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  1. DanDelie


    Dandelie Anime Avatar This basically is my “avatar” in Lego. I used some custom parts and filters, to make it look even more like japanese mangas or animes. comment in the section below if you found content like this, or that you made! How do we post bigger pics ;w;
  2. DanDelie

    Dark Elf Cold One Reinforcements

    Awesome! Good choice of elfic shield from brickwarriors
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      Joyeuse Saint-Jean!

  3. “Joyeuse Saint-Jean” is spoken in French. It’s a traditional celebration from my country, Quebec, and it celebrates the french language. Happens to be today! So, “Joyeuse Saint-Jean!”
  4. DanDelie

    [Q10 - Ubrikkia - CFS] Imp Mando Coven

    This set is awesome, but I’d like to mention a little improvement that could be made. The minifigs aren’t really sophisticated, some parts dont fit with the rest of the body. If you could change that it would be nice.
  5. DanDelie

    Licensed Lego Ideas - Support & Discussion

    I’d like to see an Undertale set...
  6. Great story-telling! I couldn’t say better
  7. DanDelie

    [MOC] Canton Du Valais

    I’d sure go celebrate Christmas in the cabin!
  8. DanDelie

    [MOC] Teddy Bear

    I’d hug it even if the bricks hurts XD
  9. DanDelie

    Elon's Retreat.

    Boi the detail!
  10. DanDelie

    [MOC] Cathedral

    This is astonishing! Makes me thing of Notre-Dame at Paris
  11. biYpRbBns1jEJeoauMOJKYaTI6lllu2B4ZHeFOCwHave a good summer everybody!

  12. DanDelie

    Harry Potter 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    There’s a website called HothBricks for that..