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    SB00301 B-PROJECT (MOC Resistance Bomber UCS)

    Hi! Mirko - if I can propose something. Now it is too late, but could you include in the future projects the possibility of buying bricks in batches (something like LEGO handbags included). Your sets are very extensive and usually consist of several modules. And the point is to be able to consider buying the brick batches after purchasing the instructions. From your side it is only separating parts (in electronic form) for a given module. Of course, the whole project can also be available as a single bricks file. The cost of the TS-PROJECT SB00201 for the parts themselves was over 700 € - this solution will allow a more economical approach to the project :) In the B-PROJECT SB00301 project, the cost of the parts will probably be around 1000 €. I am waiting for the SB00301 manual to be issued best regards Yeazzik