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  1. Umbrage82

    REVIEW: 80009 Pigsy's Food Truck

    great review! I loved the weapon storage options in the secret base, looks like this one followed suit! :P
  2. Umbrage82

    LEGO Monkie Kid 2020

    Just finished Monkie Kid Team's Secret HQ -- fun build overall, though I do wish the rear clips were much stronger. Wierdly one of the things I was most happy about was weapon storage for every accessory; clips abound! Maybe this has been true for a while but as one of the first since I've put together since Chima it was a pleasant surprise; I loved everything having a place. Maybe the Marie Kondo stuff is really getting to me...
  3. Ah I missed the user profiles ! Thanks so much. Have not been sent the new peices link yet
  4. I'm at a loss; I've tried several installers claiming to be 4.3.11 but still stuck on 777 Brick Version...
  5. Ah, yep I must have 4.12, as I downloaded "4.3" from the lego website but now looking at the installer it is listed as setupldd-pc-4-3-12. Within the program my version is listed as 4.3.11, but the Brick Version is 777 rather than 2670. I also receive the "cannot find internet" error on startup but I had assumed that was due to the app no longer being supported... Sorry this has become a troubleshooting of my installation! I found what I believe is a prior 4.3.11 build and trying now...
  6. I think I see what you're saying! but still not getting what I'd expect to see as 'full' results:
  7. Umbrage82


    I'm Umbrage82; an AFOL an aspiring MOC'er. My collection is modest and wierd. (~37k pieces, nearly half from Chima!) Currently chasing unicorns like Welcome to Apocalypseburg and attempting to build MOCs using that as a centerpiece along with Jurassic dinos; because everything's better with dinosaurs!
  8. Thanks please do! May be off topic please move if so - I see T-rex'es and Raptors being included in official sets in LDD, such as those below. However when I search for phrases like "rex", "raptor" etc in my LDD-extended I only see the older models. What am I doing incorrectly?
  9. Can someone send me the rar link for the new LDD parts? I just joined and am not permitted to private message OP directly. I'm particularly looking for the dinosaurs from modern sets -- it appears as though those are supported (seeing images from users), but they're not in my current LDD (4.3.11). Am I looking for the right place by trying to find new pieces, or is there a setting / search I'm messing up?