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    The BlueBrixx Thread

    Hello JopieK, I am trying to send you a message, but I am not allowed to send you a message for some reason nor am I allowed to upload a picture. Please advise. Thank you
  2. Hi JopieK, I have been trying to message you but it would appear that I can not message anyone including yourself. I needed to ask a question concerning the Train forum. Thank you, Bulletbricks
  3. Hi all. Today I have a new MOC, it's a 30' CSX Cupola Caboose in 6 wide by 24 long. Anyway my childhood friend asked me to build this Caboose for his collection back in 2017 . This model contains 294 parts and has a complete interior. H enjoyed my build and I hope you enjoy it also. I have instructions available for this model if anyone is interested. I also make Lego train MOCs for anyone who might want a new design. Have a great weekend everyone.
  4. Bulletbricks

    Custom Lego train MOC 30' CSX Caboose in 6 wide

    Sure I will get some new views today, Thank you.