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  1. RosehipDeity

    Magadril of Dandelions

    Super awesome build! I especially like how you built the sleeves and the back of the skirt.
  2. RosehipDeity

    [MOC] Mars Rover

    This is definitely a better use of the cockpit piece from the most recent space shuttle set, and there are so many fine details for a surprisingly small build. Are you planning on doing more mars-based builds?
  3. RosehipDeity

    [MOC] Joe's Cottage

    Absolutely adore this, it reminds me a lot of the abandoned houses in rural Oregon! All of the NPU were great choices btw!
  4. RosehipDeity

    [MOC] Its time for Battle

    This is such a great take on the newest pirate set! Overall, the way you structured the pirate buildings are perfect, and the use of greenery in particular is well done.
  5. RosehipDeity

    [MOC] Abandoned Gas Station

    Awesome build! This looks like it was fun to build, especially when placing debris around the station :D
  6. RosehipDeity

    [MOC] The Bath

    Everything about this build is beautiful, I can tell there was a great deal of inspiration that was put into making this MOC.
  7. RosehipDeity

    Pizza to Go

    I love this idea of re-theming iconic lego sets, and you executed this so perfectly! My favorite aspect is the broken piece you purposefully used.
  8. RosehipDeity

    1980 Something Space

    Interesting, they're are surprisingly accurate for being recreations.
  9. RosehipDeity

    1980 Something Space

    Where did you get the high-quality renders of the theme logos?
  10. RosehipDeity

    [Moc] Classic lives again

    This is such a perfect combination of newer "pro" building techniques mixed with old set design, really glad to have stumbled upon this.
  11. Oh okay, that makes more sense.
  12. The Zaktan and Thok ones are my favorite... if Bionicle were to ever come back this is the direction they should take with it! They actually look like the elements they're based after and all have completely distinct looks.
  13. RosehipDeity

    Ladies, stand up !

    Hello! I don't know if this thread is still active, but I'm a FFOL who's new to Eurobricks.
  14. RosehipDeity

    Hi all!

    I want to start off by saying I'm fairly new to forums, I recently joined RRU a couple weeks ago, and that's how I found my way here. I've been playing with Lego all my life, as an adult out of college I've started taking it more and trying to get better at making MOCs with my limited amount of bricks. Generally, I've always been more fond of town/city LEGO, but I've also had phases (like right now) where I'm really interested in early Space or Castle themes. A big part of the sets and Minifigures I build are to help craft my own stories, I guess it's no coincidence I studied theatre arts and became a playwright! Anyway, I hope I get to meet some great people on here.