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  1. Great build, that would look good side by side to Flybum's Volvo Excavator I have build.
  2. Allways sad to see good guys leave.
  3. Would be great to build, are there gonna be building instructions?
  4. Maybe an idea: Model Team Forum as a subforum in Technic forum ?
  5. And please do meet mine. It was a great build. Problem I have to figure out is why the main arm doesn't function properly.
  6. And not to mention the missing of 1 or more parts in a set. I ordered 8 sets the last year. 42078, 42099, 42096 and 42107 missed at least 1 part. Ok, they did send it for free.
  7. Rebrickable, search for ultimate 8043 Google for ultimate 8043 instructions and you wil find the pdf: https://www.skorpio.rocks/lego-instructions/lego-8043/