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  1. As a person that is thinking about purchasing this model for start, is it possible to make this model running on new Powered Up motor instead of Power Functions? I would like to avoid buying motors/technology that is being discontinued by Lego. It doesn't have to be with light, just pump running on Powered Up without rebuilding whole model (similar to standard Power Functions improvement). Thank you!
  2. I am about to start my Lego adventure with this set (42108) - is this good source of parts for future? Or at least to start with something? :) In future will definitely want to make some mobile crane or stationary crane of my own, so it seems like a good choice for me. I hope that I do not have to buy 2/3/4 sets of same for parts like I have read some people do...?
  3. Niedzwiedzmin

    New Powered Up system

    Thank you very much, I will be watching it today! Seems like Power Up is the way to go if we are looking for the future and building complex cranes/excavators. Thank you again for your answer! I really appreciate it. Hej, będę wdzięczny za wiadomość prywatną i jakąś pomoc wstępną lub jakieś namiary, niestety nie posiadam FB. Hi, I will be grateful for private message with help or some contact information, unfortunately I do not have FB account.
  4. Hello everyone, I was trying to figure the below down on my own browsing forums, searching for answers, reading a lot of articles from last 2 years however I did not find strict answers to my questions. I am sorry if some answers were already posted here and I did not find them. As I am about to spend some serious money (for me personally as I am not rich) on Lego Technic and I want to be able to create custom machines later I feel like I HAVE TO decide between Power Functions and Powered Up. 1. Is (or will) Powered Up system be customizable using Lego official App or 3rd party app? Will I be able to use Power Up motors and customize them into different than original machine so it works? 2. Should I even be coinsidering Powered Up systems for future and creating custom machines? 3. Is Power Functions a better choice for now and for future for creating custom machines? Is it easier to customize controls? 4. Are there any news or leaks that Lego will allow to customize controls of new Powered Up motors? 5. Is Power Functions better for building custom machines than Powered Up? 6. Does BuWizz or Bricks going to support and customize Powered Up? I am sorry, it all feels so overwhelming as for a beginning person that has limited budget and needs to pick carefully and plan everything ahead.
  5. After reading a lot again I found out that some BuWizz applications and SBrick(?) allow to program and control new Powered Up motors etc. :) I am not sure, but it would be amazing for compatibility and creating MOCs. I have made some research to older sets and new ones and I would like to know what would you buy on my place with your experience that I do not have. Please keep in mind I plan to make excavators/cranes and more motors/actuators the better. :) Sets available for me in more or less same price: 42100 (a lot of new motors, manual tracks) 42043 (old but same price: pneumatics, old Power Functions motor, interesting suspension) 42042 (old and little cheaper, not sure if useful motors/different parts for my purpose later) 8043 (old, only used available, read about some issues with early released model) 42053 + 8293 (this is interesting, even new costs 50% of 42100 or 42043, however not sure if useful in the future?) Not sure how much I am creepying out by too many information trying to choose the perfect set for me, but there is none and anyway I will have to buy couple of them in future to make my own machines. :) In such scenario, can I assume Power Functions and hydraulics will anyway be somehow usable? Thank you!
  6. Is it possible to use older (Power Function) motors with new (Powered Up) control box/receiver? Or it is completely not compatible and I am trying to work miracles here? Sorry if the question is stupid but I am trying to figure out everything and it's not that easy to do so fast. Also, older ones can be controlled with IR remote controller or, if I am right, manual switches on the creation? I have an opportunity to buy Lego 8043, used, in hopefully good condition however I am unsure if I will be able to use motors/parts for something newer with already different Powered Up systems. Unfortunately other sets you mentioned are even more expensive then 42100, used ones with similar price. I think that making new system not intuitive for people making it almost impossible to use things without going into programming would be, well, a shot to the knee? I don't see a point of it, but it's just my opinion after xx hours of reading and it is probably wrong. :) I would go with newer technology in Lego for future-proofing, however, I am not a programming guy and probably won't become one. Guess I need to give more time to decide... Thank you all and if there is any more advice I can get I will appreciate it a lot! Thanks!
  7. Hello, Thank you for explaining. As far as I understand Powered Up is going to be developed now and should improve over time? Unfortunately even used mentioned sets can cost around 55-65% of price of a new 42100, and it is just for one set. New ones (old) cost almost same or even more (eg. 423043). Checked, was surprised. In such case is it good to start with newly implemented engines and to count they will be more user friendly and compatible for MOCs? Or maybe to wait for something new this year? I am however not sure how often such sets are being released. Thank you again!
  8. Hello everyone! First of all as new person here I want to say big Hello to all of you! I would like to start collecting Lego Technic heavy equipment like excavators (mostly), mining equipment or mobile cranes. In the future I would like to start building my own creations like heavy excavators or maybe mobile cranes with lineage system. I really like all these gears/pumps/power transmissions/leverages working. Seeing working pneumatics in Lego machines is what makes me smile. I would like to ask you for an advice which set is worth buying and most useful for future builds (MOCs). I have been reading a little and so far as I understand Power Function is going to be replaced with Powered Up and these two are not quite compatible. I would like to start buying sets that are going to work in next years and I would be able to mix stuff from many sets so they work properly. As I am not an expert... Is it even worth to buy at this point sets with Power Function mechanisms? Or should I stick to Powered Up sets only? Will I be able in future to compile mechanisms/engines/controls from both systems into one machine? And control it with eg. bluetooth device only? I am little confused here I must say. Would be glad for some help on this. I was thinking about LEGO 42100 as first set as it includes Powered Up systems and many, many parts, but I am not sure if it's best choice as of now. I am so confused with different systems of Radio Control and Lego engine systems... Thank you in advance for your help!