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  1. Amoreternum

    LEGO Trains 2021

    Unfortunately, a project reaching 10k is not that big of milestone anymore, with dozens of projects reaching it these days, usually at least one a week. Not to say those projects are not worthy, but reaching 10k is not as meaningful as it used to be.
  2. Amoreternum

    R 56 and R72 curved Tracks from Bluebrixx

    Well, I really, really dislike bluebrixx and their fanbase, especially after the last incident with Lego, but still would like to know about the quality. A lot cheaper than trixbrix, I really wonder where they get the difference in pricing from - do you have some other products for comparison?
  3. Amoreternum

    [MOC] DSB Litra MK (8-wide shunter)

    Only thing that I found that matters is which cables are connected to the PF cable. Motors use different cables than receivers, so far I have not been able to connect them in a way that makes both work - the two cables on the outside are for using a receiver, the two on the inside for a motor if that helps.
  4. Amoreternum

    Train Wheel Size Naming

    Doesn't change the fact that converting is tedious if you are used to one system. Having all necessary info in one picture would help a lot.
  5. Amoreternum

    LEGO Trains 2021

    Totally agree. BlueBrixx announced a Big Boy a while ago and I have been taking a look at the site for a while now, every now and then, but since the announcement a while ago there have been no updates. Theirs surely will manage R40, but at the cost of splitting the 8-8s into 4 4-4s, turning the 4-8-8-4 into a 4-4-4-4-4-4 while still being a 6 wide. Needless to say that the proportions are ridiculously off - to me it looks like a Brio engine, and while I see why Lego made the Crocodile the way it was made, it still works for me. Other classic locos, especially with such characteristic parts of the frame, might not, and I want a good representation since a bad one would mean less sales and therefore most likely no more 18+ sets for the train hobby.
  6. Amoreternum

    [MOC] Vossloh G 322 / G 400 B (8-wide shunters)

    Ah, those are such a treat! Great work, it's nice to see the variants as well. I also have to give a huge thanks to you - your last thread inspired me to switch over to custom 9v, and right now I'm waiting for the parts to arrive via mail. If all goes well (and from what I found it should not be too difficult), I'll save a huge amount of space in my models now and in the future!
  7. Amoreternum

    My own railroad: ideas welcome

    His videos on building a steam locomotive are also a treat to watch, even if you're not building in 6w. Too bad he seems to be inactive at the moment.
  8. Amoreternum

    My own railroad: ideas welcome

    I'd recommend looking up a few model railroading videos on YouTube, especially videos on layout and track planning. Most of the basics covered in those can be transferred to the brick, but basically, it's all about the shape - your layout is basically a circle, and if you have enough pieces to do so, that should be the first thing to break up. Most common tip I found was to go for an asymmetrical shape or a "dogbone", meaning long straights and curves at the end where the trains can turn around, maybe add in a yard or a station in between, or at both ends. The most important aspect should be to keep your layout interesting, so other things that might help are breaking the line of sight to your train or adding scenery it can disappear behind, even if it's just for a few seconds. For example, try placing your modulars in one long straight and have the train in front, but also behind it. But when staying at Lego, Pennlug has some great coverage of their videos and I can also recommend Smith Movies series on building a Lego model railroad.
  9. Amoreternum

    MOC - ČKD T 211.0

    Should not be too difficult - try using Slope, Curved, 2 x 2 for the shape, connecting them with 1 x 3 and 2 x 3 plates, then fill in the gap in between the slopes with a 1 x 6 tile.
  10. Amoreternum

    MOC - ČKD T 211.0

    Yeah, exactly - sorry, I should've linked the part. I'd try using these with the windows of the older render, placing a 1 x 4 tile on them and then a 5 wide roof.
  11. Amoreternum

    MOC - ČKD T 211.0

    I'd try using hinge bricks on the blue one, creating a ever so slight slope that closes into a 5 wide roof, I think that would get closer to the original.
  12. Amoreternum

    LEGO Trains 2021

    That OctanE idea is interesting, but why stop at loads and rolling stock? As far as I know, a lot of railways have been experimenting with hybrid engines in the last few years, maybe a new train set could portray that as well?
  13. Amoreternum

    [MOC] DSB Litra MK (8-wide shunter)

    Great model! I always admire people being able to fit so many electronical components and details into such a small model - very impressive. Would love to have this on my layout! May I ask what kind of custom adapter you have used? I consider using a custom power source myself, but no idea where to start.
  14. Amoreternum

    Flawed - Mouldking 12001 Qinghai–Tibet Railway Train

    I'm not too familiar with these things, that I have to admit, but I think you're right although I know some manufacturers use scents of for example pine in their products. And the second thing you mention is exactly what I'm worried about.
  15. Amoreternum

    Flawed - Mouldking 12001 Qinghai–Tibet Railway Train

    While I'm highly suspicious about the whole thing and companies like these in general, mainly due to their stealing of intellectual property to make a profit, the smoke effect thingy good me hooked - no idea if that's too much for the hobby, like some mentioned with the new BMR couplers, and not sure whether I want some device creating fumes I do know nothing about in my flat, it does sound intriguing.