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  1. I just got the inquisitor Scythe transport. This might be one of my favorite Star Wars sets ever. The shaping on the nose and angles are awesome. Super cool building experience and it looks so cool and clean when it's completed.
  2. Yet they make a $170 Justifier set
  3. Is this the year we finally get a TIE Interceptor remake? It's been sixteen years! We're probably due for a B-wing remake too. The last one came out eight years ago. Otherwise, some Endor sets would be cool. They seem a bit underrepresented.
  4. That sound fair. If Lego produced a battle pack with 4 clones and a battle pack with 8 droids and they both cost $20 I'd feel pretty happy. I feel like the closest thing we've had to a true droid battle back is the Battle of Saleucami 2014
  5. On the subject of battle droids, how many droids would you feel is a fair trade-off for minifigures? Would you take a clone over two battle droids? Four battle droids? Six? I'd love to see some Separatist battle packs in the future but four battle droids is just not good value compared to four traditional figures.
  6. 679 pieces for the Andor set is solid. $70-$80 is actually pretty in line with other star wars sets in that piece range. (Kylo Ren's TIE Fighter, Resistance Troop Transport, Vader's TIE Advanced vs. A-wing Starfighter etc.) But I can't imagine where all those pieces are going! It looks tiny so it must have some pretty complex interior and technical framework. I actually like set quite a bit, I'll be curious to see what role it will play on the show.
  7. Not super impressed by Obi-wan's Delta-7. I'm still not convinced this set needed a remake. The 2017 was great and still feels pretty fresh. I don't think this new version is significant improvement. The Scythe transport on the other hand looks great. Great figures, great model, new material. I'm pretty excited for this ship.
  8. Promobricks mentioned Taun We in the Starfighter in February it seems, I thought they just said a Kaminoan but I went back to check cause you said you thought that was just speculation. Are we 100% sure the Jedi Starfighter is a Delta-7? A blue Eta-2 would also make sense to go alongside the Utapau AT-TE. Obi-wan's blue Eta-2 is in greater need of a remake. It's what I'm personally hoping for.
  9. Crab droids would also be a cool inclusion for a ROTS AT-TE
  10. I'd much rather see that. The last Delta-7 was released in 2017. We haven't had Obi-Wan's blue Eta-2 since 2007! This would be an opportunity to include Tion Medon or a Magnaguard.
  11. I suppose Obi-wan's Eta-2 is also possible. The last time we saw that set was 2016. Obi-wan's Delta-7 last appeared in 2017 so an Eta-2 would be first in line for a remake. Personally, I'd loved to be surprised and see Obi-wan's Delta-7b because we've never seen that ship before. After that, his Blue Eta-2 from Utapau would be pretty cool.
  12. Is it possible that Obi-wan's Jedi Starfighter is a Delta-7b? From the clone wars? It would pair well with Anakin's Jedi Starfighter from 2018.
  13. I thought a previous list indicated 75336 was an AT-TE.
  14. I've heard some speculation that 75334 could be Jango's Slave I. The apparent leak of a Jedi Starfighter makes that seem more probable. The two sets would naturally fit well together. Cade Bane's ship feels very odd. It's a cool design, but not worthy of the price point.
  15. What are the set numbers for these packs?