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  1. lego.ryan

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I was having the same issue as you, PK82, Lego Conductor, and Yoggington. I thought I was being neurotic, so glad to see it wasn’t just me! I reached out to Lego with pictures and received this response: Thanks for sending in those pictures! It looks like there may have been a molding issue with the white plates used in bags 15 and 22. I've sent you out replacement parts for those problem areas on the build. This should hopefully fix the issue. The order number is 3018606863, and you should have the parts in about 10 business days. So it does seem to be a molding issue! I’d recommend reaching out to Lego and sending over photos, too. I’m hoping the new plates will help fix it!
  2. lego.ryan

    NEW Official Pirate Minifigure Pictures?

    Hopefully this is a good sign for a future Pirates line... however if they're released in 2009 along with the Elves and New Indy sets I'm gonna be broke... especially if they make Temple of Doom sets! -Ryan
  3. lego.ryan

    What was the last movie you watched?

    Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. After watching it again, I've decided it's my favorite Indy movie. I just love Willie and Short Round! So my hierarchy of the Indy movies would be: 1. Temple of Doom 2. Raiders of the Lost Ark 3. Kingdom of the Crystal Skull 4. Last Crusade
  4. lego.ryan

    M-O Cleaning Bot (From Wall-E ~ Finished)

    Haven't seen the movie yet, but it looks excellent! And this is an excellent creation, it's very smooth, just as a robot should be. And your photography skills are wonderful, too! :thumbup: -Ryan
  5. lego.ryan

    The Tale of the Many Elizabeths

    Thank you! I really like how that one turned out, she's one of my favorites! The Brethren Court one? Or the Ten Years Later one? I agree that the Brethren Court one needs a hat (I have no idea what to use though...) but she wasn't wearing a hat in the Ten Years Later scene. Thank you! The hair in the first one looks really dark from where I edited the light levels... I need to go back and change it! From the Agent Trace minifig from the new Agents line. She's in the $40 and $90 sets. Thanks for the replies!
  6. lego.ryan

    Elizabeth on Isla Cruces (Revisited)

    Yup, that's exactly what I did! And it looks like I shouldn'tve said anything... Thank you! One thing though, can you change the picture in the index to the second one in this thread? The one in the index is the old version, which isn't as good as the new one. Thanks!
  7. lego.ryan

    Isla de Muerta

    Thanks! I would try to cut the hairpiece like I did for Elizabeth (see my other thread), but I only have two and would hate to mess them up. And I should have the Singapore scene up sometime soon! Thanks! Haha, thank you! I love that face for Barbossa. And out of all the vignettes I've posted on here recently, those mushrooms are the thing that I'm proudest of. Thank you! And Norrington explains it pretty well for me down below. Thanks for explaining, I probably wouldn't be able to word it as well. Thanks for indexing it! And I know, those Gary pieces annoy me everytime I see them! So I decided to put them to good use. And I'd use the Redbeard torso too, but I don't have one. Thanks! I haven't found a suitable red twisty-tie yet, though... the white one is nice because it's really durable. Thank you, and thanks for the comments on my other creations, too! Thanks for all the replies, everyone!
  8. Thank you! I really love the new Orc helmets, but I think that they're just too lovely to use on Orcs. The new goblin armor is dead useful, and I'm glad you saw it like I saw it... a way to bulk up Gothmog and to make it look like fur and armor! And I agree on the head, it looks a little too cunning for Gothmog, but the ears and the color seemed similar enough and a regular minifig head wouldn't cut it. Thanks! And I've seen yours before on Flickr, I love your Gandalf and Boromir! And I was really pleased with Eowyn as well, she's one of my favorite characters in Lord of the Rings. And thanks for the compliment on Gothmog, too! Thanks! I'm not sure about the new Orc face though for Gothmog... it's a little green. Exactly! Thank you! I really love those Orc helmets, they're beautiful! I see what you mean... Too bad I don't own one. And I'm not the best at customizing and decals. Thank you! Thanks! The only problem with that head though is that Gothmog's head is really deformed. The face though would work really well. Thanks for all the comments and replies, everybody!
  9. lego.ryan

    Escape from Hamunaptra

    Thanks! And the scene occurs after Beni sits on a lever, which makes Hamunaptra sink into the sand. Then everything above the ground starts to fall over, too. Haha, thanks! And hopefully Tomb of the Dragon Emperor will have some neat scenes to make vigs of! Thanks! And I always love getting compliments on my SNOT. Thank you! I made Evie's legs fleshy because her dress would be moving as she was running, and plain black made her look like she was wearing a sleeveless suit. And who doesn't want to see Rachel Weisz's legs? Thanks! I was worried about Rick not being recognizable, but it seems like everyone knows just who he is! It's just her dress flying around her as she runs. Although I'm sure no one here would say no to Evie in her underpants... See what I mean, Stony? And I edited the eyes brown on PaintShop Pro. Thank you! I really love getting compliments on my figs. And the scene description is up near the top of my reply. Thanks! And I'll try to keep up my vig-building. Thank you very much sir, you are a gentleman and a scholar! Thanks! And yes, Evie's eyes have been turned brown with PaintShop Pro. Thanks for all the replies, everyone!
  10. lego.ryan

    The Lestrange Vault

    Wow, this thing got a ton of replies! Haha, thanks. This MOC gave me the perfect chance to show off my shiny stuff. And I don't mind the Gollum-ness, I've been watching Return of the King (Extended Edition ) quite frequently. Well, she is pretty awful... I only put the Ark and the fertility idol in the MOC to see if anyone would pick up on it, and it looks like everyone did! Thank you! That is always my favorite compliment to hear. And I'll definitely make some more, I just need some ideas... Again, that's always my favorite compliment to get on any of my creations. And I'm sure Indy'll find his way in. Thank you! Thanks! And yes, there was a dragon, but it's described in the book as being silvery and pale and there's not really a Lego dragon that matches up with it. I thought it'd be better to leave it out instead of putting something in the MOC that wouldn't inaccurate. Thank you! (I'm starting to repeat myself...) And Belloq was a closeted Death Eater. Thanks! I hoped that someone one notice the Hogwarts shield in the corner. Aw, thank you! And thanks for clearing the dragon part up for me. I always knew that there had to be something Bellatrix liked just as much as Voldemort and torture... turns out it's Indy! And thanks for the comments on the walls, I wanted them to look cavelike without overshadowing all the shiny stuff. Thanks! And I agree on the door thing, I just didn't have enough pieces (especially brown... the Flying Dutchman is eating them up currently!) to do it correctly, so I decided not to include it. And I'll make sure to look at some more mountainous MOCs before I start on my next one (a castle-themed snowy mountain) so I can see what I can do differently. Thanks again! Thanks very much! And thanks for always posting comments on my flickr page, I really enjoy them! Thanks! I hate the technic holes in the front, I tried covering them up but it always looked droopy. The only reason I used them though was for the size of the plates themselves, and that they interlocked with one another on the inside. And one of your favorite Harry Potter creations ever? Thank you! Thank you! I have been churning out quite a lot lately... I've been bitten by the MOC bug! Thanks again everyone for all the compliments and helpful comments!
  11. lego.ryan

    Isla de Muerta

    Vig. 14b Yet another creation from me! This one's a vignette showing Barbossa and Jack Sparrow fighting in the treasure grotto at Isla de Muerta. The little orange and tan things in the corner are mushrooms. As always, questions, comments, and constructive criticism are appreciated. Feel free to leave notes/comments on the creation on my flickr page (link in signature), too. Thanks! -Ryan P.S. For my next vignette, should I show Elizabeth beating up Barbossa's crew at Isla de Muerta or her kicking an E.I.T.C. member in the soft spot in Singapore?
  12. Vig. 14a A revisited creation, showing Elizabeth stabbing two of Davy Jones' crewmen on the plague island Isla Cruces. Since I've made a previous version, I'll post both the old one and then pictures of the new one. Tell me what you think! And try not to notice the hack job on Elizabeth's hair... Old Version: Version 2.0: Questions, comments, and constructive criticism are welcome and appreciated as always, and you can leave comments and/or notes about the creation on my flickr page (link in signature). Thanks! -Ryan
  13. My first Lord of the Rings creation! It's a small and very simple vignette meant to show off my Eowyn (Dernhelm) and Gothmog figs. Not sure if the scene of the two fighting one-on-one was in the theatrical release, but it's included in the Extended Edition and I really liked the scene, so I built it! Pictures: Questions, comments, and constructive criticism are all appreciated. You can also leave notes and comments on my flickr page (link in signature). Thanks! -Ryan
  14. lego.ryan

    Escape from Hamunaptra

    A small vignette I made to showcase my Mummy figures. From left to right: Jonathon, Evie, and Rick. Sepia! And one in color: Questions, comments, thoughts, and constructive criticism are welcome and appreciated. Thanks! -Ryan
  15. lego.ryan

    Which Way Do Your Flags Fly?

    I picked whichever way the wind blows. And I usually make the wind blow so that my flags will fly sideways or at an angle.