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  1. I always wanted to try but could not figure it out from the video he posted. If you have any details or more pictures of the build I would love to try.
  2. I'd love to try and build the wheel as well if you are willing to share the Stud.io file (with a promise of no further distribution of course). I took a look and need a little bit more than the video. Let me know if you would consider this. Thanks.
  3. I've completed v0.5 BOOK2 with no issues. The rear hood works much better now and stays in place. I look forward to the next update.
  4. Yes! Thanks @jb70! I just finished the updated Book 1. It is complete and accurate and another example of your high quality work. Now on to Book 2... ;-) https://bricksafe.com/pages/jbuccino/42143-jb70-pimp
  5. As a regular lurker here I anxiously await jb70's "Pimp" version of all new supercars. I just can't tell you how grateful I am for the amazing upgrades. It is so enjoyable seeing and replicating jb70's incredible work and creativity. As soon as I saw the 0.4 PDF I took apart my base model and started immediately. It was so satisfying. I am halfway through the file now. At the risk of being picky I think there is one small mistake in the instructions. On page 44, step 73 I think the red 3L pin (11214) and lbg bush (3713) combination should be swapped with the lbg 3L pin (32054) and red 2L axle (32062) combination so as to fit with the gearbox assembly properly. Other than that everything is clear and accurate. Thank you again for this. It really is incredible work.
  6. Thank you so much. You and all the contributors are amazing. I am looking forward to a complete disassemble and rebuild of my 0.16.
  7. Interesting. I have lots of OCD tendencies but not that one. I never sort the bricks when disassembling. :-) But my wife always comes over and insists on doing it for me while I am starting the rebuild. I am just so anxious to start building that I'd rather find the parts as I go. And when it is a mod I go into my storage bins to find the changed additional parts.
  8. I promise you won't be disappointed. The build is so much fun. Enjoy! (And I think you just inspired me to take mine apart again just for the pleasure of building in some of the new mods.)
  9. Speaking from personal experience (Porsche, Bugatti, Sian and about six other "improved" or RC MOCs) I have to agree with the suggestion to build the original right away. It is so rewarding to open a new Lego kit and work with the new parts and (overly) detailed instructions. Also I don't have the self-control to let a new Lego kit sit unbuilt. :-) I agree with you that taking apart the model is tedious and unrewarding. But once I start it goes way faster than I planned and I start anticipating the fun of the rebuild. I actually use the incremental releases of the modifications (no matter how small) as motivation to take apart a build. I buy Lego and work on MOCs not so much for display but the joy of the build.
  10. One other thing I noticed. On page 66, sub-step 40 - I see only one black 3L pin with stop bush used but in the inventory box on that page it lists 2. Is it there and I just can't find it or should it only be 1 in the inventory. Thanks.
  11. My total pleasure! I think I have just contributed the theoretical minimum to the project. Removing exactly one instance of the most common part. :-) At least now I have only one direction to go. :-)
  12. You guys are amazing (jb70 and didumos69 et al). This is more fun than the stock build by far. A minor question - is the black technic pin used in step 11 page 7 correct? It seems to interfere with the grey 3L pin with stop bush installed at step 6 page 10. Or am I missing something basic? Thanks.