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  1. I was expecting to be disappointed, but not to this degree. I'm only interested in the Lambda-Class Shuttle (if the scale isn't too small and the level of detail is passable), the Mandalorian set (depending on what it is), and the AT-AT and Tauntaun Microfighters (if the Tauntaun build is good). Other than that, not much in this wave stands out. I commend Lego for trying to make Star Wars sets more accessible, but I'm slightly concerned about the results. All they had to do was drop the prices of what they were making $10 or $20 (or less in some cases), which would have reasonably priced most of the recent sets, but maybe that wasn't possible. I'm curious to see how these cheapened sets turn out, but I don't have high hopes. It's also kind of baffling that they chose to remake the same two vehicles that we've seen almost every year since Disney acquired Star Wars without fail (X-Wings and TIEs of various kinds), with the choice to release two X-Wings in the same wave at different price points being even stranger. No battle packs is also disappointing, but not unexpected. Fingers crossed we'll see some later in 2021. Lastly, I don't understand why Lego hasn't taken advantage of the new content that has come out this year (Mandalorian and CW). Sure, we'll get a Mando set supposedly, but they could have done a lot more with the new material than what it seems like they have for 2021 so far. I get that Lego is probably playing it safe by releasing a bunch of OT stuff. Most Star Wars fans like the OT, but if they only put out the same OT vehicles every single year and push out other sets in the process, I'm not optimistic about the future of Lego Star Wars. If this keeps up, I might pull back from buying new sets for a while.
  2. I was skeptical at first, but I grew to like them. I hope this isn't the end for the diorama sets, but it will be interesting to see if the 1:1 lightsabers continue. I don't know if there are many other than Yoda's that would work well as a GWP set though. Also, @TheMainBricker and @jdubbs: I stand by the points I made in response to your previous posts, but I took too quarrelsome of an approach when doing so. Sorry about that.
  3. Completely agree. @jdubbs (Sorry I can't figure out how to pull quotes from multiple pages into the same post.) The flaw in that logic is that you can also reduce the Cantina to a bunch of people at a bar, which isn't exactly interesting either. Anything will lose what makes it interesting if you reduce it that much. I won't wishlist what I think they should have done instead, but I agree with some of the ideas you listed. I researched what qualifies something as being iconic, and pretty much the only requirements are that a lot of people think it is important and that it is influential. So in that respect, the Cantina is iconic. However, I still don't find it to be particularly influential (I'm not going to argue that a bunch of people don't think it is important when there clearly are a bunch of people who think that). The problem I run into with the influentialness (I hope that's a word) of the cantina is that the main reason I've seen for it being called influential is that it introduces a larger universe by being populated by aliens and has a lived-in aesthetic that was unique to it at the time. I can see how that would make it influential if ANH was your introduction to the Star Wars universe, but that isn't the case for me. The only other reason I've seen on this forum is that it is influential because it is iconic, which isn't very convincing because something must be influential to be iconic. I'd love to hear what else there is about the cantina that makes it influential if I've missed anything. I'm not disagreeing that ANH introduces things like the force. It was the first movie made, so of course, it introduces the force. But TPM also provides an explanation for the force via midichlorians. They aren't the same, and I would agree that ANH is probably easier to get into because Luke is learning about these things with the audience, but both trilogies provide some form of explanation. Both trilogies explain all of these things, but they have different approaches to doing so and do it at different points in the trilogy. The OT probably does it better, but that doesn't mean the PT doesn't do it. I agree that understanding the rules that govern the universe is more important than understanding why everything is. I think both trilogies explain the universe in their own ways, so which you prefer is your preference. I agree that there are things that make you want to watch the PT if you start with the OT like the Clone Wars (which is kind of also a spoiler for the PT). At this point, I think we reach an impasse based on what we want out of the movie viewing experience. If you want to understand everything as it happens and don't care if everything isn't explained immediately, starting with the PT seems like the better choice. If you want the experience to be more of a mystery and discover the universe at the pace of the characters while not knowing exactly why everything is happening, starting with the OT seems like the best idea. It comes down to if you view the PT as spoiling the OT or not. If the PT came out first, I don't think there would be such a debate as to what order the movies should be watched in. This is why I believe the order you watch the movies in is ultimately a preference. Neither is objectively better or worse than the other, they're just different experiences. I remember it being a pretty neat plot twist because Palpatine had been around since TPM. I didn't really expect them to do much with him until he was in a bunch of scenes in ROTS, so seeing him become a central part of the plot was pretty interesting. At this point, I think this discussion about what the best order to watch the movies in has outstayed its welcome in this thread. There can be a discussion about what the objective best order to watch the films in is, but all that matters at the end of the day is that you enjoy the movies. PM me or make a separate thread if you want to keep having this conversation. Otherwise, I'm not planning on responding to any future posts in this thread regarding this issue unless a solid line of reasoning is presented which convinces me that my current position is objectively wrong.
  4. Cool! I didn't like the TFA that much, but I'm glad you enjoyed it. Everyone has their preferences in regard to which Star Wars movies they like and what order they prefer to watch the movies in. There isn't anything wrong with that as long as we can be civil about it. My argument isn't that the cantina doesn't deserve to be an MBS set, it is that there are probably some better choices for an MBS set than the cantina. However, I'm still happy that those who wanted a new cantina are getting the best one we've seen from Lego so far; I'm just not that interested in it.
  5. That may very well be the case for most people. I'm not 100% certain which movie I saw first, but I'm pretty sure it was either TPM or ROTS. I lean towards TPM, but I have the most memories of ROTS and it is still my favorite Star Wars movie. If someone were to be introduced to Star Wars in the current era, I could see more of a reason to start with ANH, but I grew up when the PT was coming out, so that's what got me interested in Star Wars. There are reasons to watch the movies in the canon order too. You guys have hit the nail on the head. I would agree it is pivotal in terms of plot points but it isn't really beyond that. And it isn't pivotal in terms of making the plot happen, it's pivotal because it is where the plot happens. I'm sure it goes back to the issue of what Star Wars you grew up with, but I don't find the cantina on its own to be interesting enough to warrant a set of this nature. The other system-scale cantinas have done a good enough job of capturing everything important about the cantina in my opinion. If you always wanted an MBS-style cantina then cool, I'm happy for you. The cantina is a well-executed set that brings a lot of characters into the Lego Star Wars realm that haven't been before. I just think there were other options that may have been better picks. I'm sure nostalgia plays a role in this discussion on both sides of the argument. With all due respect, that seems a bit dismissive. It appears to me (let me know if I'm wrong in my interpretation) that your reason for thinking that watching the films in the canon order is wrong is that everything isn't explained in TPM and the PT. If they explained everything in TPM, would there be a reason to watch any of the other movies? They also explain new things in TPM that aren't explained in ANH like (everyone's favorite) midichlorians, the origins of C3P-O and R2-D2, the Jedi order, etc. By starting with TPM, you get two more movies worth of information. This makes ANH better by showing how powerful the Empire is and explaining a lot of things that are just assumed to be true in ANH (your father fought in the Clone Wars, the Death Star exists, the Empire exists, the Rebels exist, etc.). In return, TPM assumes some things to be true that are explained in ANH (like some basic rules of the universe, for example, the force). It also makes some assumptions of things that aren't in any of the films, but that doesn't take away from the argument for watching the films in the canon order. I think which order you watch the movies in is a matter of personal preference. There are benefits to starting with ANH and there are benefits starting with TPM. I do think it is a bit disingenuous to dismiss starting with TPM outright. Also, I started out with the PT and I had no problem understanding Star Wars. It doesn't matter so much which of the two orders you choose to watch the movies in as long as you watch all of them and can grasp the story. I don't see how this conclusion was reached either. I'd love an explanation though. Again I think this comes back to the issue of what Star Wars you grew up with/which movie you started with. The cantina aesthetic may have started there, but it is no longer unique to the cantina now that the universe has gotten bigger. I'm sure nostalgia is at play here both in supporting the cantina and thinking there were potentially better choices. When you guys see the cantina, you see a magical place that sheds light on a more expansive, interesting universe than you had previously believed existed. When I see the cantina, I see a tan building on a tan planet that, other than the color tan, doesn't offer much that's unique compared to other places in the universe. I think we'll have to agree to disagree.
  6. This is exactly what I was talking about when I said I didn't think the cantina would have as large of an appeal as other MBS-style sets. The new aliens are cool but other than that, the only real additions to the cantina over the previous system-scale versions are almost all for display value. That's not bad, but it doesn't make the set much more interesting to play with. It just makes it look nicer at a higher price while taking up more display space. Very well put @Brikkyy13. It certainly does that if ANH is the first and only Star Wars movie you've ever seen. After you venture beyond it or start somewhere else in the saga, there are other scenes and locations that do the same thing while being more interesting/having more going on (like Coruscant or even CC for example). ANH isn't the first movie in the saga any more, so this aspect of the cantina isn't nearly as relevant as it used to be. Most people I know that get into Star Wars start with TPM when watching the movies because it is the first movie in the timeline (regardless of how good/bad people might think it is, it's still first), and there are many times that aliens are established in the universe between TPM and ANH. When you start with the perspective that ANH isn't first in the timeline, the cantina becomes much less important. That's why I don't think this set will do as well as some of the previous MBS-style sets.
  7. While I'd like remakes to always be better than the previous version, the medium can only get so good, so this will eventually become impossible with most sets (it already has happened with sets like the AT-AP). I'd like for them to throw in other draws like desirable or new figures in remakes, but that doesn't seem to be the way Lego has been going recently. Even when we reach the point when there isn't any major change or interesting addition that can be added to a set, they'll still have to do remakes for new fans to get. I don't think we've reached that point yet though, so I'd like to see Lego make remakes more interesting.
  8. That's my main concern also. I can't think of much that I want for new OT sets besides a couple of TIE Fighter variant remakes (the ones we haven't seen in system scale recently) and a couple of small to medium-sized vehicles that I would like new versions of. More or less everything else on my wanted list is from the PT and CW, and if we only get a dozen or so system sets next year with the current amount of OT stuff we're receiving, the chances of any of getting them are rather slim. CW S7 just came out this year, so the potential of new CW sets is getting less and less as time progresses. I was referring specifically to the basic Imperial TIE Fighter (probably should have clarified that), but I do agree we need some variants. The X-Wing and Snowspeeder are different because it is basically an updated version of the same thing every time it comes out. If they only made basic TIEs I'd lump them in there too. I hope that if we continue to get TIEs frequently, we don't get new versions of the basic TIE repeatedly, but rather some remakes of the older TIE variants. There will eventually need to be remakes of the X-Wing and Snowspeeder like you said, but they don't need to come out at nearly the pace they have been in recent years. I did a bit of digging and that seems to be the current end date of the license.
  9. I hope not, but I won't be surprised if we get there. But like @Balrogofmorgoth said, this isn't the worst thing because it will allow us to get the sets we want easier due to the smaller selection. As long all the sets aren't remakes of the usual things, that is. I already have Snowspeeders, X-Wings, and TIE Fighters. If they are only going to be remaking those sets constantly and they are the only sets released, I won't have a reason to keep collecting Lego Star Wars because the medium can only get so good.
  10. "Quite noticeable as missing" seems like a bit of an overstatement to me in regards to these characters. It's probably because I'm not the biggest OT fan, but it's still nice to see Lego making figures for characters we haven't gotten before. I agree that this isn't always the case, but those reasons should be taken into account when Lego decides what new figures to make. I think gaps in the main/plot-relevant characters should be filled before we start getting background characters in an ideal world. Of course, that isn't the world we inhabit. Also, importance should be a slightly bigger factor than screentime in determining whether a figure gets made in my opinion.
  11. Just looking at the droids that I pulled out of my minifig storage due to broken parts, I have three broken Super Battle Droid legs, three broken Battle Droid Legs, and two broken Battle Droid heads. Doing the math based on the last time I counted my droids and counting each part as a separate broken figure, 2.4% of my droids are broken (not even counting Battle Droid arms, which would probably bump that up to 5% at least). The clips are the problem on all of these parts, either being snapped or too loose to hold on to the figure. I don't abuse my droids and 2.4% being broken from just being stored and used in MOCs is kind of ridiculous. I'm afraid to even push on the tops of them to lock them into studs. I just push their toes down instead That's also my position. The only change I think they should make is to strengthen the clips. The only other meaningful change I can think of is to change the arm connections for both types of droids to small ball joint connections, but I don't know how possible/durable that would be even though it would be cool for articulation. Other than that, I think the Battle Droid figure is pretty solid and looks good. The clips are the only part that is broken, so the clips should be the only part to get fixed. Exactly! Even if cool updates are possible, I don't want to deal with buying parts to update hundreds of droids on the secondary market.
  12. It was in the first episode of TCW S7. Maybe I remember it because I just watched it though. I do agree that a TPM version is more likely and that the odds are it won't be like the 2007 version. But if they want to do a CW version, now is the time.
  13. There were also some people speculating that we would see a new MTT in 2021 because we have historically seen an MTT released every seven years. Other vehicles have broken their release patterns in the past, so I wouldn't take this alone as evidence of any new sets, but it is the closest to a real rumor about an MTT that we have had so far.
  14. As much as I like those ideas, I doubt they'd show up if this supposed set is released in a winter wave. Unless they do a tiny version of the Octuptarra droid as they did with the Utapau troopers battle pack, stability/durability issues would likely stop that from being made, and a CW MTT would likely be out of the price range we usually see in winter releases (unless they find a way to make the 2014 MTT smaller and less expensive). I agree. Especially if this set is supposed to be a winter release, the shuttle would make the most sense and would fit within the usual pricing of winter wave sets, unless they give it the Grievous' Starfighter treatment. I hope this helmet means we are getting a Bad Batch set, but this could be the case as well. I'd like for all of the set ideas people have proposed this could be to come out, but I think they either aren't feasible as winter wave sets or won't be what we would want them to be if they get made. We'll have to wait for more developments, but don't have any expectations if you don't want to be disappointed.