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  1. Technically the Mandalorian starfighter is more of a transport shrunk down to starfighter size. In canon, it's larger than the Ghost.
  2. It's interesting how much of recent Lego Waves seem geared toward adults. The Helmets, Dioramas, and UCS sets definitely seem designed as display pieces. Based on how they're marketed I think Lego expects these sets to be displayed in the offices of young professionals. There seem to be less clear-cut play sets. Personally I find that disappointing, especially since there are so many sets in need of a remake. I've been waiting for a new TIE Bomber, TIE Interceptor, Trade Federation Vulture Droid, V-19 Torrent, and MagnaGuard starfighter for years. The last starfighters we got were in the Winter of 2021 with the X-wing and TIE Fighter. I want more of that! But I shouldn't complain too much. As much as we second-guess Lego's decisions, we shouldn't forget that they have internal numbers and data that inform their choices. I assume they keep making these display pieces because they sell well. We can't know the details of the sales, but the produce lineup is not without rhyme or reason.
  3. As much as I hate to see it, I think an X-wing plus hut is the most likely. 75301 will be phasing out and it would fit the $80 price point with the inclusion of Yoda's hut. Plus, they could add some mud and swamp elements to make the model look different
  4. I'd love to see the TIE Whisper made into a set, but the price point makes me skeptical. $60 does not seem enough for a TIE fighter and Death Star terrain. I do agree that a vehicle will likely be included. My money is on a water skimmer..
  5. Koska Reeves With a season 2 on the way, I'm sure we'll get more Bad Batch sets down the line. The Bad Batch shuttle is a nice place to start, but I doubt it's the end. After all, we still could use an Omega figure.
  6. So let me try to make a summary: 75320 - $20 Hoth Battle Pack 75321 - $10 Razor Crest Microfighter 75322 - $50 Hoth AT-ST 75323 - Republic Fighter Tank? 75324 - $30 Luke vs. Dark Troopers 75325 - $60 [Unknown] 75326 - $100 Boba Fett's Palace 75327 - Luke's Helmet 75328 - Mandalorian's Helmet? 75329 - $60 Death Star Battle (TROS?) 75330 - $80 Yoda's Training Do I have my numbers right? My prices right? I've been trying to keep up but I've lost track of what's been confirmed.
  7. Oh please no, there are already 2 X-wings on the shelves right now (Poe's and 2021 version) we don't need one more! Is Yoda's training confirmed to be Degobah or is that still just conjecture?
  8. I think the death star battle is going to be the duel on Kef bir. They could easily include the the water skimmer, Company 77, and some Orbaks to add some extra play value. At a total loss for what Yoda's Training could be, especially with the alleged $80 pricetag. EDIT: I'm leaning toward Yoda's Training being a prequel set. Perhaps something to do with the Jedi Temple?
  9. While there's a lot to be excited for in this wave, i'm a bit bummed that we're still missing some overdue remakes. I really hope we see a new ARC-170 and TIE Interceptor soon. I'm probably most interested in the Bad Batch shuttle. If Slave I were to be Jango's variant I'd definitely get the set. Boba's is less appealing.
  10. This somewhat contradicts what we know. Pretty sure 75309 was the $350 set. It can't be both.
  11. Although I'm also skeptical, I'm not sure I totally agree with your arguments. I would not discount the set based purely on the names. Build-a-trooper sounds strange, but Lego has made plenty of strange one-off sets before. It could be something comparable to 25253 Droid Commander or those weird action battle sets. Revenge of Palpatine is an unusual name, but it also could be a mistranslation. We've certainly seen those in the past. A Star Destroyer makes sense. It's a iconic ship that Lego would like to have on the shelves. It's been six years since the last model so that's probably overdue. I agree about the V-19 and Resistance Transport. Those keep popping up on leak lists and they've never struck me as realistic. As much as I'd love to have a V-19 (I missed the 2008 release) there are other ships that deserve more attention. I'm not sure anyone would be excited about another type of Resistance Transport. I'd also expect there to be some Mandalorian sets.
  12. I actually think that's a good guess. I'm pretty sure Hasbro made a massive Sail barge a few years ago so there is a market. I agree with the other posters that an AT-AT is unrealistic. Outside of that, I think the Death Star II makes the most sense.
  13. Any guesses in which set this new Luke would appear? A new Wampa cave makes the most sense but I don't think that's been spoiled yet.
  14. We're one episode into the new season. It's a bit early to start speculating on what the Mandalorian set will be. Keep in mind, the first Mandalorian set was based on a scene from episode 4. There's no reason to assume the mysterious 2021 set has to be from episode 1. Personally, I don't think there was anything in episode 1 that would make a great set. Cobb's speeder is okay, but I hope Lego has something more interesting in the works.
  15. I'm sold on the X-wing. The 2018 model is brilliant and this new version looks great too. Anyone know how many minifigures will be included? Obviously we're getting Luke and R2, but it would be nice to get someone like Wedge or Garvin too. The astromech in the socket almost looks grey, but that could just be because the colors are washed out.