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  1. I live in Romania and we have something like ebay but is only local, so i got the sets from people selling them with some negotiating :D
  2. Porsche 911 GT3 RS - 180 € Bugatti Chiron - 200 € Lamborghini Sian - 166 € McLaren F1 - 144 € BMW M1000RR - 130 € All brand new sealed
  3. at least make it white with red interior :D
  4. that halo needs some work.. it's to high up because they had to put it on top of the suspension arm... maybe some ideas to make it flush with the "ring" in the future
  5. you can see the front yellow suspension next to Richard Mille, and I think it's smth like 8674 set
  6. Daniel just tested that for you in the first pic :)))
  7. Just like i said when covered about the wheels wing, font wing and back wing will be of the 2022 car
  8. I do think it's the new 2022 car. The end plates of the front wing mimic a curved shape and not a rectangular like the 2021 car. And if you zoom in, the wheel is to pointy at the top and i'm guessing that's the wing of the wheel imo Also the rear wing looks like it's curved and not rectangular
  9. Was thinking on the door mechanism and how the whole back opens and, on most models, the whole front opens too
  10. Being a Ferrari will not make any improvements to the last 3 ones. A Koenigsegg would have more functions and innovation with the Ghost thing imo
  11. A Koenigsegg would be nice with Ghost functions
  12. LEGO should sell this instead of the mustang
  13. Set 8674 has 1246 parts and is 1:8 with some empty gaps also. With 42141 having 200 parts more I think it can easily fill in those gaps and still make it 1:8. Formula 1 cars have thin nose, no roof, 1 seat, less body panels so I don't think it will be an empty shell as some compare it to 42125.
  14. Would be nice if the new 42141 F1 car will be in 1:8 scale :D . With 1431 parts it can be done as 8674 has 1245 parts and it's 1:8
  15. this has the same release date as the 42130 BMW but no preview?
  16. I'm in the same position as you and I think the best way is to built it by yourself. I am planning to do something like this. Maybe add a led light strip on the back sides as well. Basically it's a case for each model and then stacking them up Or like this
  17. there were a couple of 1:10 also in the past
  18. Does anyone know the scale? Set 8674 has 1246 parts and it's 1:8. This one has 1431 parts so it can easily be the same scale. Would be awesome