. The Lego elements used to execute key areas of the ship are not well suited for the chosen scale making sections of the ship out of proportion relative to each other. The engines and the bridge sections are the most obvious examples of this. I would be interested to know why the designer decided to go with this scale. Both models satisfy their own niche. It really comes down to what you prioritize as a builder and collector. As someone who values accuracy above all else, I never once considered either of these models, but if you want your ISD to have an interior or want it to take up tons of space then that's cool and we're all fortunate enough to have these excellent models to choose from! To your point about acquiring parts, yes this can be tedious, stressful and daunting. Parts acquisition for these big builds takes so much time and effort. Accounting for parts alone eats up so much time. If I could have paid more and bought all of my parts for The Eviscerator from one person, I'd have done it in a heartbeat. Though, there is something to be said about the satisfaction of the grind paying off. All said, I wouldn't recommend basing your decision on how convenient it is to get the parts, you should just worry about balancing costs and what kind of model you want. In the end it's worth it!
  2. Lego Spotlight

    Most accurate star destroyer?

    Lego Spotlight. There should be a link in my bio!
  3. Lego Spotlight

    Most accurate star destroyer?

    @Naixin I had to make a decision between the two as well and I confidently decided to go with The Eviscerator. I've had experience building MOCS from both of these designers and I believe there is no contest when it comes to their Star Destroyers. In my opinion, both look excellent, but 2mpaired's model takes the cake. Structural integrity is so important when it comes to large models for display and The Eviscerator is built like a tank. ONECASE's builds, though equally nice to look at, are notoriously flimsy. One need only compare the instructions to verify this. With the Eviscerator there is no chance of any sagging or warping of the overall shape over time. The build is laughably solid all around. As for The Monarch, one quick google image search will show you how droopy the set becomes once built, even with the three support stands. Accuracy is a more debated aspect of these two builds. I really think I have to give it to The Eviscerator on account of the entire bridge assembly being more accurate (The Monarch bridge looks pretty chaotic and malformed) and the slightly raised border of tiles around the edges of the ship (which The Monarch lacks entirely). It's more accurate and my goodness, it's so impressive that 2mpaired was able to capture that subtle but iconic detail. The base on the Eviscerator is so elegant. The fact that a set of that size and weight sits comfortably on those two arms is testament to the ingenuity of the design. Compare this with The Monarch's three stands, especially the really ugly one at the front, which @Midlife-crisis pointed out is a deal breaker for sure. There was certainly a time when ONECASE's Monarch ISD was the holy grail of Star Destroyer MOCs, but I think it has been completely dethroned by 2mpaired's Eviscerator and even more so by the recent 2.0 update which only increased the accuracy to the studio model. If you can afford the upgrade, I would say DO IT. I am finally getting through my build and will be posting vid-docs and a review on my YouTube channel soon!
  4. Lego Spotlight

    [MOC] Imperial Star Destroyer - The Eviscerator

    Thank you for clarifying regarding 3680. I guess I had the old list because I was pulling my hair out trying to find where you used them in the instructions! I re-downloaded the files from bricklink and did notice that even the new NEW parts list is missing the very important x4 Technic, Link 1 x 6 without Stoppers (part 2739a). Hopefully there isn't anything else missing because I'm about to start my build and was using the first ISD 2.0 parts list that was released as my inventory. If you do notice any other pieces missing, please let me know!
  5. Lego Spotlight

    [MOC] Imperial Star Destroyer - The Eviscerator

    To anyone interested in seeing the build process of the Eviscerator: Starting in February I will be building the Eviscerator in an in-depth video documentation on my YouTube channel Lego Spotlight (link in my bio). It will be my first big project on the channel so I hope you'll consider checking it out! Each episode will cover one of the instruction manuals and detail the building process. Feel free to subscribe so you can see the videos as they are released.
  6. Lego Spotlight

    [MOC] Imperial Star Destroyer - The Eviscerator

    Well I'm glad you figured it out!
  7. Lego Spotlight

    [MOC] Imperial Star Destroyer - The Eviscerator

    @lowlead The actual uncompressed files are about 6.3 GB, maybe check that you have enough storage space?
  8. Lego Spotlight

    [MOC] Imperial Star Destroyer - The Eviscerator

    When do you think we can expect the updated files to be available on BrickVault? I checked their website today and they still had the old instructions with alternate engines. No indication of edits.
  9. Lego Spotlight

    [MOC] Imperial Star Destroyer - The Eviscerator

    The alternate engine builds have been posted. I think they are even on this page. Just scroll up ?
  10. Lego Spotlight

    [MOC] Imperial Star Destroyer - The Eviscerator

    Aw man, I just received all of my parts. I haven't started building though. Do you think the part count will be very different? Is the edit being done because of a structural flaw?
  11. Lego Spotlight

    [MOC][Instructions] Darth Severus' Sith Speeder Bike

    Such a cool spin on a classic design!
  12. Lego Spotlight

    1:125 scale lego falcon

    This looks great!
  13. Lego Spotlight

    [MOC] Imperial Star Destroyer - The Eviscerator

    Sweet mother Teresa on the hood of a Mercedes Benz, thank you for posting this! Almost all of my parts have come in for the build. I will be documenting my Eviscerator build on my YouTube channel LEGO SPOTLIGHT ( Looking forward to doing a segment about the engine modifications!
  14. Lego Spotlight

    UCS Mon Calamari Star Cruiser "CONFIDENCE" (MOC)

    @Kommander Are there any updates? I'm dying to see this thing completed. Hopefully the front half will look as sleek as the rear!