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  1. sanderbelmans

    Template lego set box

    Guys! Wonderful!!! Teljesnegyzet, thanks so much for that! I'll test this out on a small scale and see if it needs any additional flaps. If it works, I'll post the real size one here! Well, the dimensions I know, it's the shape of the folded open cardboard that's the issue, but not anymore hopefully :)
  2. sanderbelmans

    Template lego set box

    Thanks for your swift reply! It would feel a bit arrogant to ask someone selling the box if I could get the measurements, so as not to have to pay him for that same box. It crossed my mind too but I would feel better about it if it doesn't feel like I'm ripping someone off :). The link to the Atlanta store is great! When you're from Belgium like me, that's info that's hard to come by, or it's hidden behind pages and pages of results on google. Thanks again! If however, there is still someone else here who can help me with my earlier question, please feel free to react!
  3. sanderbelmans

    Template lego set box

    Dear all, as a kid I was the proud owner of Lego 6080, the grey knights castle. I'm now 41 years old, I have two children, and I can't wait to let my eldest son enjoy all the wonders Lego has in store for him. I plan to give him the 6080 set on his sixth birthday. I recently bought the complete set (cos I lost mine) on Catawiki, without the box it came in. I am a graphic designer, I have high res pictures of all sides of the box that I found online, and I can quite easily position and resize these pictures on the right box template, and thus recreate my own shiny and new box. Then it's the perfect gift, I think. Your immediate reaction will of course be: "buy the stupid box!", but the set already cost me a lot and I don't want to risk spending tons more, if it turns out my son doesn't like it. And now I have the freedom to change certain things, like the logo. My son is called Leo... I think you know where I'm going with this... I found the box' dimensions here, so I know the height, the width and the depth. I just have no idea of the shape of the folded open carton, complete with flaps, slits, glue-areas, etc. It is quite an ambitious box-design, with a front flap that folds up, with some extra pictures (see picture in attachment). I already contacted Lego Belgium but they don't want to give me a template, not even a blank one. That's why I came here: does anyone have the box, or the box of another set with the same construction and shape? And are you prepared to help me map out the whole folded out carton? That way, I can make the box I want to make and surprise and hopefully delight my kid and myself along the way. If you can help me, thank you! If this box mockup ever gets successfully made, I will gladly share the illustratortemplate with you guys, maybe this can help others with a similar problem :) Greetings, Sander Belmans