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  1. And again an update, now with the wheels:
  2. Planned testing all motors sometime this or next week. Thanks.
  3. Can you see the bigger pics now?
  4. I found this MOC at Rebrickable, it's a production of @schwaiwal and @technicbasics (who did the instructions). It is a huge, very huge MOC. From Rebrickable: Technical data:Number of parts: 11258 including 2332 rubber connectors (45590)Length: 105cm (131 Studs)Widht: 32cm (40 Studs)Hight: 40,5cm (51 Studs)Highest point when the shovel is raised: 64cmWeight: approx. 9kg The motors get the power from 4 x Buwizz 2.0. Further details: Compressor unit with two pneumatic pumps powered by 2 buggy motors, Remote controlled pneumatic valves via servomotors, Inline 6 cylinder engine, with a 120° offset crankshaft, valve lifters and rocker arms, (Free guide here) Micromotor that generates a realistic turning movement of the steering wheel during the steering movement, Swing axle at the rear, pneumatically sprung driver's seat 3 spare Buwizz connectors so nothing stands in the way of future lighting installations. It did take me several months to collect all the parts, and now I am well on my way with the build. The build is great fun and sometimes a challenge. Some pictures from the machine up to now: And one of the wheels with a pen as size reference.
  5. At least you can merge the subforum again with the Technic one. :D
  6. Depends on what you want to know.