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  1. If the Andor series brings about a U-Wing remake, I’ll be very, very happy. I love that ship, and unfortunately only really got back into collecting after Rogue One’s wave was through :( looking back on that wave, I personally think it’s a better lineup than the worshipped 2013 line. Also sad I missed the TIE Striker. And Krennic’s shuttle. And the hover tank... I’m not even that hyped about the Andor series but the potential for remake sets of that wave has me excited... and my wallet scared.
  2. Big agree. I still feel so bad for her
  3. Bingo on that. If they were to make a very desirable army builder (like the 501st) that ideally sold out universally like it’s predecessor, why would they hamper both its success & distribution by making it a store exclusive?
  4. ok but hear me out, what if the ATAT legs were all built differently because it was displayed as being tied up by a snowspeeder or something Also I’m really bummed about that likely MTT pattern break. I really like sets with “thousands of battle droids”
  5. I’m gonna throw my speculation in the ring here that the Slave I is a 4+ set. But I am not going to have any money left in my bank account. Wowie. That’s a WAVE right there. Gonna need a new shelf for all this Mando stuff, it’s a dream come true
  6. There’s a few different sets I could envision Bo Katan in. Artiquens would be the most logical, but a Quarren boat or Gozanti freighter would be very logical too. (or maybe a Trask crane walker... but that’s pushing it.) I hope we get a Koska Reeves with her as well.
  7. I doubt they’d do this, but I would be really happy if that $160 was a Morak juggernaut. There’s a lot of potential in that price slot after this season. Also, I’m hedging my bets the $20 will be a duel/scene set. Theories, anyone?
  8. Insta account the_brick_leaks has posted that the second 2021 Star Wars wave is going to be much larger than the first. How reputable are they? They only have a photo of the Shuttle box and the post saying the above, but they are followed by Landino so I’m assuming some level of reputability there, yeah? Fingers crossed!
  9. I’ve seen multiple people post pictures of the box, but none of the photos have been high quality enough to see if Vader has arm printing, and not a single one of the people posting will clarify in the comments I just wanna know whether I should get that or Final Duel!
  10. I remember when this upcoming wave was about to be leaked, some people here had seen the list early & it just hadn’t been released yet, out of respect for leakers’ confidentiality. Does any such list exist yet, and if so, how’s it looking? More or less exciting than Jan 2021?
  11. Landino confirmed the Shuttle is fake, but the TIE is real. if that’s how the new sets look, count me in. Stylized but good. Definitely looks fun, and it’s CHEAPER!!
  12. If the new XWing and TIE are made to scale with the TRoS Falcon, color me excited. I feel like that version is very easy to sub for the OT Falcon (circular dish and all), and I would love to have a couple ships scaled to match with it. Fingers crossed for a YWing to match with them eventually, if they’re good? I’m a sucker for Ywings. Haven’t missed a system scale version of the ship since the Clone Wars version. Kinda regretting not getting the UCS, but at the time I justified it with the Rogue One version being sufficient (not to say it isn’t, I think it’s one of the best sets ever released!).
  13. New year, new thread! Theory time about the Mando set + the trailer that just released... $30 seems right on point for a set of that boat that appears on the harbor planet. Maybe that’s where he meets Ashoka + Sabine, as some think Sabine is the hooded figure in the trailer. Thus, perhaps we get them as figures in the set?
  14. Gonna throw a completely unrealistic hope/theory into the ring here... Thrawn and Rukh for the TIE? Rukh would have short legs
  15. When the helmet was shared, the guy who shared it was the one who said it was Bad Batch. Not sure of that person’s credibility, but Landino did share it so I’d hazard a guess to it having at least some.
  16. Saw a comment on r/legostarwars of someone claiming to be a LEGO employee, saying that generally January waves are intended to be smaller simpler playsets while the bigger, more exciting/interesting sets show up around the holidays. Is this evidentially backed up by previous years’ early waves or is that guy lying?
  17. Ok, I don’t wanna artificially get anyone’s hopes up, but... Have we considered the Mandalorian hero could be Ashoka? (And Rex maybe, though he’s unconfirmed for the series?) Also, the promobricks article said the TIE would be closer to the Rebels depiction of the vehicle. What if it included Rebels figures? Totally wishful thinking, but 3 figures seems like a little excess for that small of a TIE...
  18. Blah. Holy underwhelming. Jdubbs described it perfectly. Like, I’m not mad about anything I see here. I’m actually VERY excited about a more affordable Mando set. I’m also very excited to see how they do the TIE and XWing at a more affordable build/scale. I actually said a while back in the thread that I think the single-seat fighters have gotten way too expensive. $40-$50 seems much more reasonable if not perfect. Might get them if they look alright. But not a clone trooper in sight? Right after they were restyled?? Gah :((( I was really hoping to see a Wolfpack, coruscant security, new Obi Wan’s legion (blanking on the number right now sorry)... very disappointed that they didn’t even throw us a bone with a restylized P2 shiny.
  19. Interesting mention in today’s EW Mandalorian article/interview: Esposito said Gideon will be flying something much bigger. Something tells me that’s why we’re not seeing an Outland TIE. I bet they’ve got something different planned for him
  20. Interesting, especially that it’s looking to be potentially underwhelming. What’s a past wave you would describe as similarly underwhelming?
  21. So question for @jdubbs - you've mentioned the info you're seen so far. Is there info going around between leakers of the specific contents of the sets for the next waves (eras, or even vehicles & figures), or just price & part numbers? If that's not something you want to answer all good, I'm just curious
  22. The Child looks GOOD! Wow! Didn't think they could pull it off after the abomination that was the previous Yoda... well done. It looks especially strong from the above angle, which is fitting.
  23. Are they in stores at Target or just online?
  24. I’d be down for a CMF series just of 20 different Padme outfits