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    42078, 42096, 42099

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  1. onzenuub

    The Ultimate 8043 (modifications)

    Rebrickable, search for ultimate 8043 Google for ultimate 8043 instructions and you wil find the pdf: https://www.skorpio.rocks/lego-instructions/lego-8043/
  2. onzenuub

    [MOC] Pneumatic Backhoe Loader

    That is a great looking build
  3. This would be great, it is a stunning car.
  4. Pandemic started me building Lego Technic. After lockdown bought 42108, 42109, 42110, 42095, 42096 and 42078. Also bought me an Sbrick and 3 Buwizz. Dammit, must be an adiction.
  5. onzenuub

    [APP] BrickController2

    Yep, I have the same one in white. Works perfect.