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  1. The lego started producing 'exclusive' elements for the Build-A-Minifig a while back. Mainly pieces in exclusive colours (hair pieces, accessories etc) up until now. It's obviously been a successful marketing strategy as now pieces with exclusive prints have started appearing (eg torsos) but ths shield is definitely one of the more exciting ones, for castle fans at least!
  2. I really like the Ultra Agents theme, and this set has a great retro feel of the old MASK toys and similar playsets of that era. Full of play functions and would also look nice on display. My only gripe would be I feel that 5 figs is a bit short for a set of this size and price. Another 2, even if they were generic 'robot baddies' would really tip this into the 'outstanding' category for me.
  3. andhe

    British LUGs and events?

    Are you on the Brickset forum? I tend to find there's a greater percentage (or maybe just higher concentration) of Brits on there, so you may find people in your local area. I know what you mean about Brickish, I think you really have to be heavily into displaying/building for events to get the real benefits (eg LUGbulk).
  4. andhe

    Decal Wish List

    Not a request as such, but has anyone seen a face decal of General Kozu from Ninjago? I was going to attempt something myself, but if there's one out there it would save me some time. I'm not sure if/when I'm going to get round to using it, so just looking to see if there's already one in existence.
  5. andhe

    MOC: A superhero story

    The night sticks are from (on bricklink). I've not quite worked out whether they make them, or take them from a clone brand. Either way they're pretty neat, and the service is quick. They do a whole load of military/police equipment.Thanks for viewing.
  6. I posted my first superhero MOC in the licensed forum, as it seemed the best fit for superhero stuff, but as it has developed into a non-licensed world with original characters I'm posting this one here. This was originally intended to be the 'secret lair' of my batman-type character 'NightKnite', however I soon realised I'd need to build something much bigger to do the character justice. So I changed the backstory and made this a smaller 'hobby room'. The other character featured is 'Hawk Owl' a wolverine-type vigilante. A Visitor by andhe :-), on Flickr Lab details by andhe :-), on Flickr Full story on flickr for those that are interested. Built for League of Lego Heroes ~ suit up, sign up.
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    That was amazing, and bonkers at the same time. Constant action and a pretty good summary of the film all in one. Nice job!
  8. andhe

    The Extraordinary League of Minifigs

    It's the dooku/saruman/Christopher Lee head I think. The Sean Connery/Jones Sr. head has glasses if I recall. I read an interesting bit of trivia recently that Sean Connery passed on the opportunity to do The Matrix, and Lord of the Rings as he didn't understand the scripts. After they were huge successes he decided he would do the next script he didn't understand... unfortunately it was The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen... and none of understood it either.
  9. The satyr beast looks like a baddie character so might be unlikely. The pirate is a possibility though, assuming its a playable character. I'm much more excited for these than I am about The Simpsons CMFs. (Giant heads urgh). Though if the price increases as it's rumoured, they'd have to pull something amazinf out of the bag for me to bite. Alternatively I'd wait for a store promo (50%off etc).
  10. I've always been a big fan of the Lego Wizards, and thought it was about time a did a MOC to celebrate this. I recently bought the Brickforge potion bottles featured in the MOC and they were a large inspiration for this scene. I also wanted to try the tire/cauldron technique. Majisto's Workshop Close-up by andhe :-), on Flickr Shelves by andhe :-), on Flickr Majisto's workshop #1 by andhe :-), on Flickr There are some more pictures on flickr. Thanks for looking, - andhe
  11. andhe

    Figbarf Thread

    Here's my latest character.... Hawk Owl!
  12. andhe

    Figbarf Thread

    I've never been keen on the term 'figbarf' as it implies that no effort was put in to creating the figs, just random pieces thrown together. Which this obviously isn't. If you're into creating your own superhero characters, join this group on flickr We could do with a few more members, it's all about creat a joint world of original superheroes. Here's a couple of mine:
  13. andhe

    Majisto's Workshop (MOC)

    I've never owned the set (in fact I didn't have ANY castle sets as a kid, I was mainly City and Space!) but my collection now includes a lot of wizards... Wizards by andhe :-), on Flickr I hope to do a few more wizard buildings in the future to use some more of these guys :D
  14. andhe

    Majisto's Workshop (MOC)

    Thanks again guys. I've seen the tire technique used a couple of times, so was interested to give it a go. It's not my idea, but a good one. It seems to work with the majority of the 'bubble' tires. I've been collecting the wizards and 'wizardy' accessories, so was pleased that I could finally use all the bits and bobs I've been collecting! The brickforge potion bottles were definitely the push I needed to actually get round to building something though. Whilst building this one I had a few more ideas for some 'wizarding' builds, so may see if I can make them a reality at some point.
  15. andhe

    Majisto's Workshop (MOC)

    Thanks guys, I really enjoyed trying to fit in all the little details, without it being messy or repetitive. I was quite inspired to try a few other 'rainbow wizard' builds, so we'll have to see if those ideas become reality! Thanks also to Brickforge for creating the fantastic custom bottles!
  16. andhe

    [MOC] Medieval Tavern (finished)

    Your first MOC?! Incredible! Great detail on the interior, most people struggle for parts on their first few MOCs, unless you've been collecting for a while.
  17. andhe

    A superhero MOC

    Way back in September '13 Quickblade set himself the task of creating a number of superhero/villain characters. ( I jumped on that bandwagon as had also fancied dipping my toe into some superhero MOCing/fig making. ( I've finally got round to building a scene that incorporates one of my original superheroes, a Batman type character called 'Nightknite'. I had fun trying to do something outside of my usual castle building, though admittedly there are plenty of transferable techniques. I was however quite please with the rooftop 'greebles' that were a bit of a last minute addition to the build. The break-in #2 by andhe :-), on Flickr Story and more pictures below: Booom! The sound echoed down the street as the blast tore away the back wall. Two figures emerged from the dust and debris. "Grab the gear and let's get going. I don't wanna be caught standing with our hands in the cookie jar if you know what I mean" The second figure entered the bank through the newly created entrance disappearing into the vault. High above them a dark outline stood biding his time. His cape fluttered in the nights breeze. Up until now it had been a fairly quiet one. He had prevented a car theft near the ABS building and apprehended a couple of street punks hiding a stash of 'clone', one of the many vices that were a blight on Brickhaven. Then his scanner had picked up the silent alarm of this secure storage facility downtown. He had found it strange that of all the businesses in the Central Bricking District the criminals had chosen this one. It wasn't the biggest, nor the easiest to break in to, so they must be after something in particular. He recognised them as the Doppler gang, career criminals he had tussled with before, but not a major threat. So he stood, and waited. "Hurry up you grunt! The cops will be here soon!" "I thought that's what we wanted?" replied the second, emerging through the hole in the wall. "Not until we've got set up!". Police sirens began to wail in the distance, the shadowy watchman checked his scanner. Four cop cars, 35 seconds from his position. It was time to act. The break-in by andhe :-), on Flickr Trouble downtown by andhe :-), on Flickr This build was for the 'League of Lego Heroes' group on flickr. It's a collaborative universe of original superhero characters and MOCs, and is just getting going. Thanks for looking, Andhe
  18. andhe

    A superhero MOC

    Thanks, I haven't really built 'modern' buildings before, as I mainly MOC in castle stuff... so I think that ended up seeping through! Thanks, glad you liked it.
  19. andhe

    A superhero MOC

    Thanks guys, I'm mostly a minifig maker but dip my toe into MOCs every now and then, and they tend to mostly be inspired by a fig I've created. I was also quite pleased with this picture, which was a fortunate accident involving trying to light the MOC with a desk lamp. The shadowy watchman by andhe :-), on Flickr If you're interested in creating your own superhero characters, head over to the flickr group. - andhe
  20. andhe

    A superhero MOC

    Yeah it's very hard to not just rip-off existing superheroes... but hopefully his backstory is different enough to stop him being a straight copy of the Dark Knight! :/ Thanks for your comments, I appreciate it's not the best build around here but each step we help one another build better!
  21. andhe

    LEGO Castle 2013

    This is exactly what I see. If it's a cheap way of acquiring the Crowned Lion King as well then the set is win win in my opinion. Prelim set pics are always dodgy looking, hence why TLG don't like them circulating (amongst other reasons). But I'm not to bothered about the set if the horse and King are decent. It's a prelim picture. I'm pretty sure the crown will be gold. And there is usually a spare saddle included.
  22. The legs (not hips) are from the Fantasy Era Crown King.
  23. It would seem great minds think alike! I think I actually prefer your figure, even though I'm not familiar with the source material. That hammer is great! And the blond hair really adds to the figure. Whilst I'm not a fan of the Chima theme, they've definitely produced some interesting parts for castle/fantasy builders.
  24. andhe

    REVIEW: 850839 Pirate minifigure pack

    The map tile is also in these sets so it really does look like there's not a single new part in this set. Such a shame, as just a little bit of 'newness' would have made it a lot more attractive than just seemingly looking to offload a lot of spare parts from their inventory.