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  1. lockdownTF

    42100 liebherr turning issue

    I think the problem is they sacrificed rear track base solidity for battery pack access. I've tried adding a couple of extra beams to help stop it pulling itself apart but they don't seem to make much difference.
  2. lockdownTF

    42100 liebherr turning issue

    mines having a similar issue. It seems the tracks are pulling apart when it turns I've checked and they do indeed seem to easily pull away at the light grey L shaped pieces with built in pegs. I thought it was a mistake I made I first but after seeing a second thread on the subject I think its a design flaw. If you could get a beam or frame across the tracks and round those L beams maybe that would help them to stay together better? (ps I have no idea how the mechanical aspect of these sets work I just follow the instructions and hope I've not missed anything important so take my advice at your own risk!)
  3. I was wondering if anyone else has noticed this issue when the liebherr turns using one or both of its tracks it makes this clicking noise and sometimes stops turning all together. I'm pretty sure whats happening is the tracks are trying to pull apart since both are trying to go in opposite directions. and when I examined the tracks they fairly easily pulling apart without anything breaking or unpegging. I think (assuming I haven't made a mistake in the instructions of course) that a couple of beams connecting the tracks together might solve the issue but I wanted to ask if others experienced this issue if its a design fault a builders fault(ie me) and if it is a design fault if there are any mods to fix or lessen the problem.
  4. Hello. I'm considering buying an SBrick(or possibly a buwizz) for use with some buggy motors but all the videos I've seen recommending using two one for each motor so they don't drain the battery super fast. since two or possibly even one buwizz is not really affordable for me I was wondering if a potential work around could be to connect a single SBrick to two or possibly even more battery packs. would it work? or would the brick only get power from the one. I can see based off of pictures the power connects underneath the brick so would it just default to the top reciever brick or could one or more batteries provide extra running time?
  5. lockdownTF

    [MOC] Humans of Layers City

    Looks amazing. Any pictures of the opposite side exterior? I'd like to see whats going on with that antenna or scalfolding like structure.
  6. lockdownTF

    REVIEW: 41775 Unikitty Series 1

    It kind of amazes me that they managed to make a full collectible figure series using only two characters.
  7. lockdownTF

    Lungorthin the devil

    Don't think I've ever seen a more organic looking head build. barely looks like its made from leg at all well done
  8. lockdownTF

    MOC: Artakha, the Creator.

    What about Umbra? I mean hes not strictly speaking a hero but he was charged with guarding the mask of life.
  9. lockdownTF

    LEGO Dimensions Discussion

    Wait how many of these story packs are there? do they all feature a new set build for the portal base?
  10. lockdownTF

    LEGO Dimensions Discussion

    Is it known yet what the sonic pack will be like? thats one of the main year two sets I intend to get. I'm hoping to see a full green hill zone 2d stage made entirely out of lego. I'm wondering what the accessories wil be though? a starpost and a badnik? or maybe a brick build tails for use as a flying vehicle?
  11. lockdownTF

    LEGO Dimensions Discussion

    A turtles sewer lair would be epic beyond words I don't realistically see it happening though. Though your doing a franchise with core team of four characters I'd like to have more than one to choose from. I mean ray stantz has goggles that can be used for x ray abilities egon has his pk meter that could function like wildstyles scanner and the turtles I dunno michaelangelo used to use a grappling hook allot in the cartoon maybe that could his gimmick though I'd only wat about two at most or maybe one character that can be changed into multiple team members. like a sewer lid the turtles can come out or a firemans pole the ghostbusters slide down
  12. lockdownTF

    LEGO Dimensions Discussion

    I wanna see one or two tmnt packs like leonardo with a turtle van and turtle blimp mini vehicle and to follow up maybe shredder with a mini technodrome or maybe a transport module. the turtle van and blimp could shoot lasers and the technodrome/module could be used for drilling parts. you could explore the turtles lair new york and go underground to look round the tehnodrome and of course there'd be plenty of foot soldiers for you to fit. Maybe add donatello for his hacking ability with a cheapskate that can be rebuilt into a hover board
  13. Thank you. Even without the rc modifications its actually a really cool looking vehicle that rolls about very smoothly.
  14. lockdownTF

    MOC Tumbler-Batmobile based on NinjaGo 70755

    Looks really cool. Is it inspired by the vehicle he uses in Batman v superman in the desert scene?
  15. I've set up a flickr account and created an album with the resized pictures. It should be public now.