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  1. Thanks, I was short on time in the end but keep an eye on these two children fighting with sticks. Clan Eldar noticed their prowess...
  2. n1majneb

    [Korriban - R5 - FF] LEGO® VIP Sith™ Temple

    A good little vignette build but all the fun comes from Bob and the VIP fig Very great job !
  3. *This entry has earned 6 XP* After Mandalorian informants discovered fleeing Imperials on Nar Shaddaa, their investigations led them to Bastion. As Pentastar Alliance forces took the battle to the Triumvirate across the surface of Bastion, Clan Eldar dispatched a small force to cause disruption and disarray from the lower levels of the sewer and up. Taking the limited guards out, The Mandalorians headed to the surface to see what other chaos they could cause.
  4. *This entry has earned 11 XP (including a 5xp bonus)* Imperial remnant in retreat! As the Triumvirate flee across the Galaxy, a prominent military leader flees to Nar Shaddaa seeking refuge in an old safe house. In the street below the safe house outside the Bar Shaddaa, two children play overlooked by Mandalorian spy Kor'So Pr'ied. Hidden in rare shadow as neon glows bathed all else across Nar Shaddaa. Later that night, the informant makes contact with his Mandalorian contact. Come the morning, the Imperial Agent would be no more and Clan Eldar would know of the Triumvirate's infernal plans...
  5. n1majneb

    [Factions IX - Cat B][N7 - Taris - CE] A Daring Chase

    I agree @Wombat544 did a fantastic job with both ship designs
  6. *This entry has earned 13 XP (including a 5xp bonus)* A pair of ships made their approach to Lah'mu. Traversing over the ring around the planet, the two ships flew on a synchronized vector, when the pilot of a smaller V-19 saw a glint of silver flash in the corner of his eye. 'Look... what's that?' Hayk spoke into his headset. He heard a slight static, followed by the familiar, stoic voice of Naruun, his Mandalorian mentor. 'It appears to be a space station... probably left here when colonists first settled on Lah'mu.' 'Should we check it out?', Hayk inquired. 'We have some allies searching the ground, but what if the Triumvirate found this station? It is fairly well hidden in the ring of the planet, and at this rate, we are pretty much turning over any stone we can, right?' 'We should have a look... once we are aboard, we should get "R-Thur" to a terminal. He might be able to find out something we can't.' 'Aight, Vod. Meet you inside.' As the two ships changed course, and the small silver speck began to grow, an old, seemingly forgotten space station took form. From the outside, the station appeared to have fallen into disrepair a couple decades ago. On the hull, faded letters read: HOMESTEAD STATION The inside was only in slightly better shape. Hayk, Naruun, and the astromech, R-Thur, moved like ghosts through the corridors of the station, until they rounded a corner and spotted a narrow, black terminal with an interface socket. The hallway ahead of them was lit, and a dim shadow danced across the floor, stopping the trio dead in their tracks. Hayk cautiously moved forwards to the next corner, and slowly peeked around, finding an imperial trooper fixing a speeder, blissfully unaware of their presence. He leaned back, and signalled his findings to the others. Naruun signaled back to him that R-Thur had found something. Posted on behalf of @Wombat544
  7. *This entry has earned 16 XP and a Tarisian Space Station* A red laser just barely missed the right wing. Further ahead, the much larger Kom'rk shuttle drifted sluggishly between asteroids as the pair of ships fled the station. Behind, a nimble, winged ship pursued, firing angry, red lasers into the asteroids around them. 'We need to get this information to the Alliance,' Naruun said matter-of-factly. 'We also need to make that rendezvous on Bastion.' 'Keep going,' Hayk said plainly. 'I'll keep this guy occupied, and I'll meet up with you at Bastion. I'll jump into one of our secret hyperlanes as soon as you are clear.' As soon as the ships emerged from the ring around Lah'mu, the Kom'rk launched forwards, entering hyperspace. Hayk began entering calculations into his navigation system, whilst trying to evade the ship which vaguely resembled a Tie fighter, as he tried to plot a faster route away from Lah'mu. The first route that would connect took him in a direction towards Taris. Hayk decided he would head that way to lose his pursuer, then circle around and retrace his steps. ******************************************************************************* The pilot of the TIE craft swooped around the last asteroid as he came out of Lah'mu's ring. Though he didn't yet have a lock on his prey, he fired a few shots at the agile, three-winged V-19 in front of him. Just as he was gaining a lock on his target, a small blip on his console flickered and beeped, indicating that the ship was about to jump to hyperspace. It was now that he noticed a crude hyperdrive strapped onto the starfighter. The pilot pressed a button, and his craft extrapolated the jump coordinates from the other ship. Taris? Why was this ship going to Taris when the other had left towards Bastion? It also occurred to the pilot that both ships were jumping to hyperspace very close to Lah'mu, which was far from any known hyper-routes. The pilot double-checked his computer's hyperspace trajectories, and, when the other fighter blinked away at a ludicrous speed, the pilot activated the hyperdrive on his own ship. N.B. Posting on behalf of @Wombat544
  8. n1majneb

    [O19 - Svivren - TT] A small settlement (Size LTC)

    I like the colour blocking here, I think you chose a good palette of colour here. The Imperial building suitably towers over the city quite nicely too,
  9. n1majneb

    Djungles of Kowak [Factions Ep. 9 Cat C] [S16-Kowak-TT]

    Capturing the moment before a frog becomes an ex frog, genius! I like the vegetation, here, along with the trees as these guys are on their patrols
  10. n1majneb

    [K4 - Muunilinst - PA] Waterlogged

    The scaffold around the derelict arch is brilliant. You've captured that water look very well here.
  11. n1majneb

    [O17 - Naboo - CE] Unlikely Allies

    That’s a great vignette, the solution for mounting the pillar is inspired!
  12. n1majneb

    [K4-Muunilist-CS] The Muunilist Campaign Part 8

    I really like the subtle detail in this, the scorched earth, the engineering design etc!
  13. n1majneb

    [U13 - Altor 14 - TT] Invasion in all sizes

    Those footprints... Both the AT-ATs and the bunker buster are wonderful!
  14. Really enjoying this Muunilist builds, some great design work here!