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  1. Abraham5G

    New LEGO Speed Champions 2023 Rumors, Speculation

    What are the chances that Lego releases another Fast & Furious speed champions set? I have the Skyline and Charger new in box and I'd like to build all the Fast & Furious sets at once if more are getting released.
  2. Did the SP3 go up in price? I think I remember it being $400 and now it's listed for $450 on the Lego website.
  3. Do you know if the Dom's Challenger is the same scale? I'd like to start another collection of same scale cars to collect and display. (I already have the GT3RS, Chiron, and Sian.)
  4. Lego built a prototype SVJ in 1:8 scale. It looks the similar to the Sian, but with green SVJ bodywork. Maybe you could use it for reference?
  5. Can you make an Aventador SVJ out of the Sian?
  6. In U.S., "Backorders accepted, will ship in 60 days"
  7. I heard a rumor that Lego will also make a hollow version of the Lambo without all the gears, at half the pieces for half the price.
  8. Is Uwe the designer? Do you know his contact info (twitter/IG handle)?
  9. I need more pics of that green Aventador SVJ!