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  1. thats a really good moc,i love that bunk bed,i am gunna make me some of those for my mocs,thanks
  2. Dat zombie

    Pirates of the Caribbean Contest Winners

    yarrrrrrr,well done me maties there been some mighty fine mocs on these waters
  3. Dat zombie

    Review: 21011 Brandenburg Gate

    Nice,that mite have to be my next desplay build,thanks for the review. ps.Happy to see that the sand bar fences are back in production after the last apperance in the harry potter sets and adventurers.
  4. Dat zombie

    TLG survey - input please!

    just completed that survey,shorter than i expected.
  5. Dat zombie

    BrickArms Tommy Gun Prototype: Teaser for Brickfair!

    MINT!!!i am going to have to buy that.... Awesome pic,looks really good.you are really a gifted photographer!
  6. Dat zombie

    Attack of the Kraken

    Yes, a really good MOC,well done.I like the touch that you have added that is the sailor holding on for dear life, well done once again. keep on brickin
  7. Dat zombie


    Job well done,i love the building techniques used on the dutchman,all the best for the contest.keep on brickin
  8. Dat zombie

    LEGO Superheroes 2012 Rumours & Discussion

    Y carn't they remaster spiderman.like the last one and the rumoured upcoming one it just makes sence with they other heros coming out.
  9. WOW,COOL i really like the genie.
  10. Dat zombie

    POTC - Black Pearl!

    i don't aggree with that,i think that it would be a mint addition to eny lego potc fan's collection ever more so with the queen anns revenge,i know it is not in the last film but still, oh it would be good if the lego group did a flying dutchman and an emperus.
  11. wow,very cool i really like the statue of liberty.thanks TLG