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  1. Techam

    [MOC] Zero-X

    nice micro landing gear and pilot
  2. Thanks for bringing that news here. I have been checking Shop@Home for this set a lot.
  3. Techam

    Romanos-Port Royal

    Very cool, I especially like the fort and the roofs of the buildings.
  4. Techam

    A Skirmish at North Bridge

    Very nice display and custom figs! I like the stud blasters in the trees.
  5. Techam

    [MOC] LEGO Eldorado Fortress, redesigned

    Very cool! I can see bits of the 2009 and 2015 fort sets in this too. The dark orange complements the white well. Nice attention to detail.
  6. Awesome! The galleon has a very massive feel to it that you pulled off well.
  7. Certifiably awesome! Nice work on making the photo look like a painting. Nice story too. You pulled off the tiny-but-epic effect very well. Microscale is always cool, and microscale that feels alive is even better. Overall a great build.
  8. The light colors are very nice. I also notice sideways headlight bricks built into the walls which are a nice touch. This build feels very alive.
  9. Techam

    [MOC] Ship: "The Falcon"

    Thanks, suggestions noted
  10. Techam

    [MOC] Its time for Battle

    Impressive fort! I like the added buildings on the bay. You also made use of the sail from the 4+ pirate sets, I notice ;)
  11. Impressive, the rounded edges are nice.
  12. Hi all, I recently made this for a contest on Lego Ideas that challenged contestants to construct something with a twist on nature. I opted to create a butterfly out of plant parts since they pollinate flowers. The wings are made from tree leaves and decorated with various flower molds that Lego has produced. As an afterthought, I included the whole life cycle. The egg is a stud; the caterpillar is made of classic smileys since caterpillars often have odd patterns to scare off predators; and the chrysalis is made of minifig capes and Hobbit spiderwebs (the contest required entries to be 100% Lego). The whole thing is more or less to scale with real life, so I am sharing it in this forum. I hope you enjoy! Floral Butterfly by Christian Techam, on Flickr Floral Butterfly by Christian Techam, on Flickr Metamorphosis by Christian Techam, on Flickr Chrysalis by Christian Techam, on Flickr Caterpillar by Christian Techam, on Flickr
  13. Techam

    [MOC] Treasure Cove

    Simple but nice little display. I like the story.
  14. Techam

    [MOC] Mini Brig

    I love this! Nice job rigging and the frog was a clever touch.