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  1. CabbageFace

    MOC Kitchen Design Studio

    I have been a kitchen designer for 8 years and still work in the industry, and i always wondered "where do city dwellers get there kitchens" so i created this....hope you like it It has 3 (ish) floors - 2 of kitchen displays and 1 studio flat with rooftop garden... Thanks - support here if you want -
  2. CabbageFace

    (MOC) Shepherds Hut

    Good Morning, Afternoon, Evening, delete as applicable. I've created a quaint Shepherds Hut, sorry about the spelling on ideas, somehow it got auto-incorrected in the title - very strange. Some notes below, images and lastly the suppor link. The Humble Shepherd's hut - which can be traced back to 1956. They were familar sights in Southern England, existing as an imporant part of country people's lives. The most famous hut, being in Thomas Hardy novel Far from the Madding Crowd and the home to the shepherd Gabriel Oak. Due to the unpredictable weather in England (that's why we talk about it all the time!) they were created to allow shelter from the elements. A shepards hut would have a stove, a table, a bed and a lambing pen under it, to keep the young lamb safe. The set consist of 627 parts, 2 buildable sheep, 2 buildable lambs, minifigure and a whole host more Thanks for reading a please do support Link here -
  3. CabbageFace

    BattLEGO - Pirates vs Space

    Haha, possibly. Sorry.
  4. CabbageFace

    BattLEGO - Pirates vs Space

    1k Supporters
  5. CabbageFace

    BattLEGO - Pirates vs Space

    Sorry, i've been updating and i've got an update coming at 1k
  6. CabbageFace

    BattLEGO - Pirates vs Space

  7. CabbageFace

    BattLEGO - Pirates vs Space

    Don't see why not.....
  8. CabbageFace

    BattLEGO - Pirates vs Space

    Hello Guys, I wasn't sure if i can share this in here, space or another forum. But can I introduce my twist on battleships, Pirates vs Space BattleLEGO I am currently building this in real life, but aquiring some of the brick is a challenge. I would love it if you took the time to support i, quiick blurb below A5? - you hit my spaceship! These two classic themes collide in a twist on a classic game - and only 277 parts! one of the worlds most popular strategy games, guess where your opponents ships are, and sink them! The classic game that dates from the early 1900’s bought to life with LEGO bricks, I'd love to see this bought to life with LEGO, like we've seen with Chess, Checkers and other popular games, and this is why I built it, to sit along side those. Thanks for viewing So will you support and what side will you choose!? Support by clicking here
  9. CabbageFace

    Herb Garden

    Black Falcon Herb Garden This simple but elegant Black Falcon herb garden, that houses the finest Black Falcon gardener who tends to your herbs, pop in some soil and seeds and watch your garden grow. Forged from the finest LEGO bricks and built for you. I built this to encourage indoor herb gardening for kids, adults and everyone. I think it's time we got some slightly smaller and affordable LEGO Idea sets, that also double up as a practical set that can be used over and over again. Thanks for taking the time to support. I appreciate it. Support Here
  10. Hello guys, we have completed the set in real life, here is is next to some classics
  11. Thanks very much, sorry for the confusion
  12. Done, see above. Thanks for letting me know!
  13. Hello Guys and Girls, id like to introduce you to the Munsters Koach (if you aren’t familiar)....this is based on the original 1960s TV features some classic details, the skull, lanterns, curtain details and iconic engine. built in studio, using 1048 pieces the set is a similar size to the recent Ecto Creator car and would be a cool addition to any collection - see link below images to support
  14. CabbageFace

    Lego Castle Pencil Pot

    Thanks very much