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  1. Amoreternum

    LEGO Trains 2022

    Thanks Lyichir for that comment. Could not agree more, with basically everything you just said. Never understood why so many people cannot, or don't want to (which I totally understand and can relate too since trains!), distinguish between what they want to see selling well, and what actually sells well and is relevant with the core audience. Just the same with castles and the like. Also agree on the smartphone issue - the Hidden Site sets, for example, are great sets with and without VR support, but were seemingly shunned for the latter ignoring the actual appeal of the designs.
  2. Amoreternum

    [mod] How we motorize small locomotives

    I was not talking about me, but your model :D I purchased the instructions a while ago and can't wait to build it! So yeah, I do you succeed.
  3. Amoreternum

    LEGO Trains 2022

    Well, from that standpoint, of course you're right. Didnt get much sleep the night before posting, gotta admit :D but still, a train based on a circus would be a possibility, and would work, although I guess the most iconic scenes include animals. IIrc, there's a magicians car, at least one flatbed and I think some automobiles?
  4. Amoreternum

    LEGO Trains 2022

    Rumor has it that we see the return of Indiana Jones this summer. Since there's a quite extensive train scene in the third (and so far final, don't try to change my mind) film, so we might get a set here? A train with a circus theme would be something new and could utilize some of the new animal moulds we have seen recently.
  5. Amoreternum

    [mod] How we motorize small locomotives

    Circuit Cubes actually lists this loco as an example of motorization: But nevertheless - nice to see a different approach! If my kit would not be planned to fit inside a Köf of which I hope it wins the BMR competition, I would have motorized this one as well.
  6. Amoreternum

    Looking to build a small model railroad

    For measurements, you can use Sariels unit converter found here. S16 straights have a length of 128 mm.
  7. Actually it's not a steam engine I'm building but an electric one, but all of your points would apply as well. Wheels slipping off the rails due to uneven foundation is another point I'd have to think about but I like to test everything after basically every change that I make. Layout is supposed to be flat but I'd love to have a bridge somewhere, would have to use spirals up and down and there I might have trouble with derailing pilot or trailing trucks. Thanks for your input!
  8. Making room for the cylinders makes perfect sense, I did not think of that. Won't be a problem with my prototype but I can see that leading to a lot of issues on steam locomotives. Thanks alot for your in depth answer!
  9. Hello everyone and a happy new year! At the moment, I am planning and building a new locomotive and as usual, starting with the frame and wheelbase. I came across several designs on the internet and came across different ways to construct leading or trailing axles, one solution with regular turntables or a pivoting point, with another one being the one that can be seen in this one: click here! Credits go to the builder michaelgale on pinterest, of course. What are the benefits of using the second technique? I can think of force distribution on pushing and pulling cars or to look more realistic, but I'd like to get your opinion or even better, facts on that. Thanks ahead!
  10. Amoreternum

    LEGO Trains 2022

    Well, gotta admit I got carried away for a bit since I really want to like their stuff but the aforementioned points do annoy me. I had a lot of issues with the Adler, missing pieces included, for example, but I do know from a few german channels on the tube that quality ranges from good to very bad even in the same batch of sets which is puzzling. But for the price? A steal. But yeah, back to topic, it's just so tempting D:
  11. Amoreternum

    LEGO Trains 2022

    Totally agreeing on the whole third-party-as-a-thread-or-sth-like-that-thing, would be nice to exchange ourselves on what is okay and what is to be avoided, espcecially with the bigger Mould King-stuff coming up. Regarding your question, I had no issues with brittle bricks, but the quality in general is far below Legos. A lot of pieces show weird mould-marks, I guess, and I heard a lot about scratches on parts. Colors can be off. The clutch power is so-so to okay, but the measurements of the individual bricks are of by a tiny bit, bending at least the hopper car and while some parts need force to be put together, others fall apart. Both cars I own (the hopper and the tank car) need to be modified to run, at least mine, but overall it's not a bad deal for the price tag. Not like the Adler, ehem. Back to topic, Lyichirs idea sounds reasonable.
  12. Amoreternum

    LEGO Trains 2022

    Never understood the issue with the so-called Farbseuche, or in english color... plague, epidemic, I don't know? But the german community gets triggered everytime that word is uttered :D at least parts of it. Regarding the quality of BB - they could be SO. MUCH. MORE. successful and run the train hobby on their own if they put out quality. Sure, the V100 does not look to bad (I wanted to buy one myself but it's sold out atm), but on the other hand their upcoming 8w-locos are bad to decent looking, at best, 6w is terrible in gerneral. Their rolling stock is not too bad, I got two cars and have more coming but there are a lot of really unneccessary and therefore annoying issues, like axles that are too short, wheels that have ridiculous rolling resistance... but I agree, swap the bad parts for better ones, problem solved.
  13. Amoreternum

    LEGO Trains 2022

    Well that's obviously a mistake on their part - the packaging has been known for a few days now and it's definitely a regular Creator set aimed at kids, no black 18+ packaging or sth like that.
  14. Amoreternum

    LEGO Trains 2022

    Now would they if it had not come with tracks in the set? :D I mean, there are already trains aimed at young children in the age of the children you're refering to in Legos line-up without tracks that are not compatible with any of the systems available. Don't get me wrong, I understand where all you guys are coming from and get your point - but I just can't see the connection between 1.) seeing this set and 2 .) asuming that Lego hates trains, just to use a rather dubious phrase from parts of the german speaking community. @zephyr1934 Could not agree more! At least in my eyes, that's a very fitting comparison.
  15. Amoreternum

    LEGO Trains 2022

    What makes you think they do? Zephyr has a legit point, and this sets target and purpose is just a different one than most seem to think. It's obvious that this is not necessarily aimed at people who'd buy a 6w-train set, rather than at shoppers who just want a little set of Lego. It does not need tracks or all the other stuff it's lacking. Small Creator cars don't come with a street or working steering either, why demand something equivalent, like tracks or turning bogies, here? We do not know if there'll be more train-stuff this year, I don't see why this set seems to be the end of all hope. It's only December.