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  1. Thanks Sariel for the great review. As I saw the lineup for this year first, I thougt I would miss the sets this year...but this set seems worth bying.
  2. TechnicTobi

    21309 NASA Apollo Saturn V (LEGO Ideas)

    Fantastic model! Will definetly buy it. Has anybody noticed that the command module on the rocket is white, whereas it is grey, when it is docked to the lander? So these are two different parts, am I right?
  3. TechnicTobi

    [REVIEW] 42055 Bucket Wheel Excavator

    Hihi, just didn't get it. You know in German mining vocabulary a lot of words are used in an uncommon way or are strange. So there was the possibility that this unit exists...
  4. TechnicTobi

    [REVIEW] 42055 Bucket Wheel Excavator

    Hello Blakbird, thank you for this outstanding review! I enjoyed very much reading it. As I am from Germany, I was surprised to read the word scheisse-tonne. Are you sure that that is a common unit? Do you have a source for it? I am asking, because scheisse means shit or pooh... (hopefully I will not be banned because I wrote these words here...)
  5. TechnicTobi

    Volvo FH and EW 160 Play Set

    Brilliant design of the telescopic boom! Thanks for sharing!
  6. Wow, Effe! I am always amazed how fast you get your mods done in LDD and in reality. RC is very well implemented and only the most important functions. Do you plan instructions?
  7. TechnicTobi

    [MOC] LEGO Technic Wall-e

    Your Wall.E is a real cuty! In my opinion you captured the looks quiet well and the functionality is great. Especially I like how you have used the motors as an integral part of the head. Good idea! And the presentation with your second Wall.E, aren't they sweet?!
  8. TechnicTobi

    [MOC] RC Ripsaw aka "FastTrack"

    Wow! I never thought about train motors when building something fast... Good idea and very well executed!
  9. The real Xerion has only hydraulics in the front, no PTO.
  10. Good objection. One could also estimate how many weight can be pulled on the different surfaces. Then one should have proportionality...
  11. Thank you for this interesting test, but I am not really convinced that the new tires are most suitable for mud and sand because the differences between the different tires are not so big. The reached distances can be more or less a random outcome. Did you perform any repetitions? But anyway, it will be interesting to see those tires in action!
  12. @Siegfried: Good grief! You only modelled that in LDD by watching the review video? Good work! Thumps up!
  13. @JBTechnic: Thanks! Well, I think I will mod the Xerion in a similar way, when I get one. My dream is a RC version, pulling some kind of a working potato harvester over the floor...we will see... More or less a combination of the Xerion and a mobile Version of the B-Model of the BWE....hehe
  14. @JBTechnic: I think I saw your Xerion on YouTube some time ago and I must say that I like it very much. The looks and the shape of your version are excellent and the turning cab is very well implemented! I am curious: How did you realise the steering? Using two servos? Has your Xerion AWD?
  15. TechnicTobi

    42055 - Bucket Wheel Excavator

    I totally agree with you, Nerds! I made the same experiences. In most times, clutch gears are only some kind of reassurance that gears and axles will not be destroyed, often with a much too high safety factor. I never made bad experiences in changing clutch gears to normal gears in standard sets...