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  1. Very nice build! For a goodcompact compressor I like the design from this video; Power distribution is done nicely making a constant flow of air coming out, and very sturdy design with the 5x7 panels.
  2. Thanks, I tried making it as small dual forks for Europallets. But this fork was the smallest I could make (8x16 Tile plate as top) as motor+sensor+guidings+chains all need to be in it to work, and being able to extend 125% outside of the crane base. In real life these big plate-forks are usually 2 small forks connected together with a top plate. Used for moving from chain conveyor to chain conveyor or rack in the length. For those who haven't seen these kind of 'Technic'. The installation is based on a project I did on a little bigger scale then LEGO. If you watch good you can see me walking around. The rack got a little longer and few stickers applied.
  3. For me trying to make it work from 0 to final product is the most fun. Once it works most fun is over. I'ld imagine just finding some code where you need to give in center-center joint-lengths and maximum angle movements would make any #DoF move, once a complete library is made. Personally I'ld have fun in the time searching all math behind it especially with the higher amount of axis like this one. I would give a try at this one, but I have no model to test code with (yet!).
  4. Just made a quick drawing to calculate 2 Dimensions X/Z You should start with measuring all center to center distances for all possible joints. Then you can make some lists/Arrays with possible angles alfa, beta, etc. Then try to write a code to just give in X/Y/Z coordinate and let it run the lists to find matching angles. Probably not the easiest way, but fun to find the math behind it.
  5. 2weeks of learning Python, from 0 to ... It's not perfect the HMI, few bugs with information updating to late on screen. But overall works well. Next will be the HMI on second screen for 'online' parameter adjustment.
  6. I put it here as it is about the working/movement of the technic machine. For the programming part I already went to the mindstorms section (because I just started 2weeks ago for the first time ever programming Python), but I think that section is more about the programming languages and coding. But if needed it may be moved. And here is one more render to see what only is needed to make the storage locations bigger; This adds place for 6 more boxes [16x48]. Exactly 3 of these can be build on a 48x48 baseplate.
  7. Here is my improved LEGO Technic automatic warehouse, The racks are modular and more can be added to make it longer/higher. The crane, high speeds are possible when driving/lifting because no gears/gear racks are being used. The input/output chain conveyors. The input/output roller conveyors with corner transferring the boxes. Overview of basic warehouse. The 2 conveyor bricks are programmed with Python, crane still with standard EV3 software EV3-G (might get upgrade as well soon). All 3 bricks communicate with bluetooth. Brick with the HMI 'Human-Machine-Interface' is the masterbrick, sending the commands for the crane in manual/automatic/off mode separately for input/output. And updating/storing the WMS 'Warehouse-management-system' online/offline. Boxes can be manually added/removed from the WMS if needed. Next step will be writing a HMI on the second brick for adjusting live parameters. (Extra racks in height/length, x/y positions for the crane adjusting few mm's). And fixing a few bugs with the "Box info". Feel free to give feedback on things that could be improved.
  8. Mr Jos

    PF motor cables being fried

    Can you show a photo of where the motor is placed when it happened?
  9. Mr Jos

    Lego Technic Scissor lift MOC

    I use ones like these many times, the black handle in the middle of the upper railing is a locking pin for the extendable platform, others use a mechanical footpedal locking pin. The wobble on the real ones depends on how old they are and worn bushings/maintenance but overall it's not as much as in the video, but that will be hard to accomplish.
  10. I cleaned it up today already after some testing and reading/learning. The backwards in the title was actually just for list --> file [104:106] , backwards = file --> list [92:93]. But as you can see on the photo I already managed to get that. Now the program is already running full initialising all 3 brick's motors/sensors, positions of boxes on conveyors are being found. Boxes in the high bay rack are stored offline in the file correctly. Choosing automatically a free spot in the rack is being done good. Next part to program tomorrow is automatically returning boxes if in 'auto' mode. Then the hardest part is left, to make a HMI with the 2 Python bricks. Many more reading/learning wil be done this week.
  11. Mr Jos

    Lego Technic Scissor lift MOC

    Nice build, just some points for improvement (as I use these machines often); - The platform seems to small, normally the platform is the same size as undercarriage. - Would be nice to be able to extend the platform even 50% more outside the undercarriage (with HOG) as in the real ones. To reach hard to get places over obstacles.
  12. Mr Jos

    Use Mindstorms with regular LEGO

    Indeed, I prefer the 45544 more then 31313 because it already has the rechargeable battery, else you need to fiddle around with AA battery's. (The rechargeable battery can be bought separately but costs around 100€) Ordering the items directly from the Lego site will take long for delivery, maar Nederland heeft 'Brickshop'. I ordered 3 of my 45544 sets there. Mostly when ordered in early morning I received it the day after in Belgium. They do sell some technic bricks as well, but all in bulk (per 100). To find them there search 'steen met gaten'. I would advise to order atleast the 1x4 ones if you don't have much technic bricks, so you can test and build something. Have fun with whatever you build! (Pictures of the result would be nice to see)
  13. Mr Jos

    Use Mindstorms with regular LEGO

    To start of, minifigs will move as 1 piece, they wont be able to do small movements like waving arms, walking with legs moving, therefor the parts are to small, and the gears to big. If you go for the [45544], EV3 Education set, you get these usefull items; - EV3 Brick[45500] - EV3 rechargeable battery[45501] (You need to buy the charger extra![45517 !!EU Style!!]) it allows the charger to be plugged in and charge whilst running the program, good for long days of demonstration. - 2 large motors[45502] and 1 medium motor[45503] (EV3 doesn't have small motors) To put these motor in your building you will need a few 'Technic bricks' like [3701] or longer ones, pins to connect should already come in the set. Few axles and gears are in the set as well to start you off. - 1x Color sensor[45506], 1x Gyro sensor[45505], 2x Touch sensor [45505], 1x Ultrasonic sensor [45504]. You can build these Touch sensors under some building or landscape. When you press the piece attached to the sensor you can make it run some part of the program. You can use the Ultrasonic sensor to measure distance, if something comes in front (people walking by) you can make it run some part of the program. (The maximum distance measured is around 250cm, so you can trigger the motion if an object is at <200cm for example) - 7 cables come in the set[45514], should be enough to start. If later you need a longer cable, for like making the touch sensor 2 meter away from the motors, it is possible, but not easy(You need special connectors+crimping tool, the cable itselve is easy to find. I have all of them here). You will need all of the underlined items to start (and a pc to program). I managed to find one Education set+charger for 170€ from someone who had used it a few years at school, and didn't want it anymore, but usually they don't go for that cheap. Try looking for kids that have grown out of LEGO (how's that possible?!) Feel free to ask more questions.
  14. Ah! Thank you, didn't know it automatically added a \n in print! After reading in the link you gave me I managed to solve the problem, thank you! It works the same everytime I restart the program, will do some further testing as to how it works and i can make a WMS from it. Full working High Bay Warehouse coming soon :D
  15. I only added it in line 93 --> + "\n" line 85 remained the same in all 3 pictures, it just reads value per value from the list, that works good. Somehow the .txt writing puts all on 1 line(second picture), or puts directly an empty line in between the values(third picture). Actually it adds and extra empty line every time I run the program starting from an empty list. (1st time 1empty, 2nd time 3empty, 4th time loads of empty lines)